Lutaren Franciska Heisenberg Von Karma

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: She's very detached from the situation, never really giving much of a visible reaction to her surroundings. In fact, she's generally stuck up and self-absorbed. Guess that's what happens when you're raised as the epitome of a race superior to most

Nature: Lutaren has basically lived her entire life being treated as perfect relative to a race that she was taught was well above humanity. Conceded to a fault, although not stupid enough to think she owns the place, Lutaren thinks little of pretty much everyone. Hopefully someone in the school can change her mind.

Description: Grace. That's the first impression Lutaren gives. Her movements and voice certainly match, as does her delicate, slender body. Her complexion is extremely pale, as expected of the dead, and her skin looks soft. Her fangs generally only help her smile look better, and her pitch black hair comes nicely down to about her chin. Her eyes are the most noteworthy part of her, although that might be a supernatural effect. They're very expressive, and the red color can be seen as threatening or alluring, depending on how she wants them to be seen. She's six feet of pure grace and regal presence.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • strong will (4 + Brains) - the mind of a vampire is not one you should try to toy with. Your results will not outweigh the consequences (mental defense)
  • Superiority (0 + brains) - I am superior to others. This is useful in getting them to do as I say (social)
  • biology expert (2 + brains) - When one drinks from the bodies of humans, one tends to learn of their biology (first aid and biology checks)
  • Magical knowledge (2 + brains) - I have learned much of the world of the unnatural. Knowledge I will not put to waste (supernatural knowledge checks)
  • Close combat (4 + brawn) - Many have tried to fight back when I try to bite them. Few have succeeded (Melee attack + Melee defence)

Power replacements

  • Perception - (3 + brains) These perfect eyes can be matched only by my impeccable hearing

Supernatural Abilities:

No Such Thing As Weakness - 0 - Lutaren's powers are partially derived from her weaknesses. Certain powers have specific effects that only operate while the associated weakness is active. As she becomes more powerful, perhaps this effect will strengthen…

Vampirism - 1 - abbreviated version
Lutaren is a vampire. So much of a vampire, that though she looks human, she is not and has never been anything but pure vampire. She requires feeding on 1-2 pints of blood a week to stay healthy, which is her only physical need, though supernatural effects can put her to sleep. However, she is clinically dead. Her organs are just for show as magic does the work in keeping her alive, although her brain is still fully intact. She has no pulse, though dark, tainted blood remains within her.

If one were to drink Lutaren's blood, it would have severe negative effects on the drinker, ranging from pain, paralysis, and partial organ failure to hallucinations, paranoia and schizophrenia (roll to determine severity, effects cannot be fatal by themselves). These will last from 7 hours to a week, and the effects cannot be cured once they have started, however they can be prevented in the minutes between drinking and the effects taking hold. This is not considered her power, and cannot be effected by targeting herself.

Her body is quick to mend, and minor injuries can sometimes be recovered in under a minute, although the larger an injury, the less proportionally effective this recovery is.

When being bitten, the target will experience little pain, usually outweighed by a pleasure given to her victims, and some may experience paralysis while being bitten. Once Lutaren is finished biting them, all that will be visible are two small red spots, although the area will feel tender until the amount of blood lost in the bite has replenished. Lutaren can also smell the quality of others' blood: the taste, how thick and plentiful it is inside them, and she can even tell if they have a blood borne illness

Lutaren also is special: through 2 different 6-hour rituals, she can negate or reapply 1 of her listed weaknesses (although she must always have at least 1 weakness active). The rituals are specially made so that Lutaren can preform both at once, adding one as another is removed. Each needs about a pint of blood, which can be substituted with her energy, effectively removing it from what she ha drank recently.

Vampiric powers - 2 -

A perfect vampire such as Lutaren needs a perfect set of abilities
  • Lutaren can transform into Mist. While in mist form, Lutaren can move at a walking speed, relative to the wind, and she can't really interact with objects, which can be used to effectively remove her from a situation sometimes. She can also use it to fit through small gaps, and come out the other side. However, it takes a round to transform, during which she is vulnerable. She can only maintain the mist form for her roll in rounds, and then must wait two round before attempting this again. If she would transform back, but is not in a physical space capable of containing her normal form, she will instead take 1 hp damage per round until she transforms back.
  • Lutaren can walk on walls and ceilings when in direct moonlight, or at any time when she has at least 3 active weaknesses

Eyes of truth - 3 - Lutaren can see just as well no matter what light level it is. She also can also roll to see invisible targets, or detect visual illusions and hallucinations. This power is also a perception skill replacement (fun fact: Lutaren is immune to optical illusions)

Bestowal of the curse - 3 -

Lutaren can temporarily grant another vampirism. This will last exactly as long as Lutaren chooses, up to (rank+tier+# of active weaknesses) days. The target will need to drink a pint of blood for every 3 days they are vampiric to equate to a healthy diet (for the target), as well as drink and sleep, as they normally do. The target will instinctively know what the bestowed weaknesses are, how much blood they will need to consume, and how much blood they can safely drink from a target. Each active weakness of Lutaren's can be used to bestow a peic does 1 damagerk onto the target, or can be given as-is to them.

If the target is already a vampire, she can bestow the benefits or weaknesses, but will not alter their needs


(All weaknesses are severe)

  • Riverless - Lutaren cannot, under her own power, travel over bodies of water. There must be an object between her and the water, or something forcing her over (such as being carried). She can tread water, or pull herself out, but she cannot swim. This applies to any body of water deep enough to provide either an audible splash or a visible ripple when disturbed
  • Sunburnt - Lutaren weakens in sunlight. Every 10 minutes spent in direct sunlight, Lutaren get a cumulative -1 penalty to all her powers. Every 25 minutes, she gets -1 to all her attributes. When not in direct sunlight, this timer effectively counts backwards to 0 (IE if Lutaren spent 17 minutes in sunlight, it would take 7 to 8 minutes to go back below the penalty threshold. If she stepped out into the sun after recovering for 10 minutes, she would only need 3 to recurr the penalty)
  • overcooked - Lutaren is weak to fire and heat. Any time she rolls to resist or endure heat, she rolls a -3. Even 22 celsius is potentially enough to sap her strength
  • garlic allergy - Lutaren is repulsed by, and essentially allergic to, garlic. Eating any amount of it is potentially fatal, and requires medical attention. She cannot will herself to get close enough to touch it, if she is aware it is garlic. Smelling it deals 1 psyche damage every 5 rounds/25 seconds. Touching it does 2 damage on initial contact, and 1 damage for every round/5 seconds she stays in contact (it takes 5 minutes of non-contact for Lutaren to be able to receive another initial contact damage). This applies to any food made of garlic, although the damage may be reduced
  • Silver sliver - Lutaren is weak to silver. While merely touching it won't cause major damage, it's very painful. Any attacks on her done with silver weapons roll a +3. If they would hit without this bonus, and doubling the damage would result in less total damage, that is done instead
  • Your home isn't mine - Lutaren cannot enter the residence of another without express verbal permission, which will last until expressly revoked (although she is not forced to leave a place she is currently in). If a location is not generally accepted as a private residence, it does not apply. While only one person is needed to enter, if multiple occupants of the same residency contradict whether she may enter, Lutaren must have a majority agreement to do so (those that have not expressly forbade or permitted entry are considered abstaining)


On person:

  • a small ivory dagger, carved with intricate symbols.
  • A flask, usually filled with wine
  • Her phone

In dorm:

  • several gothic paintings
  • a golden candelabra (it's actually brass)
  • a lot of dental hygiene products

Personal History:

Lutaren had been a concept daughter by her parents' clan for centuries: The purest, most perfect vampire possible. Eventually, when the clan broke up, her parents and a few others dedicated to the idea put their full effort in. Ultimately, they required a full cult of a few dozen people, and many vampires created and killed specifically for this experiment before Lutaren was "born": an entity that will only know vampirism. They were sure to inform her of how pure and superior she was growing up. However, infighting began in the group, some wishing to use her to experiment on and improve themselves, and the others wanted to have her become a powerful leader to the group. After a skirmish, her parents escaped with her, to raise her into a powerful leader. They traveled much of Europe, teaching her what was needed to be a powerful vampire and a commanding person while avoiding detection by those still hunting for her.

In the wake of the supernatural reveal, Lutaren's parents decided it was safest to send her to the school, all the way across the ocean.


Born September 21st, 2002 (currently 16)
Tier: 0
Upgrade: 1
XP: 3
Money: $350

+1 to Brawn (August 14, 2016)

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