Kyle Aeris

Simplified, Soft RP Only Character. This character does not gain xp, and cannot participate in any hard RP content, including events, plots, and runs.

Basic Info:

Player: Cezar
Name: Kyle Aeris
Aliases: Kyle

Brief Description:

Appearance: Short, dark brown hair, an intelligent look in his blue eyes. He doesn’t really have much muscle mass to really stand up to anyone.

Personality: Shy, acute, meek, intelligent.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: Kyle often spends his time working on machines or some other project. He hates doing homework for other people, but does it sometimes out of charity.


Tag each as Good, Average, or Poor.

Brawn: Poor

Finesse: Average

Acuity: Good

Resolve: Good

Charisma: Average


List a few things the character does well, or at least is practiced in.

  • Academics - Kyle is heavy on his learning, especially mathematics and sciences.
  • Inventing - Kyle also has enough knowledge to build something new.
  • Mechanics - His primary skill, this is what he’s known for.
  • Computers - As well as anything else that has to do with electronics, Kyle also knows how to handle himself on the computers.


List an ability or two and how good of control the character has of each.

Pyromantic, But Not Romantic - Average Control -
Kyle can use powers of pyromancy, for whatever reason he needs. Whether it’s to burn someone, or to warm himself up… it’s pretty useful.


Include anything else that's unusual about the character in a real way, like weaknesses or the ability to fly.


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand
Cell Phone

Strange Machine Plans
Backpack with spare clothes

Additional Information

Bibliography / History:
Extra Info:

Interpersonal Relationships: Optional, but encouraged once some are built with other characters!

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