Iris Paige

Simplified, Soft RP Only Character. This character does not gain xp, and cannot participate in any hard RP content, including events, plots, and runs.


Basic Info:

Player: Jo`
Name: Aethelwyne
Aliases: Iris Paige

Brief Description: A short slender girl with pale skin, freckles dotting her cheeks and nose. Short dark hair, and striking, unnaturally green eyes, and an almost ever-present warm inviting smile, tinged with a faint air of mischief. Good-natured and friendly to all she comes across, there is no one Iris would not consider a future friend without very good cause.

Iris is quite short, just over five feet tall, with a slender frame. Her skin is pale, with only a faint rosey flush and dark freckled that dot her face. Her dark raven hair is kept short, never too neat or in place, just brushed back or aside. Her ears are slightly elongated with pointed tips. She dresses eclectically based on her mood. Often mixing styles. Warm sweaters matched with short breezy skirts, or loose fitting off the shoulder t-shirts, leggings, and heavy boots. Color is the common factor, there is always something bright on her that stands out, be it brightly colored thread bracelets, a tie-died t-shirt, or costume jewelry rings.

Iris is above all curious. She finds everyone fascinating in some way. She truely wants to see the good in everyone, to find what makes them interesting, what makes them happy, and how she could borrow a bit of that happiness for herself. Music is her one true passion. It brought happiness to others and to herself.
Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:
Iris enjoys music, socializing, time outdoors, ecspecially rain storms. She dislikes negitivity, pessimistic people, who cannot be brought around. As cheerful as she is, there is frustration in people who can not be happy.


Brawn: _ Poor (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: _ Good(Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: _ Average(Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: _Poor (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: _ Good(Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


List a few things the character does well, or at least is practiced in.

  • Performance - Iris is a musician at heart. She enjoys entertaining others with her voice or guitar, making what small amount of money she can busking in town.
  • Social - She is a lover of people, warm and inviting, a friendly face and charming smile. She has yet to find a person she did not wish to engage with, to chat, to socialize, to turn from stranger to friend.
  • Magic - Innate talent born from her Fae heritage, focused solely on minor illusions.


List an ability or two and how good of control the character has of each.

Illusionary Synesthesia - ___ -
Through use of illusionary magic, she can project sounds as colorful images and patterns to all listening to music she sings or plays.

Minor Shapeshifting - ___ -
Iris can change her features, haircolor, skin tone, eye color, along with other alterations to her appearance. The changes are mainly cosmetic, not altering her overall structure or height, or body mass.


Fae - Iris, as a denizen of Faerie, has been imbued with the magical energies of the realm, providing innate magical ability, and an alien appearance.

Weakness - Iron harms her at a touch, and blows from iron objects inflict much more harm than such an object should inflict.


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand
Accoustic Guitar with backpack case. Usually carried with her.
Cellphone with earbuds
sketchpad, markers, pencils

Ecclectic clothing collection
numerous small potted plants

Additional Information

Bibliography / History:
Extra Info:

Interpersonal Relationships:
Maya - My best friend. She can be grumpy but she is kind and wants to help me learn. She gave me lots of beer and is helping me make a party.

Pixie - She makes me happy. She is nice and pretty and has colorful hair. She is Claire's girlfriend and likes dirty books and kissing girls.

Michael - He is nice. I think he loves Gungnir, but he says he doesn't. I like him.

Eve - She is a robot! I kissed her first and she is getting human girl parts built. I think she is nice. She is gonna help me make a garden club!

Claire - She is grumpy like Maya sometimes but she has always been nice to me. She likes dirty books and kissing Pixie.

Tobias - He has a pretty shell and is sad a lot. He is gonna join the garden club. I think he needs more friends so I am his friend now.

Athene - Super nice snake lady. Her girlfriend has lots of eyes too! She gave me garden things and pretty plants.

Veshara - My girlfriend. She is pretty, has lots of eyes that are all pretty and has pretty skin. We do sex stuff. I love her.

Elspeth - She is sick and sad because she thinks she is gonna die. I cuddled her and she felt better. I'm gonna be her friend.

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