Majala Njore

Basic Info:

Majala, in her true frm.

Player: SpookyBee

Demeanor: Aggressive, loyal, intimidating

Nature: Majala is a ferocious hunter and fighter, and is undyingly loyal to her partner. She has little patience for disrespect towards her partner, and is quick to snap at agitators.

Description: Majala is an eight and a half foot tall chyroform, with deep black fur and leathery brown skin. She's often hunched over, with her arms to the ground, skewing her full size to around six and a half feet.


HP: 8

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 3

Brains: 1


  • Ferocity - (4) Brawn As vicious as an animal in battle, Majala is known to literally tear her prey apart limb from limb, devouring anything she can get in her mouth. Melee
  • Fleet Of Foot - (4) Agility With powerful arms and legs, Majala chases her prey down to the last second, only to leap and take them down with swift, savage blows. Running and jumping
  • Light Of The Hunt - (4) Brains Majala is a spirit of the Hunt, and can track prey in almost any environment, with little issue. Wilderness survival and tracking

Supernatural Abilities:

Werebeast - 5 - Majala's true form is that of a bat-like beast, capable of tearing solid steal apart with her claws and ripping grown men in half with her fangs. A truly vicious beast, Majala is has no natural human state. She's capable of sprinting at superhuman speeds, and leaping great distances without injuring herself. She now stands at 9 feet tall.

Spirit Being - 2 - Majala is a beast spirit, and as such, exists in both the spirit realm and the physical realm. She is capable of sensing and damaging incorporeal entities, to equal degree.

Hunter's Senses - 2 - Majala can see through the eyes and hear through the ears of other predators and scavengers, using them in much a similar way humans use security cameras and drones.

Shapeshifter - 2 - Majala's true form is that of a bipedal beast, but she's capable of taking a variety of other forms.


  • Beast Spirit(Severe) - Majala is extremely sturdy, but she, like any other creature, has her weakness- And that is silver. Wounds Majala receives from silver weapons do not heal on their own, and must be fixed from an outside source, such as magic.


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Personal History:

Born on an unknown date as a wandering spirit, Majala took form as a creature somewhere between a hyena and a human, gained a dedication to the art of the Hunt. Majala encountered the child Ally Frost at some point in the past two years, and became bound to him, acting as a protector and guardian spirit. When Ally came to Fifth Sanctum, Majala was not far behind.


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XP purchases:

-4XP for Power Boost

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