Lilly Linatto

Basic Info:

Player: Tina_lewis

Demeanor: Shy at sometimes, Nice and very powerful, but don't anger her, and definitely don't ignore her!

Nature: Kind and helping.

Description: Blonde, wavy hair, blue eyes and a medium body. She's 5'5" and weighs 120 Lbs. She will wear dresses mostly, especially her pale silk dress with pale flip flops, she has cream and soft skin, she always has a flowery headband or just a flower in her hair. She also wants to find a relationship with a guy that will care about her and love her for who she is.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 2


  • - Athletic and flexible (4) Agility (She can fit into small spaces, is very flexible with her body and can avoid anything shooting or aiming at her. Ranged defense only.)
  • - Social (4) Brains (She is very talkie with other people when not in combat, and has picked up a few important details.)
  • - Archery (4) Agility (She's a very capable archer, having trained her whole life. Ranged attack rolls.)
  • - Perception (2) Brains (She's been in the forest her whole life, and has to look out for little details)

Supernatural Abilities:

Plant grower - 4 - Lilly is able to make plants magically grow from the nature powers she studied. It manifests as magical dust coming from her hand, the color of which is dependant on what is growing. She can help plants grow, or grow them straight from scratch, even on surfaces that they normally couldn't survive. She can use this skill in combat to bind her enemies, or break through their skin as an attack. She can also manipulate her plants, engineering them to act how she wants; whether it be a universal allergen, or something a little more poisonous, or even something that can heal others. She can even engineer plants to remember what they've heard, and then return to collect that information.

Animal whisper - 3 - Able to control animals and have help from them, she can call any animal up and send them to help or fight with her and companions.


  • Fire - makes her shrivel and possibly burn her by being to close to it, but she can maintain not to close to the fire (mild weakness)
  • Snow - makes her weaker and make her get frostbite very quickly. (mild weakness)


  • Green clothes
  • A bow with combat blades at the tips
  • Arrows

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook.

  • Beautiful flower plants that bloom magically
  • Magical rings and jewelry and magic books

Personal History:

She was abandoned in the woods by her parents to save her, as they knew they were targets for assassination. As a result, she lived among nature her whole life, getting to know how to live in the forest. She found she could communicate with animals, plants, and even inanimate objects; she grew to know their souls, how they lived, how they think, everything. She talked to them every day and they became her new family, sharing secrets of the forest and powers of the forest with her. She came to Sunnybrook to achieve more and be successful for her family and friend in the forest.


Eponnie is a really sweet girl, very kind and very cute with that bow and dress!
Zita it amazing! the best person that can give hugs and have a great time with!
Lisa is the best at music! I love to hear her play the saxophone!
Valentin very nice and handsome guy! I wanna see more of his powers and what he can do!
Jonathan It hurts…..


17 years old
birthday is 4/9/2002
Tier: 0 Upgrade: 0 XP: 2
Money: 0$

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