Kuroki Tsubaki

Basic Info:

Tsubaki now resides in Lacerta dorm with Asami and Akemi.

Player: Mokou-tan
Name: Kuroki Tsubaki

XP Unspent/Total: 5/93

Brief Description: A somewhat short, tiger-patterned catgirl.

Appearance: In her human-like form, Tsubaki seems to be of Japanese descent and stands a bit on the short side. Her raven hair is an ankle-length hime cut, contrasting with her fair skin and the top is parted by a pair of white tiger ears. While she has a preference for darker clothing, her chest is bound with a white sarashi in place of a shirt when she thinks she can manage to get away with it. For her size, she has long legs and a rather slender build with a black-striped white tail attached to her backside. Her calm grey eyes fit her gentle face well.
In her catform, Tsubaki looks like a mau with fur patterned after a white tiger.

Personality: Tsubaki is normally playful and easy-going with a dash of impishness. At times she can even be found doing things for the sake of doing them. This changes a bit when she gets worked up, revealing a buried feral nature. While said feral nature is buried, it's not entirely unnoticable when calm, if one knows what they're looking for. Due to her low exposure to normal human culture, she can sometimes come off as naive.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: Tsubaki actually finds a good deal of enjoyment in combat, often hunting smaller animals in catform if she's hungry (though this is partially due to her having been homeless for a while). Other hobbies include making mischief and art. Tsubaki has a strong dislike for dogs for some possibly obvious reasons and people touching her ears or tail without permission. She finds sweets, fish, cats and swimming rather enjoyable.


Brawn: 2 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 3 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 3 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 6 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 4 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 6

Health: 10

Psyche: 11

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 2
Reflex Total: 9
Willpower Total: 11
Parry Roll: 5

Mundane DR: 7
Ability DR: 5


  • Close Quarters Combat - (2) Finesse
  • Reflex - (6) Finesse
  • Medicine - (3) Acuity
  • Magic - (3) Resolve Runic
  • Perception - (4) Acuity
  • Stealth - (5) Finesse
  • Artistry - (1) Charisma
  • Willpower - (5) Resolve
  • Artifact Design - (2) Acuity


Crimson Blossom - 8 (Power) (Resolve)
The power to control and manipulate blood.

A Flower That Shall Not Wilt - 3 (Power)
This power makes Tsubaki rather difficult to put down.

Faint World - 3 (Power) (Charisma)
An illusion that encroaches on reality.

Nine Lives - 3 (Gift) (Resolve)
Even the pain of death can be overcome


  • Fae Nature (5) - Tsubaki is a Fae, and as such she can both open rifts to her home realm and predict naturally occuring ones more easily. / -1 hit for predicting rifts, may use "freeform magic: illusion" power component as ~4/5 of a power, Evocation spells to open rifts to Faerie are half cost and skill requirement.
  • Transhuman Senses (3) - Due to her nature as a catgirl Fae, Tsubaki's senses are beyond that of a normal human's / +3 to resist sensory impairment, and ignore most ambient or environmental penalties to perception.
  • Form Shifter (2) - Tsubaki has some transformative abilities / Tsubaki has the ability to shift to and from the form of a white tiger-patterned housecat.
  • Fae Iron Weakness (-4) - Iron weapons are particularly effective against Tsubaki / +2 damage from Iron weapons.
  • Geasa (-4) - For some, a promise is just a few words backed by nothing. For Tsubaki, her vows are backed with her abilities as collateral / Whenever Tsubaki willingly breaks a promise, all powers and gifts of hers cease any and all function for 24 hours.
  • Crimson Echoes (5) - Despite being unable to control the blood of others without first 'claiming' it, Tsubaki can sense it. Large concentrations are difficult to miss, but she may roll Perception or Crimson Blossom to detect smaller amounts, or to find the blood of others who are hidden by abilities.


Total Currency: $534 CAD

On Hand
Clothing , Networkless Smartphone, Arachnoweave



XP and Advancement

List what you've improved with XP since character creation.
7XP: +5 Willpower
1XP: +1 Magic
6XP: +3 Nine Lives
6XP: +2 Faint World
5XP: +3 Stealth
24XP: +2 Resolve
19XP: +3 Crimson Blossom
2XP: +2 Artifact Design
6XP: +1 Charisma
4XP: +2 Reflexes
5XP: Crimson Echoes
3XP: +2 Perception
XP History:
List sources of XP and their amounts given.
Test runs: 3XP
Tournament: 2XP
Carryover: 6XP
Dev Scenes: 8XP
Power Training [Faint World]: 2XP
Power Training [Crimson Blossom]: 2XP
Creative Writing: 4XP
Skill Training [Artifact Design]: 2XP
Monthly: 20XP
The Most Heinous of Introductions: 4XP
Good Things: 4XP
Classically Diabolical: 3XP
GM Forest Fracas: 5XP
VS Kindle: 5XP
Menace of Phantoms: 4XP
Reasonable Doubt: 4XP
Starting bonus: 15XP
Initial Details:

Additional Information

Extra Info:

Interpersonal Relationships:
Akemi: Extra-dimensional person. Reminds her of herself. Knew the Tsubaki from her world. First Friend Geasa: To stay her ally and aid her to the best of her abilities
Asami: See Akemi, though viewed a bit cuter because of her habits.
Elspeth: Confused-san, potential future tutor.
Aoi: Roommate
Athene: Killed Tsubaki in a simulation. Not too bad otherwise.
Suzy: Might go well with teriyaki

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