Irene Riko

Irene Riko

Basic Info:

Player: Irene Riko

Demeanor: Kind and caring, but rather odd. Optimistic through thick and thin.

Nature: Because of all her odd behavior most just assume she's kind of bonkers. Truth be told she's just scared conflict and acts as crazy as she can to avoid confrontation. She is rarely honest about herself but does her best to help others.

Description: Short blonde haired girl, blue eyes. Seventeen years old and always wears her old, washed out jeans. Accessory? Awkward smile and a small silver necklace with a weird bell.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 3/6

Agility: 2/6

Brains: 3/6


Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do

  • Analyzing people 4 (Brains)
  • Kickboxing 4 (Brawn)
  • Research 4 (Brains)

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Energy Absoption (3) : can absorb (or transmit) electricity from nearby sources and thus gain or lose power.
  • Electrokinetic Combat (4) : The ability to combine physical combat and electricity, can use/release electricity when attacking.


  • Unable to use most electronic devices
  • Achilles heel: Energy is stored in a specific point of her body, if her "battery" is damaged she'll lose all the electricity she's collected and needs to replenish it, fast.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Silver necklace with a mysterious bell (ooooouuuh)
  • Small swiss knife

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Boxing gear
  • A library full of books in some weird language
  • Sketch book

Personal History:

Being the first born child in any family can be hard on you, but having a little bother of a brother with an incurable disease didn't help Irene. Growing up in the harsh nordic winters, she watched from the sidelines as her parents wore themselves out to protect and help her brother while she fended for herself. School was never particularily hard for her, but she never got to have any permanent friends she could trust. Because of her brother, she moved around a lot, changing scenery every two years.
Knowing what it feels like to be constantly neglected and ignored by those one needs the most, her heart goes out to everyone. This however, becomes very straining for her. She only realized that the strange fatigue might have a supernatural cause a little while after she discovered her powers.
After a fight with her mother, Irene stormed off in anger. Marching forward without thinking, she suddenly found herself on an empty field. Irene, exhausted and heartsick, longing for some kind of love or appreciation from her family, simply let it all loose. Stormclouds gathered over her as she cried and screamed, punching the ground in fury. In her moment of total loss of control she found a force, a merciless passion that she took out on the world around her. Jolts of power flowed through her, revitalizing her and turning her anger, previously destroying her from the inside, to the outside world.
She woke up, confused and scared, on a field of ashes instead of flowers. Terrified of what her parents would think if they knew they had given the world a monster, she quickly packed up her belongings and has spent her last few months travelling Europe and Asia before coming to Sunnybrook.


Speaks Swedish, Finnish, French, German, English and a little bit of Mandarin.
Abso-freaking-lutely loves pears.

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