Judeca Sevensy

Basic Info:

Player: Uracilo


“Thanks for the ride, Judi.”

“I am happy to do this.” Which is handy, because if I wasn’t, they would certainly know about my disgruntled attitude. I am told that, when I am irritated, I make the fact well known.

Judeca, or Judi, is self-assured to a rather unhealthy extreme. She visibly sets herself above others, even though she doesn't abuse her "subjects". She likes to play mind games with people, even though she's only so clever, and she assumes they respect her but gets offended if they don't.


Wise, fair, just, beautiful, powerful, and humble.

All these are petty compliments uttered by the foolish, however, they are not inaccurate, for I am all these things, but more so than they realize.

Judeca is the next ruler of a universal empire, in her mind. Every act going forward is an attempt at securing the support of the people, or resources, or the ears of soon-to-be-deposed authorities. She does have a softer side to her, for people who impress her and do their best to serve her, but she makes it hard to reach that point by being anything but transparent in her wishes.


Tall, regal, confident, blond, busty.

As a future queen, I can logically center myself and declare that I am a perfectly comely girl and the very picture of femininity. As a girl, for some reason, I find my opinion on the matter waxing and waning as the day goes on.

Judi stands at 5' 9, and sports a rather curvaceous body she has cultivated all her life. She tends to modify the clothes she's meant to wear to make a singular statement: That it's her who sets the rules. Her ridiculously well-kept wavy blonde hair and her shockingly blue eyes give her an edge above the competition.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


  • In Case of Armistice - (4) Brains Proper social conduct i a matter of course, just like manipulation and the prevention of assassination attempts.
  • Break Glass - (2) Agility Ah, combat prowess. The ultimate deterrent… with a side of enforcement

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