Mary MacLeigh-TestSheet

Basic Info:

Player: BobaFetuccine
Name: Mary MacLeigh
Aliases: Mary

XP Unspent/Total: 0/0

Appearance: Mary stands at about 5 foot even, though when she's floating her eye level ends up around the 6 foot mark. She has a very thin almost boyish frame, only weighing in at 100 pounds. Her deep auburn hair is extremely curly and about 6 inches long, it seems to perfectly accentuate her bright, almost sparkling green eyes. She usually dresses in sleeveless band T-shirts, (Running the gamut of bands from punk, to folk, to metal, etc…) faded, torn jeans (either black or blue), and black combat boots. Almost always seen with her messenger bag, covered with band buttons of all kinds, ranging from EDM bands all the way to classic metal. She has 4 piercings on her left ear and 3 on her right, usually filled with small silver studs. A large blue tattoo of a sparrow covers the left side of her back and a red bear covers the right usually just peeking through on either shoulder. She speaks with a heavy Irish accent, her voice is low pitched and rather husky. There always seems to be a laugh just ready to spring into being on her lips. When she is happy, her joy is almost infectious.

Demeanor: Rambunctious, happy go lucky, outgoing, very friendly, and sometimes a little clueless. She always greets a new face with a friendly smile, a laugh, and an offer of a handshake. She'll interrupt almost anything she's doing to have a conversation, especially if it's with someone she finds interesting.

Nature: She cares, for almost everyone she meets, and helping people is something that never fails to make her happy. She really truly doesn't understand how anyone can fail to see the value inherent in all people. Music is her true joy. She is never happier than with a guitar in her hands, singing a favorite song.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: She loves Music, in all its forms. She also likes art, she's a real artistic person. She loves being around friends and helping people and she cannot stand bullying in any way.


Brawn: 1

Finesse: 2

Acuity: 2

Resolve: 3

Charisma: 4


Initiative: 5

Health: 8

Psyche: 10


  • Artistic - (5) Charisma (Mary is good at arts of all kinds, especially music)
  • Flying (Finesse defense) - (5) Finesse
  • Socializing - (2) Charisma

  • Perception (Replacement from Joy) - (5) Acuity
  • Willpower (Replacement from Anger) - (5) Charisma


Anger Spirit - 5 - Greater - Mary has a spirit of Anger bound to her soul which allows her to control fire when she's angry, afraid, sad, or really feeling any negative emotion. It also acts as a skill replacement for Willpower. Being upset causes her to glow red.

Joy Spirit - 5 - Greater - Mary has a spirit of Joy bound to her soul which allows her to fly when she's feeling any positive emotion. It also acts as a skill replacement for Perception. She glows blue when she's happy as well.

Musical Healing - 2 lesser Mary rolls with Power+Charisma To heal someone of any physical or mental wounds including diseases and poisons as long as she's making some kind of music. Heals HP or Psyche and diseases/poisons


  • Artistic Vitality (10XP) - The artistic skill doubles as vitality through Mary using soundwaves to shield her body.
  • Weakness (-2XP) - Cannot control powers fully, she Must Be on fire when upset, and she Must be floating when happy.


Total Currency: $_ CAD

On Hand

  • Mine!
  • Also mine…


  • Mine!
  • Also mine…

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