Bob Mazzetti

Basic Info:

Player: ImpKitsu

Demeanor: Untrusting of others and extremely shy. He is easily shocked. He wants to help people though.

Nature: Bob is typically insecure. He doesn't want to believe in the fantastic- even with hard evidence in front of him he used to attempt to deny it. Even the things he, himself, used to be justified in strange, convoluted logic. He is becoming more accepting with time and exposure.

He doesn't want to push people away, but it's hard for him to accept things as they are. He has a difficult time thinking in abstract ways. He isn't well socialized and comes across as awkward a lot of the time.

The name is one he made up. Bob being a very common name and Mazzetti being the name of a restaurant he used to sleep near. He often goes by Robert or Rob if he wants to feel more adult.

Description: Tall and broad- like a skyscraper. Bob stands at seven foot, ten inches tall and four hundred and twenty pounds. He is broad and sturdily built but, unlike an art deco tower, doesn't have an ounce of extra fluff on him. Burly is a good word to describe this gigantic man. He has very average features. A strong jaw, but nothing particularly memorable. Dark hair, light brown eyes. Medium brown skin. He doesn't stand out in a crowd, so long as he is sitting.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 7/7

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 4 +

Agility: 3 +

Brains: 3


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do.
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Parkour - (4) Agility Bob is one with the city. Moving quickly through one by foot is no problem for him. There are no obstacles he can't handle.
  • Melee Combat - (5) Brawn Having appeared on the streets- Bob can mount a pretty impressive offense when he needs to. +
  • Research - (3) Brains Bob has never attended public school, he has taught himself in libraries and reading the backs of garbage. He's become good at looking up and retaining information he needs. +
  • Perception - (2) Brains
  • Repair - (3) Brains Bob has spent a great deal of time fixing things that were thrown away for his own use. He had a bike for a time that he'd pulled from a bin, he's stitched his clothes and- while they may not be the prettiest- they keep him warm and dry. He is a bit of a hoarder when he 'settles' somewhere, even if it's an alleyway. Anything that might be useful someday he tries to keep. He will also keep not-so-useful stuff.
  • Diplomacy - (2) Brains Bob is becoming good at settling things with words and making friends out of…. uh… opponents around the school. Being hall monitor requires it. He's also good at managing the authority figures in his life and despite his ever-present stutter can be very compelling. ++

Supernatural Abilities:

City Bonding - 4 - Bob can bond with cities by spending enough time in them. The stronger he is bonded to him, the more precisely he can feel and communicate with them. The stronger his bond to the city- the better he can understand them. As it strengthens, he can also feel damage the city takes. Once he is bonded to a city he can't unbond with it. He personifies cities as they are very much alive to him and communicate with him. Eventually he will be able to see the memories of cities- but he can't yet. Each city is its own entity. Bob can feel and hear what is happening in his current city. Whichever one he is in. He can feel the general movement of people and hear the murmur of it. Someday he may be able to find certain voices among the noise and make sense of it all- but that's not now. +

City Control - 4 - Bob can control cities, changing their structure. Destroy wall here, fixing the patch in a street there. He hasn't had a lot of practice but he has had some. He requires the city to cooperate and older cities are more powerful. As with the rest of his powers- it's a symbiotic relationship.

Bob can teleport within and between cities. This is a somewhat new ability and he is not very skilled. Teleporting even just within a city is both inaccurate and time consuming, until he gets more practice. He will eventually get faster and more accurate and soon be able to freely jump between cities he is bonded to- but that time is not now. He has bonded with Sunnybrook and some with London. ++

Urban Biology - 3 Bob has a biology that can change to suit the city. He can sustain himself on the energy he gets from the city around him. He doesn't require food or water. He has a natural immunity to the elements that he could further develop through graded exposure. He can also fuse his body- particularly his hands and feet- to city surfaces, creating a bond at the molecular level that would allow him to climb straight up a building. His maximum carrying capacity is limited only by the load potential of the material he is bonded to. +

Anomalous Generation

T0: Bob can get beads from cities. He creates them from the actual fabric of cities- stone, asphalt, concrete, glass, metal. Bob can use them to focus his powers while he is in the source city. When he is outside the city- they can be used in a number of ways. They can facilitate long range communication with the city. He can also use them to remotely scry the city once he is more familiar with the scope of his powers. (+1 to powers rolls when he is trying to use a city he is attuned to.)

Currently has these beads:

London - London is very old with lots of history- this translates to power. He is very close to London who made first contact with him when he visited [Ravi Run]. He feels London is very warm and caring and willing to teach.

Sunnybrook - A triangular bead made from part of the gym floor. Sunnybrook is young and often lonely. He loves her like a little sister through and is getting very good at controlling her as they bond more and more.


  • If Bob were to find himself more than a mile or two away from asphalt and concrete and the general life that is in a city- far from a place big enough to have its own soul, he would soon become ill and if it lasted an extended period, he'd die. As of start of game he has never left the city he was born from. The grounds of Sunnybrook has a fledgeling soul. (Severe)
  • If Bob's nearest city takes damage- Bob can become injured to a similar degree.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A water bottle he can refill at public fountains.
  • Library card

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

Bob now owns four shirts and two pairs of pants!
Madeline's Number 17 Jersey

Backpack with a blanket he got from a homeless shelter the previous year

Personal History:

Bob was born of the city of Memphis. He came from a combination of the nearly-universal nature of cities on Earth, and the way magic on earth happens. He is a city in human form- The keeper of cities. He spent his first three years entirely alone in the sewers where he appeared into existence. Requiring no nourishment, he was able to thrive on the city itself. He is the first genius loci of cities.

At four a flood forced him out and he took up residence in an alley way. His natural curious nature and latent connection to the city gave him the opportunity to learn by observing people around him. He learned to feed himself and speak from those around him. He found clothes in the trash and tried to stay around places where other kids congregated. People just assumed his mom was ~somewhere~.

He was taken into child protective services twice but escaped both times, too scared and worried and not understanding what they expected of him. As the city got louder in his head, he considered he probably had some severe mental problems- an affliction of the homeless- and didn't tell anyone.

Slowly, one at a time, his other powers have been manifesting- but he has found he can write almost everything off as a figment of his imagination. He possesses such strong self-doubt that he convinces himself things aren't happening when in fact they are.

He was discovered when he was arrested for sleeping on the street and teleported out of the holding cell. He went willingly with the GWU after an explanation. The promises of food and a bed were what drew him in.

He loves London. Which is big and old and his friend.

Misc info

Bob loves Soul Music


Nate [Shelved, Kadmus]- Bob thinks he is a supernatural genius. He feels he owes Nate for teaching him what he did. He's embarrassed that Nate had to help him clean his room.

Reynard [Shelved, CZ]- Bob has a deal with Reynard. He wants a truth serum but he has to get close to Akemi and give Reynard the information he wants first.

Credo [CZ]- He feels closest with Credo on a personal level, they have spoken a few times.

Sam [SGF]- He is thankful for Sam's understanding and how nice she has been to him.

Tabitha [Shelved, Piper]- He was hurt by Tabitha's attitude towards him and wants to make things better.

Anthiel [Nemi]- He gets mixed signals from Anthiel and doesn't know how to interpret them. He was hurt by her recent rejection of him. They've made up by now. It's not so bad.

Cindaria [Lena]- Bob managed to insult her and make her angry, another failure to make friends. He was very hurt by this and is convinced he just can't make friends.

Zita [Silvors]- He is official friends with Zita, despite the fact they have only spoken a little bit.

Emma [SGF]- He feels extremely grateful for her using her powers to help him calm down and relax. He appreciates her happy attitude and thinks he owes her. Emma is his first girlfriend and he's so nervous about everything he might throw up. Fortunately she is literally the nicest, sweetest girl on the planet and she's been very understanding so far. He is extremely infatuated with her and wants to be the perfect boyfriend.

Violet [Crayola]- She tried to get him in contact with Sunnybrook by boosting the signal but gave him a psychic hangover instead. He doesn't blame her and is grateful she tried.

Xenos [Soulless]- The guy is confusing and makes Bob uncomfortable but he seems nice and taught him quite a lot about what he might be.

Conn [Kadmus]- He thinks the guy is extremely selfless and heroic. He wishes Conn had better concern for his own well-being. Conn helped him figure out some ideas for the "New to Sunnybrook Club" he wants to start to help people.

Celeste [CZ]- She is very nice! They talked about powers. She helped him with his flyer. He wants to know what the moon thinks of him since she suggested it.

Twelve [Piper]- She met Bob in the kitchen. He completely failed in every way and accidentally convinced her to pour milk on the floor.

Akemi [Kioku]- She came to his Welcome Club and is very sweet, he thinks. They also went on a mission together.

Richard [Blackheart]- He helped Bob set up a cake-date with Emma but then they couldn't find Emma. SO they split the cake. Richard gave him advice on being himself.

Madeline [Nemi]- He really likes her! She is a sweet girl and is going to teach him Basketball. He is very sad that she is all alone in dream world and tries to visit her every night.


$$$ : $ 1400 (From Missions and Hall Monitor Duty,)
Total XP: 14 (36 used)

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Nov '15 - +1
Jan '16 - +1
Feb '16 - +1

Tier 0
Learning New Tricks - -4
Power Boost - -4
Anomalous Generation - -4
Moving to Perfection - -4
Clear Mind - -4

Tier 1
Power Boost - -4
Learning New Tricks - -4
Moving to Perfection - -4
Anomalous Generation - -4 [[PENDING]]

Run [XP] [$$$$]

Ravi Run [+2] [300]
Went to London to meet Ravi. Brought a piece of London home with him- a round rock the size of a large marble. He and London are pretty close- London is old and strong enough to make up for his youth and inexperience so they communicate very well. Went with Ellie, Akemi, and - Look this up again. Forgot -

Little Miss Missing [+2] [100]
Went with Leah and Juliet to Windvale and saved a kid named Sara from a creep who was cutting up little girls. He pocketed a black flute with a purple ribbon

Stay Tuned [+2] [500]
Went to a world inside a TV with Andrey.

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