Jacob Houston

Basic Info:

Player: DarnellJermaine

Demeanor: Jacob appears confident- sure of himself, like nothing can hold him back. At least, that is, until he gets scared. He walks as if with a purpose everywhere he goes.

Nature: Truthfully? Jacob is just a kid who can manipulate energy and goes to this school, but how he controls his powers directly correlates with his confidence- so he's gone with the concept of "Fake it 'til you Make It" and he's damn near made it- though something scary enough or getting knocked around enough is still enough to shake him up.

Description: Jacob is a 15 year old boy standing at 5'10". He's got short black hair and likes to wear biker gang type clothes- leather jackets- ride or die shirts- jeans of some sort, the whole works. He's got a little bit of muscle on him, but he's by no means ripped or anything. (The pic has the right idea, but imagine less muscles- leather jacket, and a Cardinals Baseball cap.)


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/8

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Brawling - (5) Brawn Sometimes- you just gotta punch someone
  • Endurance - (3) Brawn Jacob can take a few hits- it's after a few more hits he starts to get worried
  • Reflexes - (3) Agility Training with his power and on various petty criminals has given Jacob some acute senses of when danger is coming
  • Perception - (3) Brains Jacob knows that most people can't see his power, so who's to say there aren't other things lurking beyond his vision? He always remains alert.

Supernatural Abilities:

All of Jacob's powers revolve around manipulating energy in a strange way that even he doesn't quite understand. Virtually everyone he's come across has been unable to see his power take it's various forms outside of himself. Other people who can manipulate energy to their will may be able to see Jacob's power in varying degrees- from just a sense of where it is to full on being able to see it. Besides people who can manipulate energy in different forms- nobody can see Jacob's power. Jacob's power also directly correlate with his Confidence- if his confidence starts to waver his powers get weaker- and if it's completely broken or he gets scared they will fail to work.

Cake, Prolonging the Magic (Act 1) - (4 + 1) - Jacob's energy takes the form of a strange, pig like creature- all gray (Though most can't see it) it can channel the energy or magical abilities in the air- increasing the amount of rounds a magical effect or power lasts by (total roll/2) round(s). This can only be used once per magical effect per day. In this form- it has a range of about 50m.

Cake, Fashion Nugget (Act 2) - (3 + 1) - Jacob's energy once again takes the form of a pig-like creature- though this time it can stand on two legs and looks more humanoid- like some kind of orc creature you'd read about in a fantasy. Jacob can send the energy to touch anything- object or living creature- and energy will surround him to disguise himself as that object or person. Of course- touching him would clearly reveal he is /not/ said object or thing- and someone can roll perception directly against this power to see if they can tell from where they are. In this form- it has a range of about 50m.

Cake, Comfort Eagle (Act 3) - (4 + 1) - Jacob's energy takes the form of a large, bald eagle- all gray still, of course. The eagle can fly up to a range of 100m from him in all directions, and of course- is great as attacking things for him. Also, it can grab and pick things up for him and carry them back.


Jacob for one reason or another can only seem to keep up his energy manipulation as long as he feels confident in his abilities to succeed. The more shaken up or nervous he gets- the weaker his power gets. If he ever completely loses faith that he will succeed or is scared away- his powers will immediately dissipate and cease to work until he is completely sure of himself or his goals once more. Likewise for Jacob, if he loses confidence in his abilities, he will give up or run away from the situation at hand, completely bailing. (Severe).


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Cell Phone
  • MP3 player & Headphones (Only has Cake albums and songs- go figure)
  • $400
  • Cardinals Baseball team hat
  • Lighter
  • School Supplies

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Laptop
  • Clothes (mostly biker gang-esque stuff, one nice suit, and a few pairs of casual clothes)
  • Scott Pilgrim Comics
  • Posters of Cake (the band)
  • Baseball bat, glove, and…baseball.

Personal History:

Jacob Houston from a young age always felt sure in himself- maybe it was because he had powers on his side nobody could ever see. He was always able to play tricks on people or trip them up- from the playground to the dark alleys in between the streets of St. Louis's less…safe places. Growing up in the city- Jacob ran into people of all kinds that influenced him throughout life- especially the biker gang crowd. For some reason- he found himself strangely attracted to the smell of gasoline and zipping through the highway with the wind at his face. Jacob- however, is only 15 and can't drive yet- but you damn well better believe he's going to be a biker when the time comes! However, despite his confident appearance- he's always been a bit insecure on the inside. With enough poking and prodding- he eventually shows his real self- a 15 year old boy way over his head. Although, it'll take a lot to get him to shake that unwavering determination. His goals coming here? Well- it's a school- he's here to learn.


LOVES the band Cake, hates the food Cake
Is a Cardinals fan
Known to be a bit cocky

"Someone Special…":

"They're Alright": Gheidjin, Anna, Katlyn, Madeline, Eponnie, Leah, Chloe, Wendy, Mary

"Damn Annoying": Sara

"I need to watch out for…": Jinx

"They're a threat":

XP Tracking: T1/U0/XP3

Tier 0
+2 for "Wandering Sphere"
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Moving Towards Perfection (+1 Agility)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for July Development Sequence "Girls aren't so bad"
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Learning New Tricks (+2 Brawling)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+4 for Weekly XP
-4 for Power Boost (+1 Act 1, +1 Act 3)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Anomalous Gen (War Pig)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Clear Mind (+2 Psyche)
Tier 1:
+3 for "They're Tearing Down Rand Serling''s Bar"


War Pig: A motorcyle with a radar that can detect any significant movement in a 20m radius, a radio, and a built in GPS and Computer with a working Wi-Fi hotspot.

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