Madoc ap Idris
Hir yw'r dydd a hir yw'r nos, a hir yw aros Arawn.

Basic Info:

Player: Kadmus
Name: Madoc ap Idris
Aliases: Doc

XP Unspent/Total: 0/0

Brief Description: Doc is a tall, muscular, handsome young man. He has long, curly black hair in a loose ponytail, pale skin, green eyes, and freckles.

Appearance: Madoc – although he'll insist most people just call him Doc – is a tall, sharp-featured young man with the strong physique of a skilled and practised archer. He's handsome, in a slightly otherworldy way, his features just a touch too sharp and fine to be right. His pale skin is lightly freckled, and his long, dark hair is tied back into a loose, low ponytail. Only about half of it stays tied back, the rest tends to fall loose and dangle in long curls around his face.

He tends to wear clothes that are easy to move in and which leave his arms free – t-shirts and jogpants, mostly. He has been know to throw on a kilt in his time, too. He usually goes barefoot.

His left forearm has a long, thin, curving scar along the underside.

Personality: Madoc never gives a straight answer, if he can help it. He loves watching people try to figure out what he actually meant. He also loves leading people on strange conversational paths, ending up in very odd places.

He is, however, extremely friendly and happy to help out. He just likes to mess with people while he does so.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes:
- Archery
- Exploring
- Causing trouble
- Annoying Bran

- Hunting
- Tracking
- Talking to people
- Riding
- Eating
- Dancing

- Class
- Being made to sit still


Brawn: 4 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 4 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 3 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 1 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 3 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 7

Health: 9

Psyche: 8

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 7
Reflex Total: 9
Willpower Total: 1
Parry Roll: 7

Dodge: 11
Mundane DR: 4
Ability DR: 4


  • Melee - (3) Finesse
  • Archery - (5) Finesse
  • Fitness - (3) Brawn
  • Reflex - (5) Finesse
  • Freedom - (3) Finesse
  • Perception - (5) Acuity
  • Stealth- (5) Finesse
  • Investigation - (3) Acuity
  • Social - (3) Charisma
  • Occult Knowledge - (1) Acuity
  • Magic (Verbal/Somatic) - (1) Finesse



  • Tylwyth Teg Scion (5) - Required if character is Fae. Gain 3 'any' spell points. May use "freeform magic: illusion" power component as ~4/5 of a power instead of full. Evocation spells to open rifts to Faerie are half cost and skill requirement. Rift prediction with Occult Knowledge skill requires one fewer hits. Must take at least one Compulsion weakness or Material weakness worth at least -3 xp. Up to -5 points of mandatory weakness does not count against weakness cap.
  • Elfbane (-5) - Take +3 damage from iron.
  • Transhuman Senses (3) - Your vision isn't impaired by poor lighting, you can listen for and pick sounds out of the background noise and voices from a crowd, you have superior and more distinguishing senses of smell and taste than most humans, and your touch is more sensitive, possibly picking up vibrations more easily and distinguishing textures. +3 to resist sensory impairment, and ignore most ambient or environmental penalties to perception.
  • Oathbound (-5) - Doc may not knowingly lie. He may not break a sworn promise or oath.
    • Current Oaths:
      • Must obey lawful orders given to him by lawful mortal authorities until released by his king.
      • Must obey orders given by his mother until released by his mother.
      • Must obey orders given by his king until released by his king.
  • Fae Steed (6) - Madoc can summon a fae creature that will carry him across the land and through the skies, granting him movement and flight at twice running speed. It takes him a round to mount the steed.


Total Currency: $200 CAD

On Hand

Hunting knife – flint and bone
Framed photo of his family
Framed photos of him and Bran


Huntsman's Bow Shoot far, shoot true. (1 XP)
Madoc can manifest a bow and arrows at will, and can never be disarmed. The weapons glow faintly green. The bow is made of rough wood and horn and sinew, and the arrows are fletched with real feathers and tipped with flint.

This bow can be summoned to Madoc's hands at will, and brings its quiver with it. He can upgrade this bow so that it always functions as a bow where the X in the formula is Madoc's current Brawn, to a maximum of 5.

XP and Advancement

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Initial Details:

Additional Information

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Interpersonal Relationships:

Ellie is some sorta… telekinetic blonde bombshell? Helped us move in.
Skix is interesting. Looks like she'd be good in a fight, and the scars prove she's survived more than one.
Callum needs to stop acting like such a nice guy. I know what he's really thinking.
Athene looks like she'd be good fun in a fight. Also like she could eat me whole.
Rhonny-boy is a pretty cool guy. A bit of a stickler, though. Also, must remember not to punch him, it broke my hand. I actually hurt him the other day! Twenty bucks well-earned, says I.
Ava seems like something of a kindred spirit. She's going to lose our bet, and then I'll be $20 richer.
Cass is a crazy little bitch. She needs to stop being such a fucking weirdo, and maybe not be such a total arse. A term of detentions, for fuck's sake!

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