Lee Dae-su

Basic Info:

Player: madness_

Demeanor: Laid-back, witty, and cunning from the way he had to grow up. Rapping all the time to find another rhyme greatly improves someone's vocabulary. He's rather outgoing, but all that he's showing when he firsts meets you, he might be a little shy. Might take a long while to actually greet you. Kidding, he likes to make a rift in the way he talks to people he knows, and people he doesn't. Nevertheless, he's always buzzin'. Like a bee. Kick to your shins, kick to your knee, make you bend over with his accent. Got your back bent, feeling for a racket to smack him with. Speaking of accents, his is actually.. Nonexistent.

Nature: The rap game's his baby, and there's no one that could stop him. Maybe. He's a god of the of the dirty, gritty, rhyme, make you a dog in the mud, rolling over in the grime. Can't stand up to him, even when you're all bustlin', he's the king of rapping it together, making it all tether, then tear it apart with the sick shit coming out of his lips, but boy? All you got in your arsenal is a lisp, roasting you like a marshmallow over the flames, his flow is mellow, might act like Rick James… But probably not, most people give him more than one shot to prove his worth, and sure. His raps are full of mirth. Feeling like you could be reborn, another birth. Sometimes he lazy, sometimes he crazy. Sometimes.. He just amazing. Didn't make grammatical sense, but that's for fantastical events where he needs to just rhyme and flow, feel it in his mind and take it out out of control. Punkish and hunkish, always reelin' in fishes, always giving people stitches, he's crude, sure. Rude, sure. Lewd, maybe even immature? Educated, but slow at learning. Not so slow when it comes to burning, so prepare to get pissed if you try and diss him.

Description: Asian, as the name suggests, hair blazin' and brown, never wearing a frown, never wearing a pout, always wearing clothes for going out. Standing at 5'11, his guile goes another mile, like his freestyle. That was kinda lazy, but who complains? You? Ha. He'd give you a lesson on the way you leave your house in that blouse, make you assess the way you dress make it all rowdy, Ronda Rousey? He'll start the fight, take you on all night. Damn man, how you gonna compete with his build? Bringing us to his second descriptor, got no beard or no end to the filling in his belly. Yet, he still remains so skinny. Pretty lean, pretty mean, a rapper at heart. Dapper and smart, least in his rhymes. Least in his time.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Brawling - (4) Brawn Sometimes, people will try to pick a fight. Words can often tickle a mind. Not necessarily in the fun way, but.. Hey. That's how you know your flow is good. It's when it's not filled with falsehoods.
  • Social - (4) Brains Do you really have to explain what a little bit of social's doing in the motion of his emotions? Do you really gotta entertain the notion of what this skill's gonna do?
  • Parkour - (3) Agility Can't really escape from someone coming over the wall, coming to enthrall you. Coming to throttle you, cause you took his bottle too. Flipping, flinging himself over a railing, winging it and he not failing, just like the way he even rap. Can't talk smack about his parkour skills, gonna give you all the thrills.
  • Willpower - (3) Brains You're gonna get a lot of flack for spitting out so much smack, but Dae-su's used to it. Just give him more fuel, more gasoline, more gas, just making it so that he can bust his ass even harder, allow him to go farther, increase his rap game, increase his rap fame.

Supernatural Abilities:

Wry Haikai - 3 - Feeling like he would lie if he said he wasn't king of the haikai. King of the throne, rapping off of the dome, making all who listening feel like they're going through a christening. Dedication, taking over the world, domination start with the ear drums. On the other side of the spectrum, he might make you fear his thrum, strike a nerve, strike them with his words. Frozen by his expressions, cause a bodily cession. ((When's he all channelin', his vibes more powerful than steroids, inviting in a reaction from people, making them nervous like they on a steep hill. When the situation bends to his will, so do others, make a 180 turn their head around like the Exorcist, feeling the chagrin fist of his flow, dealing the blows that make people capitulate, which might end in him administrating the direction in which they go. A defection of will, for three turns. Hopefully that's enough time to send you to the reaper. If he rolls high enough, the handy little trick will amount to six. [[For that last part, it depends on the GM presiding. This ability can only be triggered once per target on a run.]]))

Charred Bars - 4 - Rapping about fire can prove a little dangerous, cause he can make it hot like the devil, despite being non-acerous. Real hot, talking spontaneous combustion, with the words hustling out his mouth. Hotter than the south, can't help his spitting scintillation, lips causing rapid oxidation. People get the point, he can light up a joint with a word, a true firebird. ((Even if you lock him a freezer, he'll rap or rhyme to give him some time to warm. When he tackles a swarm of words relating to heat, better lay down your weapons or you're gonna get beat. Casting fire, going higher like a hot air balloon. Set your hair on fire like a Looney tune. Projects infernos like a volcano, spitting that lava flow from his mouth or his finger tips, besieging anything he takes aim on. Preaching all these words, go put his flame on.))


  • Mild: Can't help rapping every single day, every single thing he say is a rhyme. Can't find the time, can't find his prime, sour cause of it, lemon lime. Even though he won't admit, his true feelings, only those close to him will know the true way he's dealing, with this. Rapping all the time, cause it's all he can do. It's all he can say. It's all he can speak. But hell, that's not gonna make him meek. He ain't that weak.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Phone, so he can drone on in lyrical fashion or just cause he's miracle-y dashing.
  • Wallet, money, the root of all evil. Though, he says it's the root of all people.
  • Ear buds, in his rear right tush. Don't smack it please, or you'll make him blush.
  • Pen, cause without this he can't make amends to your family when he's done ending your history with the rap without it, cause you can't admit his rap's fire. Until it's too late, and you're consumed in the flames.
  • Notebook, cause where else he going to get paper? Just hope you don't set him off like a matchbook, or you might feel it later.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Computer, cause he memes and likes to be a doot-dooter, blow a trumpet for mister skeltal, cause not updooting is indefensible.
  • Laptop, where he synthesizes many of his beats, and they're a sweet treat when you get to hear them. Leave you shaking your rear bumps.
  • Clothes, cause he's not about to go naked. Elegant, like a wild rose, eloquent, like a writer's prose. Suits him well. Shirts, shoes, suits, boots, all to make him look swell.

Personal History:

Born inside the winter wind, day after December 10, back in '03, to a family who was living in the land of the free. A family who wanted amity from their duo, a pair of sons rings out to two. The father left early, the mother stayed surly and never left her sons' side. Inside their little house was a little mouse who the boys played everyday with, when they weren't playing Jedi and Sith. The older of the two, the smarter of the sons, while mischievous little brat could describe the young. The elder, our protag, was a smarter stag, taking a good path never having to feel wrath from his mother. But his brother? The younger? Had a hunger for snatching things, even stole a diamond ring.

Which brings us to our next scene. Lee, a hard worker, tried to smother his brother's idle hands for his mother's own psyche, smash it with his grades, taking the pain away. But truth be told, she was growing old and tired of the younger's nonsense, so of course he took it on himself to repent. Little bro felt sorry, so to make up for it he found a new quarry: The old woman at the end of the street. She was always so kind, always fond of the three, so much that she offered for the young boy to clean. She wasn't mean or anything, she always beamed for them existing. Only had one rule, too. When the young boy was cleaning the gruel, he should never look in the basement.

Younger brother thought he knew what that meant. He didn't. Feeling sort of skittish he tried to run out from the cellar, out of the kitchen, out to the yard but he was stopped by a kitten. Tripping, falling, he was bawling, when he saw the silhouette of the dangerous person he thought he knew, but in reality? Just met. Lee, come to pick his brother up, found himself standing in the cusp of a dangerous witch. Bro held hostage, but what could he do? What could he say? All he could was irritate. So that's what he did. It was met with something less than expected. That day, she cursed him and his brother. The witch, being old and twitchy, accidentally left out a stitch in her plans.

He told her to turn the gas on and leave them there, leave and go. Started out as a taunt, though she went and did it, then went out like a Smash Bros. Combo. When Lee started his flow, it got out of control. Started a spark, burned a little mark. Started a fire, then everything got dark. It was hazy, but amazingly, they survived. Outside, firefighters were responding. The witch was nowhere to be seen. Their mother was despondent. Lee couldn't keep up his grades, couldn't keep the pain away, couldn't even speak normally. And when he spit fire.. That got someone's attention. At least, it wasn't evil henchman. Instead, he's been handed off to Fifth Sanctum after coming over his earlier apprehension.


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