Jackie legs

Player: Jackie Legs

Demeanor This Young Girl is talkative most of the time. Which can sometimes be seen as slightly creepy.

Nature Despite her creepy nature she is just studying her surroundings. trying to understand how she can best make a friend.

Jackie is a lovable character who isn't afraid to say whats on her mind.

Description jackie is Five foot three inches tall and is 16 years old. she has black hair with purple dyed tips and purple lipstick. She wears purple eye liner. she has blue eyes and is a very natural body weight.

Jackie has recently changed her hair color purple with black tips and she has Green lipstick and eye liner.

when out she normally wears a bright green shirt with light green shorts and dark green sneakers.

Jackie is currently going thru a Naruto faze and as such is wearing a full Ninja costume with Leaf head band.

Jackie has recently been spotted wearing a Skirt suit and intricately designed Ring that say Vongola Famiglia in an X pattern. Olive has had his fur dyed Yellow with a Fiery Orange Mane.





HP: 6/6

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 3

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


  • Running - 4 Agility
  • Martial Arts - 6 Brawn
  • Diplomacy - 4 Brains
  • Computers - 1 Brains

Supernatural Abilities

  • Skin walking 4 - Jackie can take over the mind of animals and use them to help her.
  • Telepathy 6 - Jackie can read minds and influence peoples thoughts.
  • Psycholocation 2 - Jackie can intrinsically tell where and who people are around her.


  • when using either of her ability's Jackie is susceptible to physical attacks. -2 to Brawn Defense and Agility Defense :SEVERE


  • wallet with ID and picture of Father and her.
  • Favorite Manga
  • Cell phone (Given by Aiko)
  • Red Orb,Yellow Orb
  • Kitten Named Olive (Boy Kitten has its shots and has been neutered)
  • 4 Kitten toys
  • Kitten food

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Book case Full of manga and anime.
  • closet full of assorted green cloths.
  • Surprise performance supply's

Personal History

Jackie was born just like everyone else nothing abnormal about here. She grew up for the majority of here life with both her Mother and Father living a pretty normal life for a kid she had a good discipline and took a liking to manga and anime due to her dad JD having a hobby of collecting them. her Mother Kelsie didn't mind the manga and anime but wasn't very interested in it like her Father was.

When Jackie turned 10 she started to get bad headaches and she could swear that she was seeing thru the eyes of birds or hearing people speaking about things that she shouldn't know about. When this happened her Father understood what was happening and decided to try and help her practice so as to alleviate her pain. JD Taught Jackie martial arts in an attempt to help quite her mind he felt learning martial arts would give her the discipline necessary to handle life and what it has to throw at her. her Mother Kelsie was not as supportive and wanted her to ignore it and just be a normal kid.

After a year of this Kelsie and JD split up due to there disagreements in how to handle Jackie's ability's. Jackie went stayed with her Father as her Mother moved away. since then Jackie has always felt slightly responsible even with her father telling her it wasn't her fault.

Jackie turned 14 and had more control over her ability's but her Father had fallen ill with Cancer he fought for 2 years and couldn't overcome the illness. He passed away with his final words to Jackie being "I love you, don't let anyone tell you that your ability's are bad or make you bad."

After her Fathers funeral Jackie was picked up in a Black car by two men in suits. when she asked who they where she was told that her mother had arranged for her to go to a very special school.


Jackie likes traditional Japanese food.

Jackie Speaks Japanese


Currently looking for 7 Orbs for Julia Stry Have Obtained 2 a Red and Yellow orb, Headed to the Infirmary for the Orange Orb.


Tier 1
XP 1
Money $1465

Total XP - 16

*Power Tutor
*Skill Tutor
*Learning New Tricks- increase skill points by 2
*Power Boost- Increase supernatural abilities by 2
*Moving to Perfection- Increase any stat by 1
*Clear Mind- Increase Psyche by 2


Aiko Minami- Aiko is the first real friend I made here she is a very smart and cute blind girl. I had the pleasure of getting to know her better after almost freezing to death sleeping in the courtyard. My mind moved to a bat and until my body was healed Aiko took care of me. We started a small detective agency and solved some small cases mostly just to entertain ourselves. I showed her a performance that I had been working on for Father but I don't think it helped her out as much as I thought it would. I think she might be the best person to help me bring Father back to life though. I still haven't told her that I was trying it but I think she has a small idea of what I'm up too.

Viktor Chernoff - I just met Viktor but there is something about him that strikes a cord with my personality. We spent New Years Night together though there wasn't much sleeping involved. He tricked me or I should say I tricked myself when I found him laying on the couch as a cat. I had to punish him for tricking me so i hid his pants and shirt in the middle of the night forcing him to sneak up to his room in fear of being seen. I feel like it was a good deal for him considering he got to see more then he should have. He plans on taking me out on a date soon I'm actually really excited for it.

Wendy Strauss - Wendy is such a sweet and beautiful girl recently we have gotten to hang out more. She helped me pick out Olives name and bath the little fur ball. That led to a rather interesting scenario where we ended up taking a shower then sleeping together Akemi was involved. I accidentally kissed her in the middle of the night due to the link I created between me her and Akemi I'm not sure what that means iv never been attracted to other girls before… the whole thing confuses me even if it was immensely pleasurable.

Akemi Kimura - I just met Akemi the other day she is a beautiful albeit deadly girl. The first night i met her Wendy, Lucette, Akemi and I played Truth or Dare Lucette fell asleep before she got a turn but I watched as Akemi passionately made out with an apple. I must say she gave me some pointers that helped later with Viktor. The next day Akemi and Wendy helped me to bathe Olive that's when i noticed that she carries a lot of weapons on her. We all ended up having to take a shower due to Olive getting us all wet. She showed me an Interesting ability when she jumped into Wendy after turning into a silver fox. It would seem that she can cause the host to experience heightened senses that could be an interesting combo ability down the line.

Lilith Al'Khoury - I have met Lilith on a number of occasion she is a beautiful girl but for some reason she hides that beauty by wearing some kind of head dress. we haven't had the pleasure of really getting to know each other yet but iv heard rumors about her having issues with other students. I think she can be a great friend if only we can run into each other more often.

Rose Scarlet - Rose seems to be a very shy girl when she talks to people normally but when called to action she is almost uncharacteristically Violent. If i compare the two personality's she is more assertive and has a take charge attitude when facing danger. We haven't had much opportunity to get to know each other as of yet but that will hopefully change soon.

Lucette LaGarde - Lucette seems to be a very sweet caring girl who always stays out of the light I think it hurts her somehow. I relieved her pain and showed her my Nut Cracker performance to help her during one of the times I met her she seemed to like the performance which made me super happy. We haven't gotten a lot of time to get to know each other but we might start seeing each other the more i hang out with Wendy.

Ju Bao - I have had one run in with Ju he seems to be a nice guy/girl I'm not quite sure what sex he is. we made some curry it was delicious I haven't seen him around to much so i haven't gotten to know to much about his personality.

Valentin Avdeev - Val gave me a very bad first impression he seems to be an ok guy but he didn't introduce himself before rambling on about some potato that was following him. I haven't gotten to know him as of yet and as they say you cant judge a book by its cover.

Charlie Small - I have had one run in with Charlie it seems he wanted to find an old tree in the woods. I sent out the squirrels but they were not able to find what he needed. I'm not quite sure why they couldn't find it they must have gotten distracted by gathering nuts. He seems like a nice guy who like nature which makes him cool in my book.

Max Allen - I have had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting FonyX he seems like a nice enough boy but he gives his advice to freely and it can get on my nerves. I don't wish ill to the boy but I also don't want to stay in the same room to long with him.

Twelve - Twelve is what i would consider strange but only because she doesn't seem to know anything. The guys said something about her being held captive so she seems to be ignorant of normal social skills and basic facts. Wendy says she has been teaching her some stuff and she seems to be catching on quickly which makes me think she is smart. I might try to get to know her better but I'm afraid I might get worn out by her constant questioning.

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