Leah Nasser

'Cause I still believe in miracles,
I swear I've seen a few.
And the time will surely come
When you can see my point of view.
I believe in second chances,
And that's why I believe in you!

Basic Info:

Player: gumbal1

Demeanor: Leah's really chill. Stuff doesn't bother her, and why should it? She's in a good place right now.

Nature: Leah is a rather cautious person. She's somewhat slow to trust others and doesn't like getting caught in drama.

Description: Leah is an Iranian-American Jewish girl of about 5'8'', 185 lbs, with a stocky build. Her brown skin is often marked with drawings, much of which appear to be simple ward patterns. Her black hair is cut short. Her eyes are brown, and she usually wears (allegedly warded) contacts. Much of her wardrobe consists of clothes with geometric patterns in the shapes of common wards.

Recently, she's been using UV paint for certain wards, so it's harder to spot them.

She's built up some gains since Sunnybrook. A decent gym helps with that sort of thing.

Security Rating: A-II-33.34


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 16

Psyche: 10

Brawn: 4

Agility: 4

Brains: 4


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Things you're character is good at, things normal people can do.
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Gymnast (Agility): 6. After learning her granddaughter was diabetic, Grandma Sara immediately signed her up for gymnastics classes. Though hating it at first, she quickly picked it up, and nowadays she's near unrivaled in her Dexterity, Stamina, and Acrobatics.
  • Huge Nerd (Brains): 4 (3+1 from weakness). What started as simple curiosity regarding Iro's history ended up as an obsession. Leah has studied long and hard, gaining Knowledge of the History and Workings of the Occult with an emphasis on the American Southeast.
  • I Was Born With Thick Skin (Brains): 5 (3+2 from weakness). The list of things Leah has been possessed by is long and varied. At this point, it is incredibly hard to frighten, perturb, or compromise her. Her Mental Resistance is just that good.
  • Don't Bullshit a Bullshitter (Brains): 4. The two things you need when you're at a constant risk of being possessed is "what's going wrong" and "how to I stop people from noticing what's going wrong". As such, Leah has learned to be perceptive regarding things out of the ordinary, and is rather good at hiding said things. Lying and Noticing Lies are, after all, important real world skills.

Supernatural Abilities:

  • Rotten to the Core: 4+T4. Sometimes the best solution to an incurable and nightmarishly horrifying family curse is to channel its power! Leah can, through channeling Iro's curse, can remove "vitality" from an object or simple entity, lessening its durability and effectiveness. Doing this too much or to things of a certain complexity will probably attract Bad Things™, however.
  • Spirited Soul: 3+T4. Due to her family curse, it is extremely easy for Leah to communicate with and channel spirits from the other side. If you need to communicate with a dead loved one or bind a spirit to this world, look no further than Leah Nasser! (sideeffectsincludedifficultybanishingspiritpossibledemonicincursionandnausea)
  • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 1): 2+T4. Leah's heart trembles! It burns with an awesome heat! Let her pulse pound! SOUL BLUE OVERDRIVE! *ahem* Leah's learned that she can transfer stolen vitality to things other than herself. It costs a bit more energy and attracts spirits more than just sucking life up, but it can be useful for fixing things up. She treats this ability like it is a spirit within her, protecting her at every turn, hence why she named it (although it may be because she's a huge fucking JJBA nerd).
  • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 2): 2+T4. Iro! Leah's been waiting for this. She doubts this is enough to make up for her curse. But in the name of Great Grandma Rivka…consider this war! *AHEM* Leah is constantly looking for new uses for her curse, and recently she's found one! By mixing and focusing the assorted spiritual energy she absorbs, she can create a sort of simple spiritual intelligence that can influence objects, causing them to act autonomously in certain ways. It's…really inefficient compared to just injecting vitality, but it works. Kinda.
  • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 3): 5+T4. Give me a fucking break. You must think your powers put you above judgment. In that case…my stand will be the judge! *AHEM* Hard work pays off! Leah's a lot of new tricks recently. Chief among them? Energy conversion. Leah can convert life energy into other energy forms. Perfect for charging batteries, keeping warm in bad times, or delivering a well placed hit of kinetic energy for all your fighting needs.
  • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 4): 5+T4. This is Lesson 5! We always wanted to take the shortest route, but the detour was always the fastest. That's always been true… *AHEM* This is the full potential of ELP! By amassing enough spiritual energy, Leah is able to manipulate, strengthen, and target the most important part of a lifeform: The soul. Whether she's ripping off sin residue or pumping the soul full of energy, ELP has finally achieved her full potential.
  • ORA ORA ORA (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Act 3): One good thing about energy conversion? That includes kinetic energy. Potentially bursts of it. Rapid fire bursts. Directed at a single target, and Leah can recreate the rapid-fire fisticuffs of JJBA. A good, nonlethal, presumably more moral, yet immensely satisfying alternative to rotting people alive!
  • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer's 「Pull Laughter From the Skies」! (Act 3): Kineticly energized air+heat energy=hot wind knife. It's just that simple.
  • Soul Blue Overdriiiiiiiive! (Brawn+Act 3): Sometimes, the best offense is a fist charged with kinetic energy.
    • Thank you, Nina. (Brawn+Act 3+Overdrive): Or a barrage of them.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Family Curse (Severe): Great-grandma Rivka did not properly think through her fight with Iro, and her descendants have generally suffered since. Leah is extremely, extremely weak to the presence of passing spirits, to the point that walking around in high-stress environments is highly unsafe. -5 check to resisting spirit possession or autofail if Leah is not wearing wards, and gms can force add a -2 penalty at will whenever Leah performs actions in an environment that experienced a period of great suffering. Spirits can automatically detect this weakness.
  • Emerson, Lake, & Palmer Requiem (Severe): It is perfectly possible for ELP to break from Leah's direct control and perform actions that, while Leah technically wants, go against what she intends for the situation. Having your Id take control does that to you.
  • The Stand is the Reflection of the User (Ability Shortcoming): The easiest way for Leah to focus her Emerson, Lake, & Palmer skills is to pretend that her powers are the work of her very own stand, a la JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. As such, sometimes, when using the skill, a blue energy figure will physically manifest, the likelihood being higher the higher the act is. Not only is this energy inefficient, attacks directed at the figure will cause Leah's vitality stealing powers to go haywire, draining energy from her own body. As such, damage to these figure synchronizes with Leah.
  • First a Power, Now a Reflex (Flavor/Ability Shortcoming): Leah's used her powers so much that she's built spiritual stress grooves in her body to reflect the path stolen/transferred vitality takes. Unfortunately, this means its rather easy to use the rotting powers on accident. Under heavy emotional duress, Leah may find herself accidently rotting her surroundings or, more commonly, herself. This typically manifests as fingernails blackened from rot, though under certain circumstances, this could potentially spread to other parts of Leah's body.
  • Cold, Colder, Colder Still (???): Leah's body temperature is dropping…


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Phone with case (warded)
  • Wallet (warded)
  • Backpack (you better believe that's warded)
  • Student ID
  • Purse full of ward materials
  • Contacts (warded)
  • Insulin (warded, you wouldn't believe what the Dust Eaters will do to possess someone)
  • Glass promise ring

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A small wooden mannequin
  • Laptop (warded)
  • "Oregano"
  • Cooking supplies
  • Gym clothes
  • Prog Rock posters
  • Art supplies
  • A shitton of sketches
  • VHS tapes of the Timothy Andre Show, a shitty talk show that ran on Diane Public Access from the late 70s to the early 80s.
  • Gift basket from fall dance (suck it, Daniel!)
  • Mason jars full of accumulated sin residue, taped shut. (Thanks, ELP Act 4!)
  • Jars full of accumulated emotional residue. (Thanks, Act 3 and 4!)

Personal History:

Leah Nasser, born on February 27th of 2003 in Diane, Florida, was the daughter of Ada Nasser, daughter of Sara Nasser, daughter of Rivka Nasser (née Yarkoni). This is important.

Leah always felt she grew up in the shadow of the Nasser family, which is to say Leah constantly had to deal with the fact that Rivka ended up getting her entire female lineage cursed after a botched attempt at killing Iro the False (a demon) with several, less lucky conspirators. What fun.

Life is a bit tough when you're a walking spirit magnet. Her mother wasn't home too often on account of working two jobs to support the family, so she often had the house to herself, which is bad if the house was haunted. Ada would therefore make her daughter stay in specifically warded rooms and warn her not to come out unless absolutely necessary. As such, Leah never really got to know many people outside school.

On June 16th, 2014, Leah came down with a horrid fever. Unfortunately, rent was past due, so Ada couldn't exactly skip work to take care of her daughter. Leah was, as such, by herself for the majority of the day. In her fever-induced delirium, she called out to something, anything, to get rid of the loneliness.

When Ada got home and exorcised the Audio Demon that happened to answer that call, she found that, oddly enough, Leah's bed had mysteriously deteriorated in a way that didn't match known Audio Demon capabilities. Ada made the mistake of telling this to grandma Sara, who promptly took it as a sign that finally, something good came out of that curse.

Determined to make sure her granddaughter didn't grow up a victim of the bloodline, grandma Sara began requesting to see Leah more, ostensibly because she felt she needed to see her daughter more on account of advancing age. Sara encouraged Leah to begin honing this hidden power she discovered. Through trial, error, and a few possessions, Leah was, by 13, able to freely suck the vitality out of things.

Overwhelmed by the confidence, Leah started going out more, making sure to wear wards for protection, of course. She quickly made many friends, and occasionally let them in on her secret. One of these friends, a boy named Randy, she even began dating.

Then Randy turned out to be a fed, and she got "invited" (read:transferred against her will) to Sunnybrook. Fucking Randy.


  • Diabetic
  • Her best subjects are art and history
  • Allergic to sesame
  • Often forgets her birthday
  • Speaks English and Farsi fluently
  • Favorite band is Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, obviously

Numbers Leah has Acquired


Thoughts and Relationships

XP: 2 CASH: 1875

Tier: 4
Tier 0 upgrades:

  • -4 XP: Power Boost (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 1))
  • -4 XP: Moving to Perfection (Brawn: WORK HARDER)
  • -4 XP: Clear Mind (What you're doing is good, Leah. You're in the right.)
  • -4 XP: Toughen Up (I'm stronger, now. I'm better now.)
  • Power Tutor: Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Act 3!

Tier 1 upgrades:

  • -4 XP: Power Boost (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 2))
  • -4 XP: Moving to Perfection (Brains: Thanks for the tutoring, Ellie!)
  • -4 XP: Learning New Tricks (Gymnast, and a Huge Nerd, too!)
  • -4 XP: Toughen Up (Workout's paying off!)
  • Power Tutor: Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Act 4!

Tier 2 upgrades:

  • -4 XP: Power Boost (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 3))
  • -4 XP: Moving to Perfection (Agility: Grandma'd be so proud at the progress I'm making.)
  • -4 XP: Clear Mind (And for the first time in, like, forever…I'm happy.)
  • -4 XP: Toughen Up (Holy fuck can I take a beating.)
  • Power Tutor: Emerson, Lake, & Palmer, Act 4!

Tier 3 upgrades:

  • -4 XP: Power Boost (Emerson, Lake, & Palmer (Act 4))
  • -4 XP: Moving to Perfection (Brawn: Mad gains)
  • -4 XP: Learning New Tricks (ULTIMATE GYMNAST, THICKEST SKIN)
  • -4 XP: Toughen Up (Don't even try to take me down.)
  • Power Tutor: Act 3 Freeze!

Tier 4 Upgrades:

  • -4 XP: Power Boost (Act 3 and 4)

Career XP: 70
Career Cash: $3602

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