Markus Singer

Basic Info:

Player: DarnellJermaine

Demeanor: He sure does smile a lot- but something feels off about it. There's something inherently disgusting about him, whether it's his appearance or the way he moves. Not the kind of person you necessarily feel comfortable around (at least at first).

Nature: Markus is glad to manipulate people and pull the strings in his favor when he can. He doesn't often feel remorse for his actions, but makes it a point to never do anything too drastic. However, deep deep down, he just may be a lonely boy screaming for help- a buried heart of gold.

Description: 16 years old, long dark black hair that goes down to his waist. He's only about 5'2" and his skin is nearly pale white. He can often be found wearing a black t-shirt of some punk band and black pants with a studded belt.


HP: 7/7

Psyche: 8/8

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 5


  • Uncanny eyes - (4) Brains Markus is great at poking and prodding people with his eyes. He's good at reading what they're thinking, how they're feeling, and what's going on around him. (Perception/Analysis)
  • Reflexes - (4) Agility How fast he reacts to something.
  • Tinkerer - (4) Brains Markus likes to mess around with little trinkets and machines in his spare time. He's great at minor modifications and repairing things. (Crafting/Repairing)
  • Long Fingernails - (2) Brawn As gross as it sounds- he's got longer fingernails and uses them to scratch at people. (Brawling)

Supernatural Abilities:

Boiling Point - (4 + 1) - He knows exactly what buttons to press to get people to their angriest. But more than that- he can actually manipulate it. If people are feeling even the tiniest bit of anguish, hatred, or despair, he can manipulate that and raise it to unbelievable amounts. A stubbed toe can feel like that person's best friend was murdered by the guy right in front of them. He's great at manipulating these emotions.

Sweet Talker - (4 + 1) - Disgusting and vile- but he knows what people want to hear. His voice is somehow magically enchanted so that people tend to agree with him or latch onto his ideas- specifically the angrier they seem to be.

Lend Me Your Ear - (2 + 1) - Markus gazes at the person- slowly chanting in hushed mumbles and whispers. If he succeeds with this power- the target will only be able to hear Markus's voice and nothing else for (Roll - Opposing Roll) rounds. Also, while someone is under the effect of this power, all his other powers get a bonus of (this power's level/3).

Familiar of Nevermore - (1 + 1)

  • Another's Power: This power cannot be increased normally, but eventually will on its own as the Demon gets stronger.
  • Supernatural Revelation: Nevermore's demonic nature lends him to magical abilities as such, she can give his familiar the ability to preform minor magical feats. They can select up to 3 spells to use at rating.
  • Underworld Gate: Nevermore can summon familiars to him from a distance. Most demons can do this by innate power, non-demons not so much. He can only summon each contracted non-demon to him once every 24 hours.
  • But It Refused: Once per day the familiar may reject failure, and reroll any one roll that they themselves made that had a failing result, however having a target's defense beat your roll does not count unless you critically failed - that isn't failure, it's just them being better. The reroll ignores critfails, and the dice cannot show less than 0 - any lower result instead becomes 0.
  • Supernatural Conduit: If the familiar is within about arm's length of Nevermore, they get +1 to a power of his choosing.

Secret Weapon!

Mark-us II

As he gains Mark-us Ranks, the abilities below will get stronger or more will be added with GM approval beforehand.

  • Can produce various tools like a hammer, wrench, screwdriver, little welding torch- anything that might be carried in a standard mechanic's toolbox. No matter what, he'll always has what he needs to mess around with machinery on hand! (+1 to Tinkering checks when using the tools)
  • A dart shooting finger that acts as a ranged skill equal to (2 + Brains)
  • Superior materials make the arm much stronger and heavier hitting than before- it's definitely still breakable- but it's much more reinforced- and hey, no more whirring noises!
  • A radar capable of detecting magic within a 30m radius, the amount of details depending on how much information Markus previously knew about that kind of magic and thus stored his knowledge of it into the arm. (Anything from 'There's magic nearby' to 'I sense x character using x type of magic they know and it does x things')


  • Hates sunlight
  • Doesn't feel comfortable around cheery people.

Familiar of Nevermore Markus Singer is bound to a Demon… and must obey all orders given by it, when given the command phrase before said order. Each character's phrase is unique, but will work for anyone who knows and says it. The Demon, Nevermore, can speak into their mind as well and issue commands that way - this communication cannot be cut off, or rather in this Demon's case, it cannot 'fail'. (Severe)


  • Cell phone
  • Necessary school supplies
  • Journal and Fancy Pen
  • $400
  • Kali's Jacket
  • Kali's Knife

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Furniture
  • Laptop
  • Creepy looking voodoo dolls (don't actually do anything, just decoration)
  • A photo of his family- at least he loves someone!

Personal History:

Markus was bullied. A lot. He wasn't really well liked. He looked creepy and acted creepy- but that's ok- he was always able to get his revenge. For some reason, his voice seems to be magically enchanted to manipulate peoples' emotions how he pleases. Though he is a vile and disgusting person- he is not without love. His family was always kind to him and in turn he to they. He did have one friend too before he left for Fifth Sanctum- Jimmy. Good guy. He's not impossible to get along with, but you may find it hard to do so.

XP Tracking: T1/U0/XP0

Tier 0:
+1 for "Stand Proud, Markus!"
+1 for Weekly XP
Power Tutor with Kali (+1 Sweet Talker)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for "Whispers in the Dark" Event/Run
-4 for Power Boost (+2 Lend Me Your Ear)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for June Journals
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Moving to Perfection (+1 Brains)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Anomalous Generation (Mark-us I) [Not counting as an upgrade]
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+2 for "Redwood Ruins" Run
-4 for Learning New Tricks (+1 Tinkerer, +1 Reflexes)
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Clear Mind
Tier 1:
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
+1 for Weekly XP
-4 for Anomalous Generation (Mark-us II) [Not counting as an upgrade]


  • Only likes punk, metal, and classical music
  • Favorite food is hamburgers
  • Is now missing his left hand Has a metal prosthetic left hand
  • Is in the service of the demon Nevermore
  • Is a bit of a Junkyard Rat


Acquaintances: Bob, Cass, Jinx, Sierra, Asmara

Callum: (has number) There seems to be a long and hastily written journal entry crossed out, with a new one not far from it "Callum: He's the coolest guy I've ever met! He's so big and sporty, I bet girls love him! But get this- he's actually really nice! He's totally my friend now… maybe he'll help me be popular!"

Kali: (has number) There's a short piece written in nice handwriting "She…she understands me. She knows what it's like-I can talk with her. She's kind…and she kissed me?" A new entry is written underneath "Girlfriend… she's my girlfriend! I have a girlfriend! I'm going to write home as soon as I can! Trinity will be so proud of me" all that's left on the pages are multiple tear stains… In between tears on a soaked page is a beautifully written one- one final page, "She's gone…she's gone and it's my fault. She's dead- dead. I loved her so much. Why? Why did I leave her? Why am I awful? I'm worthless without her…"

Sebastian: (has number) "He hates the people here too! They're all just assholes!…bar a few of them. He's really funny, too!" Another entry lies below it, "He's changing me. He's turning me into the wolf I wanted and needed to be. I don't need to take shit from anyone- I'm going to be the creme of the crop"

Elspeth: (has number) "She's…the nicest person I've met here. She reminds me of Trinity (his sister). I'm glad I met her. She seems involved with Sebastian too… maybe I've finally found some friends?" A single tear drop seems to be next to the end of the last sentence.

Gungnir: Another hastily written page, "I get Kali needs him for- whatever- but he pisses me off. He's just another ugly, popular, bullshit piece of crap who thinks he's the shit. I'll show him…" Another, more neatly written page is beneath, "He's not too bad- not beautiful by any means- but certainly not ugly. I judged him too quick. If he's the only other one by Kali's side, I can handle it"

Kir: There's a smoothly- precisely written page, almost looking as if typed with how neat and formal it is, "Kir is a strange one- but he's not so bad. He seems pretty straightforward- and has offered to make me stronger. Especially now that… now that she is gone, it will be nice to have someone like him around. He offered to make me his ward in exchange for me helping him acclimate to Fifth Sanctum and I suppose our world. Maybe he'll come to think of me as a friend eventually?"

Nevermore: There's a fairly long written passage describing the events that led to Markus serving Nevermore. There's also a few passages about how grateful he is and how he hopes to…be friends? Seriously Markus?! The run up until Markus left.

Celeste: (has number) There's another finely written entry, this time about the lady of the night- err, moon, "She's really sweet- she even helped me forget about Kali and everything else, even if only for a moment. She's very pretty too- not just physically, but on the inside. I haven't felt this way about someone since-" the entry stops abruptly, a few tear stains dotting the bottom of the page.

Emmett Walter Montgomery Percival Epstein (has number): There's an excitedly written piece about our dear German friend here, "Emmett is- he understands. He's an inventor- a tinkerer- just like me. He even said that he's gotten /magic/ down to a science! He offered me the opportunity to be his assistant- maybe he can even help me with my /own/ project"

Casta Azis Arcega (has number): A simple print handwriting on this page- very methodic and thoughtful, "I only just met her and she's already agreed to be the one to help me finally put my plan into action! She certainly seems to have more experience with this kind of thing than I do, anyways. Hopefully everything works out with this new arm"

Kira Robinson (has number): A hastily written note, as if in a fit of excitement, seems to be written down on the page about Kira, "I met one of the new kids today- and she's exactly what I'm looking for! She's calm, friendly, and her power is /just/ the kind of thing Emmett and I need to get some of our projects off the ground and moving forward! I did make an arrangement with her to help her build a robotic construct for a body- hopefully I can make some longer than usual visits to the Junkyard"

Ally: A hastily written page with dark, wide letters is scribbled under 'Ally' "So he thinks he can take my girlfriend from me?! Thinks he's hot shit?! I'll show him what's up… he better stay away"

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