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Hello! This blog is currently run by me, Castell Inaba of the Eye of Infinity (Before you ask, we don't get to choose our names) The blog was suggested to me by some ultra powerful entity, and I figured I have so much free time anyways.

11/30/17 Entry 1
Our work load has become tripled since pretty much every faction has gone into motion due to this new school called Sunnybrook opening up. I just rolled my eyes and stayed home to drink, Later that day Circe somehow got into my apartment once again, which is pretty impressive considering I've made it so you need 3 separate keys to get in. There are no keys, I just enter through the window, she went through the door. Amazing

12/7/17 Entry 2
The Admins assigned me a mission along with someone else named Drake Dakka, we were supposed to take out this wannabe winter god, but he played real dirty and sent me flying. I landed in the courtyard of Sunnybrook somehow, I was confused for an angel by a girl named Rose. Guards came, afterwards I went to the bar. I think I may need to read the details of a mission before accepting it.

12/9/17 Entry 3
Currently investigating the forest around the town of Windvale, it's really boring. Gave me plenty of time to myself though. Murder Gang suggested I get more revealing clothes, I would except I don't have the confidence to put myself out there. Beat up a hole in space, it was weird.

12/10/17 Entry 4
I got to go to Rome! Sure it was on business but once we were done we went shopping. Me and Circe shared some pasta, Murder Gang just kinda looked on jealously. Later we had to loot the catacombs, I felt real bad that I had to knock out the night guards but hey, nothing personal just business. I met the kids from the GWU again, pretty nice, albeit dumb. Circe had to get them out of trouble with a grenade.

12/14/17 Entry 5
Fought some zombies today, was rather hectic. Good thing I put all those hours into Call of Duty nazi zombies. I defended an outpost with this woman named Cherche, she's real pretty. I think I might have a crush on her, when you see someone cave a zombie's face in with an axe, you know it's real.

12/16/17 Entry 6
So I was called a kidnapper yesterday, and got screamed at by a school girl. Her name was Lilith and I fear that she's going to get killed with how fast she leaps into action. Today I was snooping around Sunnybrook for reconnaissance, when I spotted the cutest anomaly, it was this robo-girl. Too bad she ran away from Lilith, and I was too tired to really pursuit. Eventually an altercation happened, beat the shit out of Lilith, got stabbed in the liver by the robo-girl, who's name is Sara, and dislocated my jaw. I later apologized because apparently the Eye killed her parents, I wonder why I was never told.

12/18/17 Entry 7
I talked to some little children without getting called a kidnapper, which is sadly an accomplishment at this point. One of the Admins thought I should maybe find a way to make my hair not glow purple, His suggestion to just always wear a hat, he then gave me a sombrero. I declined the offer, yellow doesn't match me.

12/22/17 Entry 8
Albert nearly blew up the coffee machine because we ran out of his favorite keurig pack, Murder Gang managed to tackle him before he fired. I spoke with Cherche on the phone about the crazy shenanigans she got into, like spearing her friend Warren because he went for subs without her. I ran into Wendy, who apologized for burning me, made me real embarrassed. Later I went to the bar with Cherche and Warren, cool people, though I was hardcore blushing the entire time. Get it together Inaba!

12/25/17 Entry 9
I wanted to have a Christmas party, but it went wrong basically immediately. When I woke up, Circe had tied herself up in a bow underneath the Christmas tree. The ham I ordered never came, it took an hour to coax Murder Gang to get into my apartment since he was acting like an embarrassed schoolgirl. We got harassed by this one conspiracy theorist moron, who happens to be my neighbor, when Albert set off his Geiger counter. Warren somehow convinced us into doing a drinking game involving darts, a pack of gum, and half a stick of dynamite.

Final Entry
I really don't have much time. My plan has been found out by the higher ups, they're coming to finish us off, Circe was the first to go, it's only so long before we're done. I never thought it would end like this, the Eye was meant to be a place of acceptance. In the end I only found the devil at the command. The explosions are getting louder, Albert's reactor finally caused a melt down. I had a good run…kinda, my one regret is I never got to finish that season of Cake Boss.

This blog has been terminated for compromising security at the Eye of Infinity, those of you reading. This is your only warning, not to try rebelling, we are absolute.

1/20/18 Entry 11
Look who's back! Though I gotta be fast, dunno how quick the Eye is at tracking people down. Man typing sure is hard with only one arm, I really hope I get to keep using the rest of my limbs as this goes on. Currently seeking shelter since they bombed the shit out of my apartment, the worst part is my superintendent still insists I pay for damages and won't take "I'm on the run from terrorists as an excuse." Does anyone have $40,000 I can borrow?

1/24/18 Entry 12
Good news and bad news. The good news is that I no longer owe $40,000 to my superintendent. The bad news is I'm being framed for murdering my superintendent so I guess that's like a fair trade…maybe….in an apocalyptic wasteland. I also lost the use of my legs in an explosion today, so I can officially say today was almost as bad as Christmas. I hope Circe is doing ok, I'm starting to miss her stalker habits…just a little bit.

I feel very conflicted. I'm getting help from unexpected places. But that help comes in the form of teenage girls so…yay? Rose managed to find me, and patched me up a bit, I kept warning her about when the time comes she's gotta ditch me but she was playing the denial card pretty hard, it makes me worry about her. I also met this freaky angel who I'm sure is like high on something…there are lots of weird fumes in this bunker. I also got a visit from Warren, he promised me a new arm but with the look on his face I'm worried what he considers a normal "arm". It took an hour to convince him that no, flamethrower hand is NOT something I need.

Thank the fucking stars! I can use my legs again!! Getting access to my healing factor pills sure was nice, however my legs had improperly set so we had to break them again. Of course that was a problem since I didn't have the power with only one arm, and Murder Gang was too embarrassed to touch my leg causing him to just awkwardly hover his hands over them in silence for about an hour. Another fun thing that happened was that Warren forced me and Murder Gang into something called a "miko" outfit in exchange for bikini pics of Cherche. Apparently those that served the gods wore them, all I have to say to that is the gods must be perverts.

Warren completed my new arm which is…sketchy at best. I assumed it was going to be a prosthetic but it looks….unnaturally human. I changed my mind about it but he insisted I take it and considering I sorta need an arm if I'm going to open my former boss' mouth with one hand, and rip out his tonsils with the other, I decided to take a chance. The result when I grafted it on was two things. One it hurt like a bitch, and two there's definitely something wrong with the arm considering what happened. For now I'll keep it wrapped in bandages…the stickers look really nice on it.

I'm now mooching off a shrine in the school. It's pretty comfy but I had to hide it from the guards. Akemi and Wendy visited me, it was rather nice, though now I owe Warren an apology for spilling the beans. Also figure out how to give Wendy a longer lifespan. I learned about all sorts of stuff such as Sariel, a weapon that is a human. Afterwards I seeked her out and did some explaining, took a while, she's not too bright. I then cuddled with her, her face lit up but I was feeling like death was upon me the entire time… or maybe that was the pedophilia charges popping up into my head. I also am currently doing some super secret construction project, even got a hard hat and everything!

I'm over the fucking moon right now! I have all my friends back together, we've been partying for the last 7 hours. Circe has been so clingy but for once it was welcomed, and Albert nearly blew up the champagne. Also I got so much money, I really have to thank Wendy, Akemi, Katlyn, and Malissa for getting this stuff for me. I'll have to pay them back with a tour on the….well that's a secret. But for now, with lots of money and artifacts, I can work seriously on the project. Albert's fusion reactors will be helpful too. Sad new is, my hard hat got destroyed T.T

Construction started and we're underway. The only problem is that our living quarters are currently on the project….which is being built so we've had to come up with some creative ways to find places to eat and sleep. We have been using Albert's fusion reactor to boil the water for tea, and currently our shower has rust around it, because it's an old oil drum. The former Eye members are getting really rowdy and are getting pissed off with the conditions. Somehow Circe gave them…some photo which placated them. I'm worried what it is.

We managed to get Warren to comply with doing some manual labor in exchange for a GWU chopper engine, which has some interesting properties to say the least. I say manual but everything he does is via some artifact. I nearly got crushed by some metal girders, I was safe but there was a casualty. My second hard hat was destroyed in the accident, I totally didn't cry a little bit.

We finished the living quarters part of the project and have installed the 2 fusion reactors. The fact we finally got a hot shower was enough to celebrate, which we did. The new recruits for our team have gotten used to the pace of things, though a lot of them snicker when they look at me, and others blush. Maybe I still have some twigs in my hair?

On suggestion by Murder Gang, we went out to town to find a priest to christen our new project, even though it's not even a sea-faring craft technically. The only priest we could find was not willing to go to the sketchy warehouse we were building the thing at, I lost a bit of my temper and called God some terrible things like "Shithead, dicksucker, and nerdlord."

I need to make a quick stop at Sunnybrook soon, because I hear the Eye is finally putting their plans into motion, and are using some ritual to make a Magician in Denmark as a distraction. I guess I'll use that time to borrow something in Sunnybrook for safe keeping…I just worry someone will call me a kidnapper, i'm happy with the record so far.

I will have to delay my excursion to Sunnrbrook, there's been some illegal crime ring in the city we're staying at. They deal mainly with used underwear…I was pretty embarrassed when I caught some delinquents with a pair of mine, I knew from the initials I put on them. Somehow they are always one step ahead of me, I believe they may have a spy among our ranks.

I chatted with Dan at Sunnybrook, after a failed attempt to grab the item I need in the basement. It appears one of my old friends in the Eye had been killed in a GWU mission, so I went to Pagus' mansion to pay respects. It's currently under GWU occupation and the lake is now a blood red color, it's a complete mess, and those bastards had looted all the fancy soaps. I managed to sneak into his study and have a moment of silence, I forgot that this was going to be a brutal life I lead. Going to go get wasted.

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