Katherine Ashworth

Basic Info:

Player: Ihileath

Demeanor: Reclusive, not that easy to approach, shy. Visibly confident only during displays of ability, where her playful nature shines through.

Nature: Despite people often getting the idea that she doesn't like people or conversation, Katherine is merely an introvert who isn't used to being around that many people, especially ones close to her age in such an informal setting. She was forced by her circumstances to spend many years in the care of medical professionals, and is somewhat saddened by all the time she lost, so wants to make the most out of the here and now - if only she knew how to do it.

Katherine is intelligent, with a keen mind - you kind of need one when you're stuck unable to move for a year. She couldn't care less about fitting in, but she'd like to get to know more people, since most of her current friends are random medical professionals that were just nicer than the rest.

Description: Katherine has long dark brown hair that inevitably ends up less neat than she would like, with bright blue eyes that have had golden flecks in since the awakening of her powers. Very average weight and physique, due to controlled medical center meal and exercise plans. Katherine typically wears skinny jeans and nice shirts, under which she wears her battery pack vest. She is 5'6" tall.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Electronics - (4) Brains (Due to her in-depth understanding of how electricity flows and works, Katherine has a strong grasp on how any device powered by electricity operates. This includes computers)
  • Martial Arts - (3) Agility (The counselor at the medical facility and her parents were all very keen on her taking martial arts to make up for lack of skills gained by being in the world normally. Besides, a punch is a lot more effective if it's accompanied by an electric shock from the fist throwing it.)
  • Analysis - (3) Brains (When you only have your mind to keep yourself entertained for over a year, you get good at using it)
  • Parkour - (2) Agility (Part of the training and practice to get her motor control at least on par with the average person was maneuvering on non-standard surfaces and environments, to make sure her muscles could be properly utilised for more than just walking in a straight line

Supernatural Abilities:

Human Battery - 4 - Katherine's body stores large amounts of electricity. This has the main function of being channeled in a similar way to standard nervous function, so Katherine is able to move. As a result of this being her body's natural state, electricity passing through her body from an outside source causes half damage, and adds to her power supply. Electricity may be drained from something by contact with any inlet or outlet of power from the object, such as the inside of a wire. The electricity coursing through her can also be used offensively. She can shock anything she touches, have it arc to something in a short range, etc. Other uses are mostly improvised. One second of continuous flow of electricity out of the body drains the internal "battery" anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes worth of power, depending on the strength of the current, and a burst of electricity uses up the equivalent amount of power of half a minute to half an hour's worth. The decrease in efficiency as power increases is the reason why the cost of using the power rises so much with increased strength of flow/burst.

** Surge - 3** - Every twitch of every muscle in her body is caused by the electricity she controls. As a result, in times of need she is able to control all of her muscles optimally, and push them to their limit, resulting in a +1 bonus to checks and rolls requiring physical strength or agility. The cost to this is that, as well as simply requiring more energy, it is inefficient, with energy sparking off into the surroundings. As a result, 5 seconds of overdrive uses up the same amount of energy that would be used up in 10 minutes of normal activity. If this power is used for longer than (Power rating * 5 = 15) seconds without a break of at least a minute, a health point is deducted due to the damage caused by the strain the muscles experience. A higher risk version of this ability may be used to increase the bonus to +2. 5 seconds of this is the equivalent of a full 30 minutes of standard activity, and afterwards Overdrive may not be used without significant damage for an hour.

Electromagnetism - 2 - The large quantity of electricity at Katherine's disposal may be used to generate electromagnetic forces. Katherine has had relatively little practice, so her skill with this is unreliable. She is able to use this to attract or repel relatively small objects and use the forces to propel small metal objects at considerable speeds, weaponising them. Tje power consumption of this is similar to the consumption stated in Human Battery, with maintained electromagnetism comparing to continuous flow, and propulsion of metal objects being comparable to burst consumption. She is also able to project electromagnetic waves, and sense incoming ones. This enables her to detect electronic devices and biological organisms (due to the weak field created as a result of bio-electricity), as well as just general layout of an environment as a result of receiving the reflections of her own emitted waves. The radius for this detection is (Power Rating * 5 feet = 10 ft), and it is passive.


Impaired Nervous System - SEVERE
For many years, Katherine has suffered from a condition that has all but eliminated standard nervous function throughout her entire body, with the exception of the brain. As a result, the electrical signals required by the muscles to move must be supplied by Katherine's powers. This has become second nature under normal circumstances through practice, however if she happens to be placed under too much fatigue to use her powers, or the electricity flowing through her runs out for whatever reason, be that power being drained or used up, then Katherine is rendered paralyzed until the issue is resolved. The rate at which energy may be taken in from the surroundings is considerably slower than the rate at which it is consumed through constant use, and internal generation of electricity only happens during sleep, meaning a recharge during the day can only really be gained through absorbing power from another object. After a full nights sleep of 8 hours, Katherine typically has 18 hours of normal activity worth of energy, with normal activity simply being defined as being awake and not using powers.

**Charged Emotions*
Under normal circumstance, Katherine is very efficient with her power usage, however when experiencing strong negative emotions she becomes more wasteful, with wastefulness increasing with emotional intensity. The exact modifier of this is therefore up to the GM to decide, based on the situation. This slowly brings her closer to running out and being left with no means of movement.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A set-up of battery packs under her clothing, for emergency situations when she is getting dangerously close to immobility. This pack provides a bonus 2 hours of standard mobility, however that ends up being little more than minutes in combat that requires full power usage.
  • An iPhone of the latest model (digital contents full of music to listen to and books/manga to read), a compatible charging cord and a pair of Sennheiser earphones.
  • Small-ish purse for keeping money in, with a special insulated compartment for storing cards to reduce damage from electromagnetic forces

And everything that they keep in their dorm at Fifth Sanctum. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above may be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A bed, naturally.
  • Several changes of clothes
  • Desktop PC with a monitor
  • Laptop

Personal History:

Katherine Ashworth was born on the 23rd of June in 2004, to a family possessing a very decent amount of wealth. At first, she lived a life that can only be described as normal. She liked reading books, and listening to music, and just did normal things each day. However, it became apparent by about age 8 that something was wrong. Her movements became more and more sluggish, and after a couple of years started losing fine motor control.

At age 11, with symptoms just getting worse, Katherine was taken to a hospital. Medical professionals of all skill levels were astounded by the results of the tests she underwent to try and find the source the problem. At first they thought it must have been some kind of incredibly aggressive and rapid version of motor neuron disease, but that didn't quite add up. All they could figure out is that the condition began in the extremities and spread inwards. Her father decided that the NHS would never get anywhere with this, as they never do with anything more complex than a common cold, so he had a building in the countryside set up as a small research laboratory combined with a medical centre, and hired the best medical professionals he could find, to try and help his daughter overcome the condition, whatever it was.

While the medical professionals examined and gathered every single piece of data they could to try and find the cause, an apparatus was set up to periodically administer electric currents to Katherine's muscles, to make them move and prevent them from atrophying too badly as by now Katherine was unable to even walk. This continued for a full year, with Katherine rendered unable to live the kind of life that others her age took for granted, unable to even use her own arms to raise a book. The best health care and biological knowledge in the country managed to prevent further spread of the deterioration, so at least Katherine was not at risk of dying, however there was no way to restore what had already deteriorated. But, one night, something changed. A storm occurred one day, and struck the building, causing a massive power surge! This led to an incredible amount of electricity to surge through Katherine's room, blowing up all the sensors and sending the ones that survived into absolute chaos. Electricity coursed through the apparatus, directly into Katherine as she jerked uncontrollably in reaction to all the electricity running through her. Doctor after doctor ran in to the room, in a state of panic wondering what they would tell her father, however they were totally shocked to see Katherine, looking the same as she always did instead of looking totally fried. Nobody knows whether her condition is a side-effect of the powers that had lain dormant within her, or genuinely a freakish and unidentified disease, that Katherine was just coincidentally lucky to end up with a way to deal with her affliction. Either way, Katherine found herself able to emit sparks from a finger, but more importantly, she found herself with the ability to trigger the movement of a muscle with a small burst of electricity.

It took Katherine a very long time to fully get used to her new means of moving her body, and it took a while for the medical team to come to terms with all of this. In the end, they gave up trying to understand, and just started looking at how best to prepare Katherine for the outside world again, after years stuck in a medical facility. Katherine used this time to practice with her new power, and figure out her limits. Once the professionals were sure she would be able to look after herself and operate "normally" (as if that's a real thing), she was referred to the Fifth Sanctum, bringing us to the present, as Katherine intends to fill her life with actual experiences that don't almost all involve the same white walls and sterilized surfaces.


The only thing preventing Katherine from constantly messing around with her powers is the risk that she will overdo it and end up unable to move for a while.
Can't feel comfortable with the idea of swimming pools, because if she accidentally let a burst of electricity off it might not go that well…

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