Lucien Petit

Basic Info:

Player: Neon

Demeanor: Well-mannered, friendly, and an unabashed flirt with any and every person he meets, Lucien strikes even the most casual of observers as approachable. Smiles and warm words come easy to the young man, who seems possessed by an unflappable, carefree vivacity that inevitably ends up infecting those around him. Still, at times he can be spacey, perhaps even distant; it is not uncommon for him to slip into some daydream even as he converses with friends, from which he frequently needs rousing. While undoubtedly sincere, he can come off as frivolous and easily distracted. He has a slight stammer, as if he overthinks his words before saying them.

Nature: Beneath a veneer of simple warmth lies a much more complex person. Lucien’s spaciness is an outward projection of his incredibly thoughtful nature. Too thoughtful, perhaps. He wallows in thoughts of the past and future to the point where the present is rarely ever of concern to him. Moreover, his bleeding heart sensibilities often lead him to worry about his friends, and his family — a habit exacerbated by past events. Conscious of these shortcomings, Lucien often attempts to distract himself with brief, fleeting pleasures, to keep his mind on the present. His drifting mind, however, always leads him back to the same train of thought. He is so preoccupied with making the moment last that he hardly ever enjoys it.

Description: Long and willowy at 6 foot even, Lucien looks like he could bruise in a stiff wind. His build is slim and slight; boyish, and not without a hint of delicacy. He moves with a certain grace, each movement poised and precise. His eyes, twin points of stormy grey-blue set into a pale, angular face, glimmer with activity — tempestuous points of activity against an otherwise placid facade. Although he has a pale complexion, it’s often set off by his rosy complexion. His wispy, bronze hair looks as if it's been painted on in soft, Impressionistic strokes.

A Photo


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

  • Sweet Talk - (4) Brains Lucien seems to have a natural charisma about him — something about the way he holds himself, and the way he acts, seems to make people just a little more inclined to do as he says. His ability to ingratiate himself upon others applies to certain Social (Persuasion) rolls.
  • Artist’s Eye - (4) Brains Being a painter has given Lucien a sharp attention for detail, even when away from the canvas. While others preoccupy themselves with the big picture, he picks apart the details — giving him a bonus to Perception rolls.
  • The Sabre Dance - (4) Agility Years of practice and a natural grace have made Lucien a particularly good fencer. He treads lightly, but always strikes sure. Applies to certain Melee rolls.
  • The Finest Strokes - (2) Agility With Lucien, precision is the name of the game, giving him a Crafts bonus to rolls for tasks that require finesse and carefulness.

Supernatural Abilities:

Resonance (4) - With but a touch, Lucien absorbs the psychic resonance that covers all objects. Known more popularly as ‘Psychometry’, this ability allows him to gain impressions of an object’s history, as well as perhaps some information about the owner/maker, and the experiences they might have had.

Pastel Augury (3) - Lucien is capable of seeing and interpreting omens in the world around him. These visions of the future are brief, disorganized, and difficult to make sense of. Although generally occurring by chance, Lucien can generate these haphazard visions of the future through lengthy meditation and great focus. Thus, the power cannot be used in stressful situations, and he will be rewarded with nothing but wasted effort. Note that the futures he sees in the visions are not bound to happen, but simply may happen if a given chain of events continues. It allows him to limitedly interpret causality from his actions, and the actions of those around him. ( In game terms: GMs can elect to give Lucien brief visions of possible outcomes from an action; this is not a necessity and GMs are not obligated to do it, it's purely choice. )


Prophecy in the Paint: Lucien simply cannot verbally articulate what he sees in his visions through Pastel Augury. He can try, but any attempt results in him simply exerting a great deal of effort and causing himself distress, with the result of largely jumbled communications. Thus, he has turned to art as a medium to express what words cannot; he paints scenes from his visions, turning his prophecy into art and his art into prophecy. By themselves, however, their meaning is difficult, if not impossible to parse. (Restriction)

Feedback (Mild) Using his abilities can exert high mental tolls. If he encounters an object with high emotional residue (for example, used as a murder weapon), or has a particularly traumatic vision of the future, Lucien immediately takes 1 Psyche damage and becomes momentarily incapacitated.


Sketchpad and charcoals



Gold Locket

Back at the dorm…

Fencing Bag, with foil, sabre, and gear

Numerous canvasses, and paint sets

Tablet laptop

Various books on art and architecture

Unused prescription antidepressants

Personal History:

Lucien was born in Rouen, France, in the year 2001. He enjoyed a fairly normal, although his parents couldn't help but notice that he was an exceptionally sensitive, and precocious child. His above-average spatial skills showed themselves early, as did a tendency to suddenly, and without explanation, cry at the drop of a hat. Of course, at that time Lucien’s psychic sensitivity was barely understood by himself, let alone his parents, so it was thought to be the mere side effects of growth. It wouldn't be until he turned 10, and began painting in earnest, that there was something more at play here.
He received his first visions of the future in an after school art class, and it was assumed that he had some sort of panic attack. Lucien’s attempts to explain what he had seen were fruitless, and for the next year and a half he was in and out of the offices of various professionals, constantly being treated for illnesses only he knew he didn't actually have. With time, however, the massive pressure did cause him to begin suffering from real anxiety. In this tumultuous time, there was still a bright side — he had submitted some of his paintings, works of pure passion and a desperate attempt to gain some understanding, to a local downtown art gallery, where they gained traction.
It would be at one of his frequent showings in the spring of the following year that he would meet Amelie. She was a student of his age, whom he had seen mere glimpses of during art lessons, who had been following his work for some months. Much to the dismay of vendors, up until that point Lucien had largely avoided his own showings, due to the chaos in his life otherwise. This time, however, he had decided to show up. Amelie and Lucien became fast friends, and soon they were more than that. Lucien’s mental state improved over the next few months, and she became his closest confidant. Even when he showed up a ragged, tearful mess at her doorstep, and was unable to explain why, she consoled him, and calmed him down. Although she couldn't quite understand, she knew he could see more than the average person.
Time went on and Lucien seemed to be on a steady path to recovery. His brief, jarring glimpses of the future had been rather unimportant and distant in their content until that point, and although they caused him much distress, they were rarely anything of note. Once strained, his relationship with his parents had improved, with no small thanks to Amelie. Moreover , he was enjoying some decent success as an artist, being hailed as somewhat of a local prodigy. He had additionally discovered a more controllable application of his senses, and began to practice divining information from objects. Misfortune, however, seemed to plague Lucien’s life. On a rainy, grey April day, Amelie was killed in a car accident. Lucien suffered a subsequent mental breakdown, and was promptly institutionalized.
During his slow recovery, he caught the notice of one of the institution’s employees, who was additionally a WARD member who had been closely watching him since his first vision two years ago. Sneaking in a few tests of her own to his normal routine, she confirmed her suspicions, and recommended him for transfer to Fifth Sanctum. With new hope, he wholeheartedly accepted this proposition.


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