Jasmine "Jinx" Jacinto

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: A very cheery, very mischievous girl, usually smirking and with some sort of gleam in her eye.

Nature: She's a very action-oriented person, and definately a type A personality. She just can't stand people sitting around and not dealing with their problems, even when waiting and planning is the smartest move, and she might just go make things "better".
Jinx is also a mischievous girl, and easily annoyed. When she's ticked off, she usually enacts payback, most often with magic. Of course, she knows her limits, and usually doesn't go too far.

Description: at 5'5", Jinx is almost unnaturally slender, despite being an average 132lbs. (perhaps it's magic?) Jinx has a grey discoloration to her skin, which easily makes her look deathly ill, or even alien. She also has purple eyes that, in the right light, have slight red tints to them. Jinx's hair is a different color every couple weeks (her natural color is blonde), and is usually in a two-pronged updo.


HP: 11/11

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 6

Agility: 3

Brains: 1


  • Parkour - (6) Agility (Jinx is unnaturally flexible. She has all sorts of double joints, extra stretchy skin, and a very acute balancing system. Combined with good endurance, and she's pretty ready.)
  • Fighting - (6) Brawn (There's sometimes nothing more satisfying to Jinx than a good punch to the throat. Or a stab to the chest, if it comes to that)
  • Endurance - (3) Brawn (Jinx has been in lots of fights, so of course she can take a hit)
  • Reflexes - (3) Agility (Has anything I've said so far not pointed towards this? Seriously?)

Supernatural Abilities:

Jynx - 5 - (yay name overlap) As one might expect by the nickname, Jinx is a conduit of bad luck. Not only is she immune to effects that would normally cause her bad luck, but she can inflict it on others, directly or indirectly. All she has to do is wave her hand, and purple waves of energy fly forward (usually in sets of 3). The target rolls their second highest defense (if two defenses are tied for first, roll that number) and gets [difference in rolls] Misfortune Points. These points can be spent by Jinx as part of her action to do one of the following:

  • 2 points: the target takes -1 on all non-combat rolls for 3 rounds
  • 3 points: the target takes -1 on all combat rolls for 3 rounds
  • 5 points: the target takes -2 on all non-combat rolls for 3 rounds
  • 7 points: the target takes -2 on all combat rolls for 3 rounds
  • 5 points: The target loses their next round in combat
  • 10 points: the target's action automatically critfails (this is activated after a target rolls their own action, or before a target rolls their defense roll, rather than on Jinx's turn. If the targeted roll is a critsuccess, then it is calculated as being neither crit)

Misfortune points can sit around and magnify the bad luck of whoever has them, and increase the rate of critfails as long as the target retains a level above these numbers:
5 points: +1 Critfail (on natural 5's)
15 points: +2 Critfail (on natural 6's)
30 points: +3 Critfail (on natural 7's)
50 points: +4 Critfail (on natural 8's)
(These numbers stack with anything else that can increase critfail chances)
If a target gets no new misfortune points in 5 minutes, their points disappear at a rate of 10/round.

Jinx also has a bit of a passive control of the natural misfortune of others. When she, or those directly acting on her, Critfail, she gets to pick from a few options given by the GM as their penalty.

Hexes - 3 - Jinx has a special library of spells designed to be bad luck and misfortune besides her unique power.

  • Magical disruption: Jinx will usually hum a little tune as 5 or 6 tiny black orbs rotating around her head, flying away and disappearing as the spell is cast. The target will find that the targeted power (if no target is specified, choose one at random) suddenly feels completely foreign to them, and they will have a hard time controlling it. If they try to use it, they must roll it against this power's initial roll. If they fail, the power goes out of control and backfires on them, usually causing harm rather than just failing to work. This will last up to 2 hours, although usually about an hour and a half.
  • Acute hex: When Jinx is casting this spell, 6 to 8 eyeball-sized dark purple orbs form around her hand, rotating until the spell is sent flying to the target. Opposed by second-highest defense, and if the target fails, they will feel as though something is missing, usually something minor enough that they can worry about it later. the target gets +1 critfail (natural 5 or lower). If this wins by 3 or more, +2 critfail (natural 6 or lower) for the first (win margin -2) hours. A win by 7 or more puts 5 misfortune points on them that will not naturally disappear until the duration of the spell is over. The spell will randomly last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days.
  • destructive curse: When Jinx is casting this spell, hey eyes will glow black, and her complexion will even darken for a few seconds after she's finished. This is a special curse, not meant for the living. Any object with this curse attached is doomed to fair; whether a key breaks, a computer blue-screens, or a calculator just falls apart. This curse also can be used on artifacts, and it will temporarily negate any supernatural qualities they possess (10 minutes per difference in rolls/point over DC). This would not, say, render anomalies that are sentient artifacts unconscious, but it would potentially disable virtually any form of action they could take (these artifacts would roll brains)

Witchcraft - 1 Hey, when you're a witch's daughter, you learn a few spells, right? This power can be used as a replacement for magic-related knowledge checks.

  • Speed up - Jinx builds up a small, swirling ball of teal energy, before maxing it explode in a harmless shock wave. She and her allies' initiative values are increased by (Roll+1)/3. If they aren't in combat when this is rolled, it will apply to the next combat they are in within 10 minutes

Potions brewing - 2 Jinx has decided it's worth not being shit at potions. She can try to cobble new ones together, or make one of the ones she has listed below. When first created, they start at minimum value, however she can expend a day's potion rolls to instead improve on a single potion. All potions take one round to consume.

  • Strength/Agility/brains potion: A surprisingly simple recipe, the hardest ingredient for Jinx to get is un-dyed hair. When drank, the potion will improve the desired attribute by 1 point for 1 round. Upgrading the potion will add 1 round for every multiple of 4 gotten on the roll (eg 4 gives +1 rounds, 8 gives +2, 12 gives +3, 16 gives +4, and 20 gives +5)
  • Manifest of desire ($15 per potion, plus 4 pixie dust): If the user drinks it and enters combat within a brief period afterwards, it gives them +1 to the next, relevant defense. (IE: if they enter combat against someone with a sword, they get melee defense but not ranged or mental) if the user drinks it and doesn't enter combat, it adjusts them so they can better handle whatever is stressing them out the most at the time

Familiar of Nevermore - 1

  • Another's Power: This power cannot be increased normally, but eventually will on its own as the Demon gets stronger.
  • Underworld Gate: Nevermore can summon familiars to him from a distance. Most demons can do this by innate power, non-demons not so much. He can only summon each contracted non-demon to him once every 24 hours.
  • But It Refused: Once per day the familiar may reject failure, and reroll any one roll that they themselves made that had a failing result, however having a target's defense beat your roll does not count unless you critically failed - that isn't failure, it's just them being better. The reroll ignores critfails, and the dice cannot show less than 0 - any lower result instead becomes 0. (is not magic, unlike the other components of this power Jinx controls)
  • Supernatural Conduit: If the familiar is within about arm's length of Nevermore, they get +1 to a power of his choosing.
  • Precision: Gives +1 to all actions for 1 round.
  • Defy Injury: Heal all damage taken from a single attack within the last 5 seconds (round). Only can use once per target per day.
  • Scalding Winds: a blast of air from the underworld to be directed at an enemy, strong enough to whip up loose debris and possibly injure, maybe even push someone back a little. Great for forges too.


  • Jinx is immune to any effect that would provide good luck, and they will weaken her powers by 1 more point than their modifiers would grant her (This doesn't mean her powers are disabled if they go into negative modifiers, and good luck that is not enough to give a modifier still weaken her by 1) (minor)
  • Familiar of Nevermore Jinx is bound to a Demon… and must obey all orders given by it, when given the command phrase before said order. Each character's phrase is unique, but will work for anyone who knows and says it. The Demon, Nevermore, can speak into their mind as well and issue commands that way - this communication cannot be cut off, or rather in this Demon's case, it cannot 'fail'. (Severe)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • her phone
  • a package of gum
  • her pocket knife
  • A necklace that gives the wearer +1 to both magic abilities and critfail (medallion depicts a bat, a cat, and a snake)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • her yet-unused alchemy set
  • lots of spare, bland jewelry
  • lots of colors of hair dye

Personal History:

Jinx was born from a witch, and inherited a fair amount of quality magical bloodline. She showed a particular affinity for misfortune. Her mother nurtured it, growing her into the exact kind of person she wanted. Jinx grew up a fan of the macabre and dark. This grew more over time, and soon she not only liked it, but she actively searched for and encouraged it. She started causing trouble in the town she lived in, which of course her mother improved. Eventually, she got noticed by the GWU, and here she is.


15 years old, birthday is June 13
T:2 U:1 XP:0

scene guide

+1 to Potions, +1 to Witchcraft (April 17, 2016)
+1 Brawn (April 29, 2016)
+2 to parkour (May 29, 2016)
Magic Necklace (4 XP)
+2 to HP (June 12, 2016)
- tier split -
+1 to Jynx, +1 to Potions brewing (June 26, 2016)
+1 to brawn (August 6, 2016)
+2 to Fighting (August 29, 2016)
+2 to Psyche (September 25, 2016)
- tier split -
+1 to witchcraft, +1 to hexes (Oct 23, 2016)

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