Jose Joaquin Umaro Marron

Never half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.

Basic Info:

Player: gumbal1

Demeanor: Jose would generally strike someone as happy, in the "I see everything as an opportunity to pull some dumb shit" sense.

Nature: Jose's a mess of wrath channeled into passion, boredom channeled into mischief, and confusion of self channeled into bad decisions. Being part wrath imp certainly doesn't help things.

Description: Jose is a lean Latino youth of 5'5''. His black hair is thick and unbrushed, perfect for hiding small granite horns. His grey eyes always seem to carry a twinkle in them. His smile, while typically warm, reveals that his teeth have been blackened from flame.

Half of Jose, from the waist up, is a human with a light-brown complexion. With the exception of granite nails, he's all good on that end. The other half, from the waist down, is what could be described as a the body parts of a humanized goat, with thick black hair covering the entirety of the thick black skin of his legs, which end in feet with hoof-like toes.

Jose's wardrobe is limited to specially-designed fireproof clothes, mostly button-ups and slacks.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • RUN (Agility): 3. Jose's been a troublemaker since he learned how to walk, so he's generally learned how to be evasive
  • HIDE (Agility): 3…and sneaky.
  • RESIST (Brains): 3. Jose's strong-willed. It's gonna take more than some mental prodding to get this one's mind fucked (does not affect WRATH).
  • ENTER (Brawn): 3. It's very, very hard to keep Jose in one place. Breaking in and bypassing obstacles are basically fond pastimes (and presentimes) for him.

Supernatural Abilities:

  • DEMONIC: 3. Jose is, technically speaking, part wrath imp. As such, his physiology is well suited for hunting and killing, at least more so than the average person. His sense of smell is amazing, and his skills with his claws are even better.
  • INFERNAL 3. Jose is a walking furnace, and is basically bursting with heat, freely releasable in various forms, from flame from a finger, to vomiting molten metal (though usually he has to eat some first), to full-body immolation.
  • UNHOLY: 3. Wrath imps are somewhat more in-tune with dark magic than humans. Jose likes to exploit that fact, because dark magic is hella fun! Notable uses include:
    • Somnia: Jose can induce drowsiness in a target.
    • Falsify(?): Jose can slightly alter perception to make someone believe they saw something move into a dark/shadowy area. Problem is, Jose sees it too. He…isn't exactly sure if the thing's real or not.
    • Snuff: Jose can put out fires and, with enough skill, most all devices that produce light.
    • Hurt: Jose can use this to attack an opponent's psyche directly. He doesn't particularly like using it.


  • WRATH (Severe): Jose is part wrath imp, and therefore feels an overwhelming wrath inside him at all times. Living as a human makes it not really all that wise to give in, however, so he's tried to channel it into passion. Problem is? It's really hard and really painful to suppress emotion all day long, and sometimes, well…at any time, a GM can force a willpower roll. Failing the DC by a factor of two or less will lead to Jose losing a point of psyche for as long as he does not give into his wrath (this can stack). Failing by a factor of three or more will cause Jose to be forced to perform an action of the GM's choice.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • (Fireproof) schoolbag
  • Small snacks
  • (Fireproof) Wallet
  • School ID
  • Phone with fireproof case
  • Stress ball

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Posters for several bands, mostly 90s metal and 80s-aesthetic techno
  • Fire extinguisher (enforced)
  • Fireproof laptop
  • Various photographs in fireproof frames, mostly of him, his mother, Finn (a childhood friend), and his friends from Kyoto Hall. Also Tyler, for some odd reason.
  • Mini-fridge filled to the brim with snacks
  • A box under his bed he'd rather not other people find


  • Art and art supplies, kept in art room so as not to catch on fire

Personal History:

Where do you start with Jose Joaquin Umaro Marron?

His birth's a good place. On May 29th, 2003, Jose was born to a poor mother (who had, thirteen months earlier, engaged in an occult project that ended in Jose's conception) in a rural community about an hour and a half drive from Mexico city. His birth (or, more accurately, his appearance at birth) caused a slight stir, before being forgotten by everyone outside the town.

First few years of Jose's life were…rough, to say the least. Wrath imp instincts combined with a child's natural destructive nature meant Jose did all kinds of things, such as bringing a dead cow into the backyard, or accidently torching the sofa. This was not quite ideal, but given that his father wasn't exactly around to help raise him as a wrath imp, human child-rearing methods had to do. And though perhaps this helped him to be a good person (maybe), wrath was still a part of his nature.

That is, well, until Father Rivera, the local priest at the Marron family's local church. Rivera was a polite, soft-spoken man of around fifty years, with a passion for gardening and cooking. For around twenty-seven years, he had devoted his life to the Church, never taking a lover and never straying from the good book.

He was also a wrath imp pretending to be human, so to him, Jose stuck out like a sore thumb.

Sunday school for Jose meant more than just learning the scripture, the hymns, the values of a good Catholic. For Jose, it meant Rivera often pulling him aside to teach him some of the finer points of living as a wrath imp in human society. Rivera was almost a second father to Jose, helping him learn to help control his inner wrath, and even sometimes teaching him a few tricks.

Course, Jose never really learned how to eliminate the wrath, only to channel it. His choice of channeling? Passion. Jose quickly took up the arts of singing and painting, blocking whatever free time he had into perfecting said arts. Of course, even humans feel mischievous some times, so his little escapades never truly ceased either, only lessened in severity and damage.

That is, until he stole a truck as a joke (he swears it made sense at the time), only to get snatched up by the GWU for flagrant anomalous activity shortly after. Though first sent to Kyoto Hall, he eventually found himself transferred to San Fran.


  • Favorite subjects are art and music, best subject is math (though he really hates it)
  • Favorite musician is Elvis
  • As a part wrath imp, he's able to eat things like metal and coal without much of a problem
  • Likes cooking, rather bad at doing it responsibly.
  • Jose's very good at masking the fact that he smells like sulfur.
  • Speaks English and Spanish fluently, with intermediate knowledge of Infernal.

Numbers Jose has Acquired


Thoughts and Relationships

  • Holy shit. Holy shit. Cammy, you think you can trade places with me? San Fran…fuck, what are they calling it now, Andromeda? It's fucking gone. Tyler's fucking gone and in his place we get such charmers as Athene, a…fuck, an Echidnean or some shit? She fucking strikes me out of nowhere and suddenly we're sparring…
    • …though I actually liked it, come to think of it. Me and her are going to be good friends…think she busted a rib.
      • So that's a plus.
  • Fuckin'…Brett, was it? I meet this fucker, he's dumb as nails, I flirt with him because Athene rec'd this guy and suddenly he's going further than 'just met' should go…no bullshit. I like this guy. Just not like like…'least, emotionally. What's high school if you can't hook up with the cute redhead? Least he's taking me to dinner first.
    • Hahahaha looks like it's emotional like after all.
  • Where the fuck have I seen Andrey before? This is really fucking starting to bother me…that one video Cam showed me?…nah, dude was a guy(?). 'less Andrey's a trans chick and that's a few months old…uh, does HRT even work like that? Or that fast?
  • Hahaha, I like this Champi Machaca guy. He's direct, he's cool, he likes me but eh, I'm dating Brett. Dunno if I want an open relationship or polyamory or whatever it's called right now.

XP: 8 CASH: 100

Tier: 0
Tier 0 upgrades:

  • None yet

Career XP: 8
Career Cash: 200

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