Jane Doe

Basic Info:

Player: BobaFettuccine
Name: Jane Doe
Aliases: Jane

XP Unspent/Total: 3/75

Demeanor: Mousy, and quiet at first. She warms up to people as long as they are kind to her. She tends to watch and wait more than she actually speaks.

Nature: She knows who she is, and she's gained some measure of self confidence along with knowledge of her purpose. Whether or not people have them, the memories still exist, and as long as there are memories, nothing ever really dies.

Description: She is the textbook definition of average in whatever region she is located. Changing for whatever region she enters. At Fifth Sanctum she is 5'3" (163cm) and 153 pounds (69.4kg), she has brown hair going down to just below her shoulder blades. She has almost no distinguishing features in any way shape or form and she is hard to look directly at, almost being blurry, compared to the world around her. Her clothes tend to be forgettable and dull. Conforming to whatever would be considered standard dress in her current area.


Brawn: 2 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 2 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 5 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 6 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 3 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 7

Health: 12

Psyche: 12

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 4
Reflex Total: 10
Willpower Total: 10
Parry Roll: 0

Dodge: 13
Mundane DR: 2
Ability DR: 2


  • Where did I hear that? - (4) Acuity (Academics/Research)
  • What does this do? - (3) Acuity (Jury Rigging/Macguyvering)
  • Where did she go? - (3) Finesse (stealth)
  • What just hit me? - (2) Acuity (ranged)
  • A forgotten mind is hard to find. - (4) Resolve (Willpower)
  • Why can't I hit her? - (5) Acuity (Reflex)
  • Strength half remembered. - (2) Brawn (Vitality)


Forget Me… Forget Me Not. - 4 (Power) What are we, without our experiences?
Jane can sense, read, erase, and replace the memories of those around her.

What is this place? - 3 (Power) Memories are fleeting things, here one moment, and gone the next.
Jane is a keeper of the Forgotten, and as such, she has nearly unfettered access to that strange realm. By entering and exiting the Forgotten instantaneously, she can cause this realm to forget where she is, and remember her in a different place. She can also enter the forgotten and stay there if she wishes, even taking someone with her, though this takes much longer.

How did I get this? - 3 (Power) If an object is not remembered, does it really exist?
Jane may summon objects from the forgotten, big or small, as long as she can carry it, she can summon it.

What am I? - 3 (Power) If you were made of memories, you'd constantly replace those parts of yourself that you've lost.
Jane is literally made of memories pulled from the Forgotten, when it's damaged, she automatically pulls more memories to patch up the holes.


  • Chosen of the Forgotten (+5) - Jane has been chosen by the Forgotten to be a Keeper. As such, her ability to stay in the physical, remembered world is a bit shaky at best. Whenever she's reduced to half health, she makes a willpower roll, at one success she manages to stay in the world but with a -2 to all actions (other than wp rolls to resist fading) until she gets back above half health, at two successes the penalty is reduced to -1, at 3 there is no penalty. When she is reduced to less than 3 health she must roll WP again, this time the penalty is doubled, one success bringing -4, two bringing -2, three bringing -1, and 4 successes mean no penalty. She may not buy successes on this roll. If the roll is failed, Jane is shunted into the forgotten and may not return to the world for at least four hours. In addition, many people have trouble remembering her, it used to be that every non-anomalous person that she met forgot her within a few minutes to a few hours, but through long study of what she is in the Forgotten, she's managed to lessen it, people still very often forget her, but those with strong wills sometimes remember. She also no longer fades from records, photographs, and recordings.
  • Determination (3) - In Health equation, change "Brawn + .5Resolve" to "Resolve + .5Brawn."
  • But It Refused (2) - Requires Determination. When taking damage that would bring you to 0 Health or lower, once per day you may reduce that damage enough to leave yourself at 1 Health, and take twice the difference as Psyche damage instead. (At 4 health taking 7 damage, instead take 3 damage and 8 Psyche damage)
  • Calculated (5) - Use Acuity instead of Finesse for dodge checks and the Reflex skill.
  • Careful Aim (3) - Use Acuity instead of Finesse for the Marksman skill.
  • Eidetic Memory (5) - If not pressed for time, never need to roll to recall something that you witnessed or retrieve information from memory. If pressed for time, +3 to remember, and memory is always accurate if recalled.
  • Focus Mastery (2) - Calculate available focus solely off of Resolve.
  • Effort Mastery (3) - Calculate available effort solely off of Resolve.


Total Currency: $1844
+200 Starting
+42x32 Library Aide

On Hand

  • Nothing yet


  • Nothing yet

XP and Advancement

List what you've improved with XP since character creation.
12xp: Acuity 5
24xp: Resolve 5, 6
6xp: Charisma 3
2xp: Strength half remembered. 1, 2
4xp: Why can't I hit her? 4, 5
5xp: Forget Me… Forget Me Not. 4
3xp: What is this place? 3,
3xp: How did I get this? 3,
3xp: What am I? 3,
5xp: Eidetic Memory
2xp: Focus Mastery
3xp: Effort Mastery

XP History:
+72 from transfer

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