Basic Info:

Player: Cezar

Demeanor: Kali is a small girl who likes to jump around and make people happy. She loves being with friends and people she likes, always eager to do something constructive with them. It's extremely difficult to make her really angry at you or sad.

Nature: Although, she has an interesting inner pert of her being. Kali is somewhat interested in death. She won't go out of her way to cause it, but it's interesting to look at. That and the process of pain is all too intriguing. With that comes something else… if you do make her angry… yeah, don't.

Description: Kali is a petite girl with caramel skin, brown eyes and soft hair. Well… at least her body is. Kali herself is, in fact, incorporeal. The body she has is of a girl who died of a gunshot… therefore, there is a bullet scar in her body, above her abdomen. Near her heart. Otherwise, Kali's occupancy of the body keeps it running functionally. If she were to leave, it would stop working- just as if it were a dead body.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


  • Natural Curiosity - (4) Brains Kali is very curious about the world around her. She's always looking around for interesting things, so it's easy to find stuff. (Perception)
  • Quick and Spry - (4) Agility Kali is very spry and enthusiastic, often jumping around when her interest has been piqued or she's been fired up in a situation. (Acrobatics)
  • Laugh it Off - (4) Brains Laughter really is the best medicine. When faced with pain in any form, she laughs off that pain. Not only can that really scare the piss out of someone, it gives her a force of will to shrug off pain and damage as if it were a minor cut. (Willpower)
  • Always Learning - (2) Brains Kali is always curious, always learning new things about the world. She knows a lot of trivial stuff. (Academics)
  • Swift Fighting - (3) Agility During melee combat, Kali is quick on her feet, using Agility to move around the battlefield and using her speed to attack her opponents. (Melee)

Supernatural Abilities:

Incorporeal Nature - 2 - Kali is actually an incorporeal being by nature. She has the ability to enter the body of living or dead entities or control machines and objects simply by 'possession'. any living being with conscious thought can't be controlled by her, although, she can directly communicate to that being through the mind. Obviously, while she's in this form, Kali can't be killed or harmed whatsoever by physical attacks as she is intangible and energy attacks can only hurt and suppress her. In her actual incorporeal state, Kali takes on the image of a female made of transparent red energy. this form can change, but it means nothing in terms as to what it can do. While incorporeal, she can pass through walls and objects.

Energy Absorption - 2 - Energy is the foundation of the entire Universe. Without it, nothing would happen. Nothing would move… as if time itself abandoned everything. Kali has the ability to absorb such energy in any form. This could range from Kinetic Energy to Magical Energy to any other kind of energy-related attack. All of it, she can absorb. If the energy is concentrated, such as in a magical attack, then she can only dampen the power of that attack— only being able to take a certain amount at a time. At the same time, she can use this power to steal physical energy from any object or being. Basically, cooling them down. It's not related directly to ice, only taking the Kinetic energy from that object, causing it to freeze. It's just a side-effect. This also works if she wishes to steal the energy in an area around her. Although, if she does this, it isn't as powerful as it should be.

Feral Devastation - 3 - What is life without a little bit of destruction? Kali believes that destruction is just a force of nature, whether dark or not. It's necessary for new beginnings. Also… it's just fun. With this power, she can use raw destructive energy, gained from any kind of energy absorbed around her to cause damage through blasts, energy balls, projectiles and beams. It's simply her standard way of expelling energy she doesn't need. It can cause damage to people and objects. Anything or anyone that is killed by this energy will be completely destroyed. It can be seen as a chaotic form of raw energy that's deep red with a blood orange aura around it. Kali also emits a red and blood orange aura herself when using this energy. Auramancers beware, this one looks a little scary.

Energy Points System

Kali's powers correspond with each other, even though they are not the same power. The energy she absorbs from around her can be stored within her form. These are represented as Energy Points. Once she stores this energy, she can use it as her third power, Feral Devastation. As raw destructive energy, she releases it from her vessel or manifestation.

The way this works is simple! Kali will roll her second power to determine how many points she absorbs from the targeted object or entity. If a specific object is targeted on the field, then she will waste one turn to take all of that energy and charge up. If she were absorbing the ambient energy of the world around her, the point intake would be cut in half from the variable rolled. Rounded down. A chart has been made to determine what happens to the object and how much it cools down in relation to how many points have been taken.

Roll Outcome Description of Effect
≤0 She will not gain any points and nothing happens to the object. GM may wish to add another effect due to critfailing.
1 The object will be cool to the touch.
2 The object will get a little bit cold.
3 The object will be very cold.
4 The object will be like ice.
5 The object will be extremely cold.
6 The object will be like cold steel.

Once energy has been stored, Kali can use those points. Kali uses two points every single time she attacks and can save up to 12 energy points at a time. Otherwise, the energy she takes in is just destroyed.

Kali has a limited control over herself and her powers. While she can, at times, show some prowess when using her destructive energy, Kali can sometimes have a difficult time trying to maintain her energy levels while incorporeal. This causes her to have a time limit while incorporeal. For every hour that she is not in some material body, Kali will loose 2 Energy points. She can only be outside of a body for at the most, five hours. Once her reserves hit zero, she will be extremely weak and suffer from something akin to the feeling of blood loss for a day.

Energy Points Current: 11

Total Absorbed: 5

Total Spent: 6


  • Frail Body Because she can dampen the damage of any energy attack she encounters, she suffers from being physically weak. Kali isn't used to her new fragile body and can sometimes put herself in danger without thinking clearly. Kali will take twice as much damage from physical attacks when not incorporeal.


Personal Effects
  • Pink iPhone
  • Necklace and Other Jewelry
Stored Items
  • Closet of Clothes
Unique Items

Vicious Gauntlets A pair of gauntlets given to her by Casta. Each have two curved blades on the back of the hand that can cut. On the fingers of the gloves are smaller blades that allow her to claw her opponents.

The White Jacket A white jacket with fur lining the collar of the jacket. The collar itself isn't folded and there's only a small like of possibly rabbit fur. The cuffs also have a small bi of fur and fit her wrists neatly. Kali loves this jacket.


Personal History:

Silently and ever so quietly did Kali enter this world on a mountaintop. Her entrance was so swift, so unassuming. Kali looked around at the world from the vista and saw the nearest city. At that point, she was weak. She had no energy. When she reached the city, Kali went for the nearest dying body. That would have been the body of fourteen year old Neha Chaudhuri. When Neha had died, Kali took over and reanimated the body, stopping the body from dying, but passing on the spirit. She successfully took over her body. At the sight of her reanimation, the girls parents freaked out, immediately alerting the GWU. They came in and took Kali before the transfer to Fifth Sanctum.


  • Kali is a primordial being, having been around since or before the beginning of time, although there is something in her past that had caused her to lose all of her memory, and is only able to see such things in visions.
  • Kali is immortal and cannot be killed in any way, shape or form. Although, with enough power by using a magic she can't absorb - one can use Void Magic to trap her forever.
  • She has no soul and does not exist on the physical or spiritual planes of existence. This means that soul magic, or any power attempting to manipulate her soul, will have zero effect. Any magic that attempts to corrupt her will also be negated, as she has no 'heart'. She can only be affected physically and magically.
  • Void Magic is a type of power that is magic, but uses no magical energy… instead drawing power from the nonexistent plane known as the Void. This is where Kali comes from. The best way to attack her is by using this, as she has no way to defend herself against such a power.

Gungnir: Gunnie!! He's my spear!! He protects me when I need him to protect me. He can be weak sometimes, but that's okay. My boyfriend… but only so I can be his wielder.

Markus: Markie!! He's my boyfriend! He's different. Very different. He looked into my eyes, directly into my eyes, when I got mad at him. He's…. stronger than many other humans. I like this…. I like this a lot.

Ally: Kitty!! I want a kitty cat…. but he won't let me have him. Not him or Markie… I wish I had a kitty.

Majala: Mayaya!! She's so cooool!! She lets me ride on her everywhere like a horse!! She's a really good friend. But… she says she's some spirit or something. She protects something. I hope she knows what I am.


Tiers and Progression
Tier 0 ~ Current
Learning New Tricks Swift Fighting -4XP
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4

Current Weekly: 2

Current Soft RP: 1

Current Hard RP: 0

Current Total: 3


Weekly Total: 5

Soft RP Total: 2

Hard RP Total: 0

Total: 7


Spent: 4


— Kali is broke, man.

Current: 0

Job Allowance: 0

RP-Gained Allowance: 0

Total Earned: 0

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