Katlyn LeBlanc

Player: Lipstick Thespian


why are you playing so hard to get

when you're already hard to want

You're an odd one, to be sure. Falling for a Southey and a Maddox, one after another. 'Friends' with a Nasser and a Tear Drinker. Hooking up with a Kami and an avatar of Isaka. All powerful, all…problematic.
- The Bartender


Keep your head down, follow the rules, do your work. Maybe if Katlyn's lucky she can just be in the background. Another faceless person wandering the halls until graduation content to be a nobody. She would wind her way through the students and find a desk in the back of the room. Try not to make eye contact, and keep your head in the clouds. Wandering away from reality and into a special little place she can keep to herself.


It's hard to put your pencil down when someone starts to talk with you. The graphite running from the tip and marking up the page in front of her is her passion. She likes people, when they respect her and her art. Problems arise when people take an interest beyond her work, when she has to settle her attention on them for more than passing nod. No one can know what evil lurks in the heart of this girl, but they can glean it from the lines she sketches.


An averagely small girl, standing at only 168 cm she isn't peeking out above the crowd. Skinny, a little alarmingly so, at only 48 kg. Her hair is a dark and unforgiving black with a light shine, dyed regularly each weekend. With the hints of her blonde self peeking through near the end of the week. Her eyes are unique, one deep blue and the other a warm green, she suffers from heterochromia. Makeup is always sometimes a little overdone, too much eyeliner and more than enough attention on the contour of her face. It is after all an art to paint ones face.

Small uninspired jewelry from a few black earrings to an out dated dark choker. Not all form but some function from the last, to cover a scar that peaks under the band around her neck. Most days she wears dark skinny jeans, and a shirt with some unknown band on it. Red chuck taylors on her feet with mismatched socks. Everyday deserves a hoodie, and she rotates through them often but enjoys them over sized and wrapped around her.

A few tattoos might been seen, from her wrist to her arms. One snakes up from her shirt and starts onto her neck, but her clothing usually covers most of them. She would loathe to be called alternative, but it describes her perfectly. There isn't a time she isn't with her courier bag, a sketch pad in her arms, and a pencil tucked into her hair.

Portrait of an Artist


HP: 6

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4*

Brains: 5*


Artist (4 - Brains) (+2 upgrade) [11]
From pencil to pen, from oil to charcoal, Katlyn can draw or create things from her imagination or that she has seen perfectly. It extends to other forms of performance, just ask her to pick up the guitar in her room, or to show you her skills on the dance floor.

Escapism (4 - Agility) (+3 upgrade) [11]
Running from your problems, that's all she's ever done in life. Confrontation was never good for her and she wants to dodge in and get away as best she can.

She's Been Watching You (2 - Brains) [7]
Through a camera lens and from the back of the classroom, she's been a part of a lot of the student's lives. Keeping track of them and learning their little eccentricities. She knows them almost as well as she knows herself.

Nobody (2 - Agility) (+1 upgrade) [7]
Blending into the crowd and hiding from prying eyes, she is good at not being seen or focused on. It comes handy when the teacher is looking for someone to pull up front to write on the board.

Self Centered (2 - Brains) (+1 upgrade) [8]
When you're caught up in your own thoughts, deep in your own world, the intrusive elements that might disturb you are easier to brush away. Her own special variety of mental defense and fortitude.

Power Upgrade, Tier 2

Artist's Eye

Katlyn's work flows through her, the nature of her art pulled from deep inside her. Her blue eye sees the reality shared by the people around her, her green eye peers into the reality she holds in her heart. She draws and creates things that are as real to her as the world around her, she bridges the gap between realities. Her work is a confession that she shows to the world. Sharing it with others is just enough to make her smile.

She is able to pull from her art and make it a reality, pulling it from her own alternate reality. The piece of art reflects her intention as an artist, and follows her will as it's creator. The piece can not last, and will dissipate back into her after enough time or wear. Depending on what she wants to draw from the piece is what she will craft from her mind.

Living Art (3 - Base)(4 - Upgrade)(3 - Tier) [10]
With a quick sketch, or something from her notebook, she blurs the lines between her own realities. Flicking it off the pages or pulling it from her own mind, she makes a new truth in our world based on her craft. It might not be perfect, but to her it is her own. This creation is for all purposes complete and real and functional. From something abstract to a realism piece made real. She can take from the canvas of her work and bring it into the world.

Live Music (4 - Base)(3 - Upgrade)(3 - Tier) [10]
Notes come off her instrument and fill the air around. Whether through her guitar or some other musical tool, she starts to play a wonderful song. She knows a lot, she's practiced many songs and is a great cover artist. It is the words she doesn't sing that touch on the power of her art. The lyrics can make a real change in the world around her.

Living Paint (2 - Base)(2 - Upgrade)(3 - Tier) [7]
Art reflects culture, and Kat has always lived in a world of art. It’s a part of her, and it’s a part of the world. Paint exists in all cultures, it’s used everywhere in society, and for Kat it’s a connection to a different world. Katlyn may, using her connection to the alternate reality of art, slip beyond this reality with the paint as conduit. She may enter into any source of paint and slip into this other reality, visible as a piece of the painting. From here, she can exit any painting done by the same artist.

As well as this, she exists in this other reality as a painted version of herself. If she has enough paint at her disposal, or can use the paint around her in the world. She can slip between realities and become her otherself. Painted Katlyn, a visage made of pure paint that is done in a very realistic fashion. This gives control of the paint used to craft her, and she can use it to create paintings under her guide. If she is injured, the tear between realities severs and she returns to her trueself.

Follow Me!

There's something about that little notification popping up, someone loved your newest creation! Through uploading pictures and scans of her sketches and her paintings to instagram, she is slowly growing a worldwide fanbase of people who like her style and craft. Every time someone likes one of her pictures she gets a little excited, it's nice to be noticed for your work. It helps to grow her self-esteem a little and make the spark in her eye a little brighter.

Through regular upload of her art onto her instagram, she gains more followers thought an artist roll, halved and rounded down.

She can use the hype generated by three followers to gain a plus one to a use of her Artist's Eye.

This can be stacked up to half the power rating but takes a round for her to check her phone and hype herself up.

Followers ~ 105
Hyped ~ 9

Remember to <3!


Mute (Mild)
She is without the ability to vocalize. An artist's tragedy in her past has left her without a way to make a sound, so she must rely on her pencil to do her talking for her.


Staedtler 925 25 Mechanical Pencil
Written words are important when you don’t have a voice, they become an artform in their own right. She might have gotten a little obsessed when looking around only and spent a little much importing this drafting pencil. Still with how much she sketches, and how much she relies on her written words, it gets a lot of mileage.

Leatherbound Recycled Heavyweight Paper Sketchpad
Art flows to the page, and she likes to have at least one nice place to keep it. This black leather bound sketchpad has wear and tear from long term use, with her name written on the inside cover. The pads of paper can be changed out, which when you’re as fickle as she is, comes in very handy.

Heritage Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag from L.L.Bean
Her tool bag, a worn brown bag that contains all of her supplies for her day to day life. The material has been aged by constant use, and the pockets have a lot of things she doesn’t remember putting in there. A series of alternative and ironic buttons cover the flap, as well as some vocal political statements. Inside are most of her supplies from pens to pencils to erasers to notebooks. She sewed in a secret pocket for her smoking materials.

Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm
It gets lost, a lot. She usually has an extra in her bag and a couple in her room just in case. Still, finds herself running out of them as they disappear. Yes, it does have to be the pomegranate one, it’s her favorite flavor of lip balm.

Bic Lighter
Special Dia de Los Muertos edition worn out and used far too much lighter. She’s had it for a year or more now, and will tell you how awful it is to try and reload one of them. Still, it’s her favorite, with it’s drawing of a day of the dead painted girl on the front. It’s gotten her through more than a few bad times, and associated with more than a few good times.

  • Art supplies
  • Canon DLSR
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Alt clothing
  • Akemi's Bento Box
  • Space Glass Chip
  • Incense Holder from Space Octahedron1
  • Santa Cruz PBR Hand Pintail 43.5" Longboard Complete
  • Ounce of Space Weed
  • Aiko Hairdoll
  • Jace's Pen
  • Dexi-nutrition and Fun Cube
  • 3x Five Hour Gender Shifting Potions
  • Curses, from Akemi

1x Disorient
1x Blood Curse
1x Misfortune
4x Mindfire
4x Lust
2x Malus.

Lust Curse works at +5, the rest at +4.

Light pink tip, dark pink tip, blue tip incense from Akemi.


Her Guitar ~ Artifact Rating Four
Hand crafted by an artisan designer she once met at an underground show, this guitar is made with fine materials. The soundhole is cut into the shape of a heart at her request. She had painted it teal, a combination of blue and green that she always felt was the color of her soul.

When she plays this guitar, it’s an extension of her heartfelt soul. From the sounds to her movements, it’s a performance that is memorable to those around her. It seems to entrance them and make her noticeable. The cute alternative girl, who despite being mute, can sing to the heart. She commands a stage and the crowd, finally having fans who can understand her message.

Her Firefly ~ Artifact Rating Four
She really did name it Firefly. This precision rifle was taken off an enemy combatant in the course of a very odd evening with Madeline. From there, she’s taken to keeping it as a bit of pride and to show her place in the world. It has intricate designs drawn on it, all by her, all up and down the rifle with silver sharpie. Most of them are floral patterns, but they closely resemble a henna design.

What makes her rifle special, is the way she is attuned to it. After extensive training with Miss Fox, and some field experience, she can wield it like a bolt action paint brush. She uses her artist skill when firing this rifle.

Currently it’s equipped with a collapsible stock, ten round magazine, four times scope, and a sling. Yes, the sling has band buttons all along it.

Kitty Kat Masks ~Artifact Rating Four
Bought from a simple costume store on a cold afternoon with Madeline. She wanted to gift her friend something special. Kat’s part of the pair is a simplistic cat mask, purple and white with bright pink cheeks and nose. Ears on the top, and a small little smile, holes over the eyes. It’s not the highest quality, but it’s the unseen parts that matter most. Infused with the social grace of her friend Akemi and inscripted with wards from her friend Leah.

When wearing the masks over the face, they obscure and obfuscate the wearer. Making them blend into the crowd and slip past people’s sight. The perks of being a wallflower, when worn down they give a plus one to stealth and plus one to mental defense.

When wearing the masks up and on top of the head, they give a halo of social grace to the wearer. Making them stand out in the crowd and have an air of presence to them. Moving through the crowd and dancing from person to person. It’s important in the performing arts to stand out and impress, when worn up they give a plus one to persuasion checks and a plus one to reflexes.

Madeline's Scarf ~ Artifact Rating Four

Borrowed from Madeline, it smells faintly of the girl's soft perfume. Really, the girl must have slept in it by how much it holds her lovely scent. Katlyn and her share everything, and this scarf is no exception. It always finds it's way to her when she checks her wardrobe, or reaches into her bag. Side effects of Madeline's dreams, most likely.

It allows her to use the remnants of Madeline's dream weaving, as it is woven from threads of the dreamscape. This allows her to join Madeline there with help and guidance for brief periods. In practicality, Katlyn can use it to skip through the dreamscape for short shifts in perspective or distance using Madeline's dream logic.


Retreating into her own personal world. Her entire life has been a series of tragedies that has caused her to become distant. Art has become her raison d'etre. Early childhood was marked by being ignored by parents who barely cared for her. An au pair who took an interest in her and pushed her to practice her art more and more. School was what cemented her place as a nobody, teased and pushed aside by the social order.

So she would find herself hiding under a tree in the yard, ignoring the calls of teachers and guardians alike to sketch in her notebook. The visions she saw were as real as anything else to her, a reality far from this insipid place. She was free up there in the clouds, in those day dreams, away from the snide comments and glares. It was her parent's bloody divorce, her caught in the middle, that stole her voice from her forever. If she hasn't been a pariah and outcast before, that was it.

She was content to pull her thoughts from her pages and share herself with them in the secluded alleys and dark corners. Far from the controlling nature of the world, she would finally feel alive. A panic caused by prying eyes, a massacre by other means, and she found herself on her way to a new place. At least they let her keep her supplies.


She comes from Bézaudun-les-Alpes, France.

Fluent in French, English, and Sign Language.

Katlyn works at The Rabbit Cafe
She is there Mondays (barista) and Thursdays (plays guitar).
With some regret, she wears the uniform, including the bunny ears.
Earns 15$/shift.


Tier 0
Power Boost Live Music, Living Art
Artifact Creation Her Guitar
Learning New Tricks Artist, Nobody
Clear Mind Psyche
Tier 1
Power Boost Live Music, Living Art
Learning New Tricks Artist, Escapism
Artifact Creation Firefly Rifle
Moving to Perfection Agility
Tier 2
Power Boost Living Paint, Living Paint
Learning New Tricks Nobody, Escapism
Artifact Creation Kitty Kat Masks
Moving to Perfection Brains
Tier 3
Power Boost Living Art, Living Paint
Learning New Tricks Self-Centered, Escapism
Moving to Perfection Agility
Artifact Creation #artifactfour Scarf
Tier 4
Power Boost Living Art, Living Paint

$$$: 320
Forbidden Temple +1000
Longboard -160
Jailbreak +600
Space Weed -100
Curses -300
Infochan - 500
Dexi-nutrition and Fun Cube x2 -80
Gender Shifting Potions x3 - 240



Her Friends


wendy is so adorable. like i saw her the other day and she had this cute scarf on and you could kinda see the color in her cheeks as she walked. i just wanted to brush the hair out of her face and give her a warm kiss to brighten her day. we talked one and it was super awful though. she kept getting closer like i see her do with the other girls in class. its just not right for her to treat me the same as them. i appreciate her beauty, and what do they do? sit next to her on the couch and she is all over them.

i drew another picture of her last night, she has the cutest face to draw but i can never get it right. those emotions she wears on her sleeve, i cant get them right. i like her though. a lot. i wish she liked me too. when i played that song for her that one night she looked so happy and i know she knew it was nice. i wish i could play for her forever, she would love that. taken away from her troubles with my music. holding her at night. comforting her. protecting her. then i think about how little she actually cares about me. how much thought she gives me. it sucks.


lucette is just fun to watch. she is so evocative in her mannerisms and actions. its hard not to keep your eyes on her as she glides, or stumbles, around school. i really love her style! cute colors and always like perfectly in tune with her. no one pulls off their outfits like her, and they hug her body so well. she has these cute legs that are always peaking out from a skirt and enticing me. the other day i saw her fall over and got a little look at her black bra under her shirt and i wished i had my camera. it burned into my mind though.

i talked with her the other day, she was in a funk and i hated to see her so sad. i wish i could have just taken her and kept her in my room forever. she asked to come up and share a bed with me and i almost died. it wasnt organic though, she didnt want to come up for me. just for the comfort id give her. maybe if i try, really really hard, she will like me for me. then i can keep her all to myself, locked away in my room, making me coffee and laying in my lap. she would be so happy with me. so happy.

i should play at her cafe. she would like that


fuck malissa. fuck her. fuck her. fuck her. she wants to fuck me. i cant handle this. i just cant. she wanted to pose for me, so i could take pictures of her. she shows off too much. she shows off just enough. she could show off more. i dont know, it is so fucked. she touched me and was all over me and i did nothing. like why does she ever have to wear those clothes, she knows im going to stare and want to take pictures and it's just so nice and special.

maybe she gets it? maybe she realizes how much i like her and how much id do for her. i want to draw her, just keep drawing her and painting her and everything. she's so gorgeous. im scared that i liked how she touched me. i didnt even touch her back. im scared of her because she is so easy. that slut. shes a slut and she does it to everyone, so why should i feel special at all. i bet she does it for everyone. if i could clip her wings so she wouldnt go around flirting with everyone, maybe she would like me. i really really hope she flirts with me more. i like it when she flirts with me. fuck her. hard.


i think jace hates me. like really hates me. he keeps running into me when im spending time alone and practicing stuff. one day he walked in and just like ignored me for forever until some other people came in and noticed me. like how dim can you be? or maybe im forgettable, i think thats it. he is too nice to just completely and painfully ignore me by himself. like he must notice me a lot when im not trying to hide and be alone with myself.

what does he even want from me? like he obviously wants me to impress him. i played a song the other day and he was humming it later. so thats what i need to do, just make him feel good, perform for him. i would do so many things for him he doesnt even know. like he is so tall and that tuft of blond hair. i bet you he would call me a freak for the things i would do. theres this picture i drew of us and it is not safe for work at all. i had to burn that one it was too much for me to handle at all. still, i think i could do what he wants me to. i would do anything for him to make him do that stupid fucking little smile of his. fuck why cant i win him over, why why why.

i think jace likes me. we spent some time together today and we talked in the library and discussed my favorite play. he can be hard headed ive found and he really has this weird set of priorities. i think he slipped up because he called me the f word but i know he just forgot to put the girl part at the beginning. he even hugged me so thats nice. ya, it was nice, he told me about this other girl but shes meaningless. a stupid simple bitch that he feels the need to coddle and put up with. im going to have to stop him from doing that. because obviously we are meant to be together.

a story of boy meets girl, right. he just hasnt realized that im the girl and not some cunt. im going to show him. i just have to make him remember why he likes me so much. he really really likes me. i mean why else would we share a page so often. nobody realizes how much that means. really, he likes me, a lot. more than anyone else. its just us. there was never a chance it wouldnt work.

hes gone now. im numb to it.


there is this girl named aiko. she has these legs that make you want to follow her to the end of the world. or maybe its her hair and the way it catches the light. she cant see, right, but she can see me. she can see right through me and see what i want. i think, i might be wrong. i may be reading too far into it. she caught me taking pictures of her the other day but didnt say anything.

in fact she played with me, showed me herself in the screen and it was so cute. i bet you i could get her to like me if i just listen to her. like sit down and listen and maybe hold her. i bet she is really nice to hold when she games. like you just put her in your lap and she does her game thing and you get to touch her. i bet she likes her hair stroked. like she wont at first but i will make her like it. i wonder what she smells like i bet its wonderful. i see her go to the shower room a few times and i want to catch her in there. i hope she talks to me. i want to talk to her.

holy fuck aiko held my hand. like really no joke we were talking in the hall, then we were sitting, and then i suggested it and. well okay so we talked about her stuff, cause i want to know about it. so she tells me about her fucked up past. like seriously fucked up. she is so strong to keep going after everything. her whole family killed in front of her, then she was raped by a fucking serial killer. but she got him locked up, she did what had to be done. i havent met anyone that strong. aiko is strong.

she tried to run when i brought up kissing and romance and that stuff. but when i held her sleeve she stayed. she wanted to stay there with me and talk! and she opened up, she showed me inside herself and it was the most warming thing. then we held hands and she layed her head on my shoulder. a half hour of that, together. it was great. she is great. i really really like aiko she means a lot to me. i will break the series and give her something to care about. she is going to care about me. because i care about her.


samantha is a tear in my heart. my heart is my armor, and shes a butcher with a knife. i have a taste of something bigger than myself and im not really sure what it means. ive seen her before around school, she has this air around her. a punk without a cause. like a rebel, holding onto my heart like a hand grenade. something about the way she glides around me, doesnt fall for it, soaks it up and takes it with a grain of salt. people fold too easy in this world and she isnt going to let me be the one to hurt her. thats why i respect her so much. thats why i care for her so much.

i ignited it all between us. i was the one who took charge and guided us into this careful portrayal of our true selves. i still havent seen hers, seen under the walls she has surrounding her and guarding her. she wants this more than i do, but neither of us will ever admit it to the other. we held hands. i fell asleep in her bed and slipped out in the middle of the night. i will never commit to this and i think she knows it. i know it because of the pain i cant shake. she held me. it was nice. if you ever had to point to the start of a new chapter it would be when i finally bought her a coffee. meaningless. pedestrian. full of myself.

i trick, i lie, i steal her smile.

what am i even doing.


my goddess akemi. blesses me with her presence and lets me steal a bit of the sun in her smile. i have so many pictures of her but i can never capture her beauty just right. shes queen bee and a flirt, going around talking to everyone and making them think they have a chance. they dont. no one has a chance because shes mine. i am the only one who has earned her heart, everyone in this fucking school doesnt value her correctly.

she loves to spend time with me, she gets my music. shes like the vocalist i always dreamed i would have and she loves to jam with me. its so nice, we play and dance around and then, and then we touch. its the touch, her touch, that means so much to me. when i panic she holds me, when i run she chases, when i cry she comforts. but she lets me hurt her because she is so strong. she can take the pain for both of us. she loves my misery.

i bet, i bet she knows how much ive watched her. she probably knows how many pictures and drawings. she found one once and loved it. because she loves herself. she loves that i get it. that i understand how beautiful she really is past this fake bullshit everyone else plays out. im not fickle like them, i like her because she is such a real and genuine person who has so much love to give. she will give it to me, and only me, ill show her that. one song at a time.


i met a gentleman named jonathan. he is pretty different. he has a pocketwatch like some of the other boys. he dresses like. i dont know. like a leonardo dicaprio movie. one of the period piece ones. he makes me think of when they would have dances at the academy. the boys would come over and they would be all dressed up. theyd hold my hand and ask me to dance. its a lot like that. but he is so reserved. like he doesnt want to ask for my hand. like dancing with me scares him. i dont think thats it. i think he is just nervous. that he wants to show me a good time but doesnt see me as a lady. i dont dress like one anymore. maybe thats it.

i think he might care more than i think. because he saw me the other day. i was in a funk. and he wanted to help me feel better. he was like. really really worried about me. not the fake kind of worried but. really cared about my feelings. we sat and talked and he is so sweet and can be so nice. then we sat and he let me lay on him and didnt make a move. like. he is so sweet. he wants to move slowly i think and it was cute of him to spend time with me. i think he is going to court me. i didnt think a boy would do that here. not in this world at least. maybe he is the exception.


theres this masterpiece of beauty named madeline at our school. when i met her i wasnt exactly sure what to think about her. except that i found her deeply and to my core attractive. her personality. her insecurities. oh her insecurities that cried out so loudly. she was so unsure of herself and had no right to be. so i had to be her friend. i had to talk to her and get to know her because she was different. she didnt belong in this school and she doesnt fit with any of these people. she is sweet like sugar. when i see tears welling up in her eyes i just have to hold her close. to touch her is to touch normalcy again.

of course she has her own issues. she has problems with who she is. but i dont see the issue. she is madeline and madeline is mine. that is all that matters now and it will get us through the mess of it. i dont think anyone has spent has much time in my room as she has. to see her laying in my bed in a crumpled mess of self doubt. its just. i cant describe the feeling i get. the warmth in my heart as i place a hand on her cheek. i could paint those lips a thousand times and never get them right. but it wouldnt stop me. i gave her a painting of herself. because she doubts her image. i had to show her the beauty in her. she loved it. she hung it up. she is the only person at school to proudly display my art. a gallery of one piece in her room. i feel pride. i feel content.

she tries to keep me true to my word. the customs of this country and its thoughts on love. it scares me. to think that she wouldnt consider it being more. the only person who has spoken her discontent and meant it when i tried to kiss her a second time. i think that is fine. she will let me hold her. that is enough. i can brush my fingers through her soft brown hair. so dark it threatens to envelope me and i cant breath in her scent enough. i want nothing but the world for her. because that is all i can do now. hope that i can help her and lift her up. she is my madeline. she is perfect in every way.


i think that violet has gone from revenge to something more. shes cute. she has this theme of purple and black that reminds me of some of the scene girls back home. most of all she is just so clueless. she knew nothing about the ways of love and it was so refreshing to find someone who would just let me show them about it. one touch at a time i guided her. one kiss at a time i molded her.

she texts me a lot. she does what i say and she knows deep in her heart that im the one for her. and i will show her that i am. i will make her feel the excitement that comes from the touch of a girl. the taste of my lips will make her squirm. and all the while she will look at me and beg for more. because she is mine. my property. i dont think she realizes it and thinks its a game but i will show her. it just takes time. i just have to show her exactly how i feel and make her weak in the knees. then. then she cant say no.


why the fuck does tessa wear nothing but a white shirt and panties when we smoke. like. she is a nice girl and i like her a lot because she is so different and fun and she doesnt take shit. like literally no shit from anyone. i think she made some asshole students cry. its amazing. like sure she has a wheelchair but even i can tell how strong she is. like she commands a room, she commands me. so why the fuck does she wear that shirt with no bra and tell me im not allowed to do anything.

she has rules for me. which is fucking stupid. i can only do this and that and never those things or she will get mad at me. threatens to spank me if i misbehave. like im still back home or something. whatever. i put up with it because i want to spend time with her. like she is just a completely solid friend. she watches out for mads and she puts shitty people in their place. and her girlfriend is adorable and im a little jealous. still. off topic. she still lets me hang out in her bed and smoke and talk sex so i think we are basically really good friends.

just without benefits.


i spell adorable z i t a. this girl is just the perfect mix of innocence and fiery passion. she has her rules but she loves to see the world in this cute way that just makes your heart melt. plus she just. never really gets down. like once or twice she has gotten sad but i love to hold her when it happens. we talked some. we dont spend much time together but i see her around and she is always so happy. just bouncing or flying around and threatening people with a knife, not me but hey we gotta dream about something.

she is also off limits. for now. which makes her mean more to me. like. i get told not to and i see her and hold her and smell her. she smells so nice. she feels so warm. i just want to give her so much of my attention and time. because like seriously have you seen her. she is amazingly cute and just like. no really. that italian is making me smile a little too much.

i think im going to ask her out. maybe. just as friends right. but hey who knows. maybe it will go okay.


what do i even write. what do i say i dont know what to say about kiefy. i cant find the words and i was never a poet. i just. i dont know what to say. i cant say anything because there arent words for the way i feel about him.

just that sometimes. sometimes he can hold me and it can be the most casual thing and it means nothing to him but to me it means everything in the world. to be held. i just feel like maybe if he holds me like that i might get better. i might stop feeling this way and i might want to get up in the morning just to see him again. sometimes theres crying. sometimes theres fighting. but every time its just because he feels so strongly about me. and then he holds me and we dont have to say a word and we know each other so well. my words are failing me. i cant describe this and everything he means to me so i will just leave it with a four letter word.

l o v e


Episode 1 - Broken Silence

Sitting under the stairs sat a nobody. As a boy walked by he was the first to notice her. A blip on the radar, she was seen for the first time. Katlyn, the nobody of Sunnybrook.

Episode 2 - Bedroom Act

From a spark grows her flame. Wendy talks with her, sits with her, and listens to her. She takes notice of the girl and invites herself into the artist's life. Katlyn lets her in to her thoughts and her room for a wonderful performance.

Episode 3 - Shadows on the Wall

Watching Lucette sit there was painful for Katlyn. She could be there for her and make her happy. Maybe she could brighten her day and bring the girl close. So, why not?

Episode 4 - Taste Buds

After a long smoke session Katlyn heads into town to try the new burger joint and some of their unique white burgers. As she waited in line though, she overheard some boys and a very interesting conversation that she can't help but slip away to listen to.

Episode 5 - Drawing Close

Dropping a piece of paper on the floor is nothing, it's when the piece of paper is a picture of obsession that it could be a problem. Luckily for Katlyn, Akemi is the one to find it and try and bring it back to her.

Episode 6 - Collaborative Piece

After causing Akemi distress by her need to be distant, Katlyn goes to comfort the poor girl on the dorm roof. 'A Kiss on the Roof', a take on Clark's wonderful piece, was crafted on that day. A collaborative piece, sketched by Akemi Kimura, and Painted by Katlyn Leblanc.

Episode 7 - Dust Motes

How cruel can fate be that a photographer can't take candid pictures without harassment. A flirty fairy is going to be the death of Katlyn, as she gets caught sneaking shots.

Episode 8 - Memory Lock

Catching the attention of a certain blind girl named Aiko, Katlyn finds herself in a conversation with the girl. It's hard to look around your past, so you might as well face it head on.

Episode 9 - Open Book

When you have someone's personal thoughts laid before you, especially when they're Jace's, you have to read them. Of course when he comes looking for the notebook he lost, you shouldn't make a big deal out of it, right?


Episode 10 - Her Smile

Take a breath, calm yourself, and decide that maybe you should take a chance. Kat walks down the aisle with her eyes, and mind set, on a girl named Samantha.

Episode 14 - The Fox and the Deer

When you're stuck in a day dream, you have to imagine what could be. Akemi is out there, wandering lost, and Kat wants to show her a glimpse of the two of them.

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