Madeline Maddox

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back." - Albert Camus

Basic Info:

Player: Nemi

Demeanor: Nervous and anxious, but with a generally sunny personality.

Nature: Anxious nearly all the time, self-blaming, with feelings of inadequacy and fear of confrontation. Very able to justify even morally questionable or outright unethical activities, allowing her to do terrible things so long as she can somehow rationalize it. Terrible self-loathing, depression, and existential malaise.

Description: Mads has caramel skin, soft, but clearly expressed cheekbones, and a clean jawline to a narrow, rounded chin. There's a slightly broad nose and nose bridge above a clearly lined mouth with well-formed lips. Hair is black, silky, smooth and straight. She's fairly short at only five foot three and has a dancer's build. Her eyes are usually brown but get a faint greenish impression in the right light.


HP: 15/15

Psyche: 10/10

Brawn: 4 (3+1)

Agility: 4 (2+2)

Brains: 5 (3+2)


Natural Actor (Brains) 6 (3+3): Mads has spent nearly all her life pretending to be someone she's not. That translates directly into acting and general assumption of false identities, deception, and the like. Social Stuff: Bluff, Deception, Etc

Down with the Quickness (Agility) 3 (Base): Urbex, hiking, and sports teaches you a lot about how to move. Dodging, Running, Acrobatics

Student Athlete (Brains) 4 (Base): As it so happens, being fit alone isn't the be-all end-all. Madeline puts the 'student' in 'student athlete', and is both great at Research and Memory.

Student Athlete (Brawn) 4 (Base): She also puts the 'athlete' in 'student athlete'. Who knew. Fitness, Strength, Endurance stuff

Self-Defense (Agility or Brawn) 6 (1+5): Madeline's been receiving defense training from Special Circumstances operative Pomeline Mandate, consisting of firearms use and Krav Maga. There is a distinct focus on appropriate use of force and rapid takedowns. CQC and Firearms

Focused Will (Brains) 4 (2+2): Mads is building some willpower thanks to her training with Miriam!

Supernatural Abilities:

Copycat 3+5T (2+1): Photographic shapeshifting.

Dream Logic: 8+5T (2+1+5). Madeline’s body has become a conduit for the dreamscape. She can put people to sleep with a touch, and moreover, reality around her is a little more malleable, allowing her to manifest dream logic in a variety of ways- like lucid dreaming in reality. She could conveniently have a small object on her, produce an item or object from nowhere, pull in items from the dreamscape, will herself to other locations (sometimes), shift her perception.. Reality is fluid.

Dreamweaver: 6+5T (2+4) Madeline is a dreamweaver. She is able to, while the target is awake, peer into their recent dreams, usually giving away useful information. She is also able to physically enter dreams while the person is asleep. She is able to do this from a distance, only needing to know the person is asleep. Physically entering dreams has several applications. Implanting ideas into the subconscious, communication, temporary escape, ‘stealing’ ideas from the person, taking a closer look at subconscious of the person. While in the dream, Madeline gets to choose whether or not the dreamer is lucid. She is able to take other people into dreams all though this is difficult.


Unstable (Minor): Being highly polymorphic has its own problems. When calm, all is hunky dory, but if in a position of high stress Mads can lose control of her abilities, causing random expression of Copycat or Copy-Paste whether in her natural form or in one assumed through use of the anomaly. Usually this takes the form of some GM-determined willpower check, but if not guarded, can happen in situations as minor as being startled by a sudden door opening.

Becoming a dreamweaver has caused her instability to worsen.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Smartphone (white and blue faceplate with gold metal switches)
  • Keychain
  • Notepad
  • Uniball Signo gel pen
  • Glock 42 with 2 Spare Mags (in Dream)
  • Kriss Vector, Dual tone, black and brushed chrome. Red dot sight, three-point sling, folding stock and angled foregrip. "Vicious Bitch" is inscribed just above the grip. (usually in the Dream)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Laptop (replaced)
  • Tablet PC
  • eReader
  • Playstation Four with the entire Souls series
  • Free Weights
  • Large Standing Mirror
  • Various vintage cameras and typewriters (fixed!)
  • A Nikon FE camera (broken)
  • One of Conn and Zita's pressed-leaf design vases (repaired!)
  • An 'Old Friend' Stuffed Rabbit toy. At first it kinda looks like a dingy old stuffed rabbit. However, the fabric feels rather new, and there's no real smell one would associate with an old stuffed animal. Plus, the tag is still clean, and still attached to boot, and there's no real tears or anything.
  • Mads Rabbit: Another stuffed rabbit with caramel fur, some black hai-yeah, this does appear to be rather Mads-like. On her back is stitched a gold-colored heart, with the following word embroidered in it: "I AM A ROCK" It's…pretty heavy!
  • Stuffed Bear: From Zita!

Personal History:

Madeline Maddox was born in London, England on June 8th, 2002, and lived there with her parents, Thomas and Melinda Maddox, for five years. Firmly lower middle-class, the Maddoxes had little in the way of particular need, despite Melinda losing her government job. Maddox's father, however, managed to snag a career working automation for a dairy plant in California, and so the family emigrated to the United States.

At roughly age 12, Madeline became aware of both the development of her peculiar anomaly and her distaste for her own body and self. Being willful enough and conscientious enough to avoid putting any stress upon her family for this— Melinda having suffered from some significant mental stress issues in the wake of her firing and the family's moving—Madeline kept both the anomaly and her own building emotional problems well-concealed from the family. In late middle school, she was quick to join the junior basketball team, and in most ways seemed to be an ideal scholar-athlete.

The United States was more expensive a place to live and work in than jolly old England, however, despite vastly lower taxes. Fewer services meant that more needed to be paid out of pocket, and the family couldn't adapt. Madeline was sent to live with her aunt and uncle, still in San Lorenzo, and remained with them for the next four years, where 'Aunt Claire' and 'Uncle Kevin' attempted to mold Madeline into their idea of an ideal child. At 14, Maddox became involved in petty crime: thefts and unarmed robberies, always wearing another person's shape (but conscious enough, at least, to mix and match and wear a mask and gloves), in an ill-advised attempt to help her parents out financially. No matter how clever you are, however, when you're a kid and a poor criminal at best, someone notices, especially when your fraying nerves during a robbery starts showing your morphic instability.

Fortunately, it was a member of the local sheriff's department who happened to be a GWU informant who put the pieces together. At age 15, Madeline was picked up by GWU agents, her parents informed that she was selected as a candidate for full-tuition schooling at a private Pennsylvania institution.

It's probably all in all for the best.

Since arriving at Sunnybrook, Mads has had both an identity and name change, and actually seems vaguely able to accept herself for once.

And then everything got worse. And worse.


Can be found on instagram as 'starkravingmadd'.

Very proficient singer and photographer.

Money: $5300 + Weeklymoney + Work Money

Pom provided a Glock 42 with laser sight and spare magazines. The .308-cartridged handgun provides a +2 Ranged bonus.

Madeline has received Pasket's own Kriss Vector with red dot sight, three point sling, folding stock and angled foregrip. This .45-caliber submachine gun provides a +2 Ranged bonus.


Total: 99
T0 Expenditures:
4 - Moving to Perfection: +1 Agility
4 - Learning New Tricks: +2 Natural Actor
4 - Power Boost: +1 Copycat, +1 Dream Logic
4 - Toughen Up: +2 Health
T1 Expenditures:
4 - Learning New Tricks: +2 Self Defense
4 - Power Boost: +1 Dreamweaver, +1 Dream Logic
4 - Moving to Perfection: +1 Brains
4 - Toughen Up: +2 Health
T2 Expenditures:
4 - Learning New Tricks: +2 Self Defense
4 - Power Boost: +1 Dreamweaver, +1 Dream Logic
4 - Moving to Perfection: +1 Agility
4 - Healthy Mind: +2 MHealth
T3 Expenditures:
4 - Learning New Tricks: +1 Natural Actor, +1 Self Defense
4 - Moving to Perfection: +1 Brawn
4 - Power Boost, +1 Dreamweaver, +1 Dream Logic
4 - Toughen Up: +2 Health
T4 Expenditures:
4 - Learning New Tricks: +2 Focused Mind
4 - Moving to Perfection: +1 Brains
4 - Power Boost, +1 Deamweaver, +1 Dream Logic
4 - Healthy Mind: +2 Mhealth


Exp Gained: +2 (6/9/2016)
Run: Vivi (+2 XP, +100$, 8/12/2016)
Run: Dubai Boy (+2 XP, +100$, 10/28/2016)




so there's keef. first person, i think, i met at sunnybrook. it's hard to remember. but he's a gangly pothead and like, luddite, who still manages to be one of the most legit people i know maybe because he doesn't have that whole need to front to please people thing. he seems to actually want to avoid a lot of people but for ones he's really solid on. i like that. i like him but i don't like his habits even if i'm trying them now myself. meeting up with him for late night snack hour is the best. but then he left so…

i think kat is my best friend and maybe a lil more. she was like, the third person I met at school, and the first to not either bother me or punch me. and she helped me move in, and get a wardrobe going, and feeds me, and is like my best lifeline to the outside. and she keeps me sane and stable. and she thinks the world of me. she's great and i'm so happy to have her.

i just don't know what to think. i like her and want to keep her as my friend but i just don't know what she's thinking either. and that scares me. i'll cling to her as long as i can but i'm worried that something else is gonna fall down too. we were gonna be in a band, her and me and sam. so much for that, like everything else. but then she and me and.. i dont know how i could live without her and she knows everything about me all my secrets and dangerous things and its scary but im super glad she's here.

also on the 'holding me upright' bloc was chris. he had the goofiest most bourgie name i can think of and he looked like a leonardo dicaprio impersonator but he's super nice, he isn't a threat, i don't even think he could hurt me. i don't think i want to get closer to him, though. he's nice and great and cares a lot and i even helped him move in, and then he helped me with some stuff, and he's helped keep me sane and able to sleep during the worst of it. but that's the problem. he's too nice for me to want to get closer. i feel like he'd deserve better. or maybe i should be better. i miss him.

leah. i don't know. she's too nice. she's like me if she were fucked over by ghosts instead of everything else. she's too much of a good friend than i deserve but i keep coming back. i feel awful for betraying her. i know i didn't but it feels like it. i've bared more truth to her than anybody else. i put so much on her for nothing and she asks nothing in return. she makes me feel like scum. but i need her.

i'm a terrible human being.

there's a lot of people here who scare me. probably top on my list is sam. second kid i met here and first person to punch me. she's like something out of franken-fran, all stitched together from body parts and she's .. scary. she was with kat for a while until the whole thing fell down and i couldn't keep my mouth shut. i thought she was going to kill me. i'm sure she could with no real effort if she wanted to. then she came over and said sorry. i don't know if i can believe it, but she terrifies me enough that i'll accept whatever she says. i wonder if she took my backbone out with that punch. i liked her a lot at first until the kat thing but now i'm back to liking her. she still scares me a lot but at least i know she's on my side.

i think the only person i really don't like instead of like, just fear or grudgingly get along with or whatever, is dan. he's a lich. like, dungeons and dragons style zombie wizard. he's powerful and scary and i'm not sure he's on the same level as everyone else. and he just creeps me out. he was part of the whole kat spaghetti mess but now i can't really blame him too much. he's a little weird and doesn't really talk like a real person sometimes, but he's nice enough, so i'll call him a friend.

conn was the best. he's saved my life a couple times and as if that wasnt enough he's just one of the most genuine and nice and sweet people i know. i feel super glad to know him even though i worry about him a lot since he like tries to be a martyr for people or something. he transferred out which is super sad :(

i love zita. she's a total dork but she's just so cheery and energetic i can't not like her! like just having her around sometimes makes me feel jealous but she's just so happy it like its infectious. i really worry about her sometimes like when she sees blood though it just freaks her out. something terrible happened to her, i just know it, and i can't think of anyone who'd deserve it less.

i don't have a lot of other real close friends but i'm sure nadia and wendy used to count. i barely know them but they all went out of their way to help me when i was at my worst. they healed me or took my bruises or made me cornbread or just kept me company when i was starving and alone. i envy them sometimes for how helpful their powers are and how they just seemed to go out of their way to be kind. i'm not sure i would do the same for someone like me. i'm too afraid to reach out and see if they're really friends or just kind strangers. that's always how it is. fear.

austin is back!

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