Jules Mélenchon

ISimplified, Soft RP Only Character. This character does not gain xp, and cannot participate in any hard RP content, including events, plots, and runs.

Basic Info:

Player: RedRosasGhost
Name: Jules Mélenchon
Aliases: Wouldn't you like to know, you Trilateral Commission stooge?

Brief Description: A short brown-haired boy with a heavy Quebecois accent, prone to wearing slacks tucked into socks and flannel shirts, opened to reveal nonsensical slogan or hip-hop tees underneath on warm days. He acts like he's being watched: walking quickly, talking softly, and often peering around corners.

Theme: Bush Knocked Down the Towers - Immortal Technique

Appearance: A French-Canadian teenage boy with messily kept wavy chestnut hair, greyish-blue eyes, and an ice skater’s figure. Oddly for a kid so concened with surveillance, his wardrobe seems like it was assembled by a drunken magpie, often featuring bright clashing colors and cryptic slogan/hip-hop group logo t-shirts. He wears a copper spoon tied to a string as a necklace and his shoes have hand-painted cuneiform glyphs on the soles. A clunky digital SLR camera, also decorated with "protective anti-tampering symbols", hangs around his neck.

Personality: Deeply mistrustful of all authority figures from governments to hall monitors, Jules is often on edge at Fifth Sanctum since he’s pretty sure that Firewatch keeps tabs on all the students. He’s friendly to those who seem to share his dislike of power, but wrongly assumes that they also share the rest of his crackpot theories on the world. An “investigative journalist” first and foremost, Jules is driven to expose the nature of the Grand Anomalous Plot™, but is pretty bad at keeping his cover as a “totally average Sanctum kid", usually spouting one or another of his madcap ideas in casual conversation.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:
Hobbies: Investigating the schemes of the New World Order, reporting his findings on Deep Web conspiracy forums, figure skating, photography.

Likes: Grey aliens from Cygnus 21b, like-minded truthseekers, American hip-hop music, poutine, the Winnipeg Jets (the only Canadian hockey team with players who aren't vat-grown synthetic people), Louis Riel.

Dislikes: Firewatch, all governments except that of Malawi, the Secret Masters (his collective term for the NWO comprised of groups like the Catholic Church, the Illuminati, the band Nickelback and the Girl Scouts of America), those Reptilian aliens from Barnard's Star


Brawn: Average

Finesse: Good

Acuity: Average

Resolve: Good

Charisma: Poor


  • Willpower - It's hard to sway this kid's mind, supernaturally or otherwise. Mental invaders will have to deal with the crazy quilt that is Jules' psyche before making any sort of headway.
  • Movement - Jules, perhaps strangely for a withdrawn conspiracy theorist, is quite the athlete, preferring ice sports like hockey and figure skating. He even roller-skates as a concession to warmer climes and times.
  • Investigation - You can't be a crazy investigative journalist without investigation abilities. Despite the…peculiar…nature of his conclusions, Jules actually does an impressive job tracking down facts and working out the importance of details.
  • Academics - Similarly, you need a loose framework knowledge of science, history, economics, sociology to be able to talk about how it's all lies.


False-Flag Operation - Good - Best way to hide is to keep 'em from looking too hard in the first place
A highly specialized form of telepathy that convinces the target's mind to perceive Jules the way he wants them to, whether as another person, an object, or simply not there at all.

Wake Up, Sheeple! - Average - Sometimes we need a little help to see behind the Man’s curtains
Jules can project an aura that increases the perceptive ability of people around him, granting heightened information processing and strengthening resistance to mind-affecting powers.


  • UFOlogy- Jules knows everything there is to know about aliens, from actual Ph.D astrobiology simulation studies to trashy sci-fi killer green men to Lovecraftian Fungi from Yuggoth.


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand

  • SLR camera kept around neck. No grainy cryptid photos for his expose!
  • A Colorfly professional quality MP3 player. He's serious about his music, especially since low-quality audio is susceptable to being hijacked by brainwashing subliminal messages.
  • Theron Ray deflector (copper spoon on a string)
  • Ruggedized smartphone


  • Desktop covered in sandwiched layers of silk cloth and gold foil to protect against hostile techno-spirits.
  • Figure and hockey skates, one pair each.
  • Strangely decorated shirts, often featuring odd quotes or rap album covers.
  • Stacks of notebooks filled with scrawled writings outlining his theories.

Additional Information

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Interpersonal Relationships: Optional, but encouraged once some are built with other characters!

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