John Paris

Basic Info:

Player: Paris

Demeanor: Confident, good humored and easy going.

Nature: Well meaning sociopath.

Description: If he didn't go out of his way to make himself look pleasant and inviting, it might be believable. Short, neatly cropped dark brown hair, bright green eyes, and an infectious smile.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 2

Brains: 3


* Martial Arts (4, brawn)
* Acrobatics (4, agility)
* Investigation (2, brains)
* Analysis (2, brains)

Supernatural Abilities:

Super Strength (3) : At his current level of understanding, Paris' enhanced physical strength allows him to make concentrated bursts of effort into short lived feats of strength. Currently capable of spot-lifting up to 1200 pounds, focus roll must succeed at risk of taking damage.

Focused Strike - Transferring his strength into a singular blow, he must make a focus check. This counts as a linear strike that cannot be aborted once in action.

Super Speed (2) : His current level of mastery allows him to focus on running in a single direction wherein he must make focus checks to maintain his speed and balance. The extent to which he is able to implement it depends on the GM's review of the situation.

Aim Dodge - The ability to dodge linear attacks. Attacks must be coming in a straight line, he must also have succeeded on a focus check to know it was

Invulnerability (2) : His physical toughness allows him to absorb damage if he knows its coming.


Paris is Tormented by an unnamed entity that Paris refers to as "X" which often appears in his dreams as a spectral black hound, or an eyeless vulture. This entity attempts to drive him to commit acts of evil, abuse people, and generally cause mayhem. It implants needs, darker desires to use his powers to hurt.

He also has difficulty controlling when his powers manifest, he must be careful at all times in how he handles things and people.


*B3 Aviator jacket with design on back
*Cellular Phone
*Laptop (Asus)
*Books (Forensics, Investigation, True Crime, Occult, Gardening/Botany)

Personal History:

After a near death experience, Johnathan Paris was removed from an abusive home and placed into the foster care system. The nature of his near death experience made him the subject of some medical study and after a time he was placed in therapy. At age sixteen he was in a car crash that by all accounts should have proved fatal, however he sustained little if any injury beyond a concussion. The driver's seat where he was sitting had been completely destroyed, and investigators could not determine how he had wound up outside of the vehicle when EMS arrived on scene, and deemed it a miracle that he survived.

He was recruited and taken into custody from the Foster care system and is still officially a ward of the state. John retains no ties to his biological family or foster families, his only personal item being the jacket his mother insisted he have, a World War 2 era bomber jacket that supposedly belonged to his grandfather.


Collects occult artifacts and books

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