Basic Info:

Player: Eris—

Demeanor: My parents are freaking PLANTS! Don't talk to me about your problems! Don't TELL me I'm turning green. Shit I'm turning green. GO AWAY! GRRR! ~stomps away growling (and sniffling), while shoving earbuds in her pierced and sparkly ears~

Nature: Meliai are Ash Tree Dryads born of Gaia and Ouranos. The Dryads of a … well… it was a really rough time for those guys. (Honestly I might go through and create some sort of historical tie ins and la la la,) The Gods severed phallus made some… interesting bitchy plant spirits, let's just put it that way. And mostly in or near swamps! SO uh…. Her nature is um…Nature! She's also got a kind of human goofy side that appreciates food, music, stories, and pretty much anything of a bardic bent.

Description: Unnatural blood colored red hair that kinks and spikes where it wants and eyes that match in color but mostly appear brown. Usually her skin is light coffee colored with a massive amount of freckles that never seem to appear in the same places. Which seems to irritate her to no end. And make her itch. She's about 5'8 and slouches most of the time to try to minimize her willowy teen-aged blossoming. You know. Curves! Growing pains. When you're a plant. AND hormones. Yeay! She pierces her ears, eyebrows, whatever she feels like and goes with her outfits, but the ears are pretty much ringed all the way around. Almost cruelly. She favors quality boots, leggings and jeans that are usually torn, and various forms of top that tells you how she feels about you, or society and she never seems to wear a jacket. Maybe a light hoodie now and then but never anything leather or thicker. Also leather…..EW WHAT THE HELL YOU GUYS STILL? STILLL???? I'm definitely writing a paper about this for lit class. Humans still wear other animals skins. Urgggh.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


Skills: (+2)

Athletics (3) (Agl) Running climbing and swimming (But not in a human made thing) and skateboarding is a new interest she's getting really good at. She'd like to get into something more violent but she's fairly uneducated about her choices and can't wait to try everything.

Herbalism (4) (Brains) It's a hell of a lot more than tea. Because she's a teen-age plant that's all the knowledge that the plants wanted her to have but well… there's libraries and Google so she kind of leap-frogged from there. She's pretty passionate about potions one might say but she doesn't have a lot of beings to try them on. Her Garden is a mad house at home. She is working on innovations, like plant pairing. She has pretty much reached the limits of information available to humans and people with no military clearance who have never left one geographical area on plants. After a while the plants gave up and started telling their secrets.

Meditation: (2) (Brains) Developed very young this was her way of contacting her plant family and her other foresty and swamp friends and as she grew she was able to use this skill to block out unwanted access to her thoughts a little.

Alchemy (3) (Brains) It started out as cooking, but when you have the magic of nature living as a compendium in your head and you're pretty smart, cooking soon turns into brewing and brewing soon turns into a lot.. lot of other things. She started writing them down recently. Who knows. Knowing how to make un-glue might come in handy some day. She knows she needs better equipment to learn new alchemical things so she is grudgingly glad for the state of the art facilities the pamphlet offered.

Perception (2) She sees a lot. Can be very still and quiet, like nature. She has picked up tricks about reading people and situations over a life time of mostly looking out for herself.

Supernatural Abilities:

Supernatural Abilities
Druidy Stuff:
-(3) Control/Telepathic Links with pretty much… Nature. Plants, animals, fishies, shrimps, crystal/minerals. Can sense, communicate with nature within X spacial limitations and have some kinds of control over them. Simple commands such as in which direction a plant will grow, how quickly and will it have massive poisonous thorns that kill you and squeeze you as you die?
Body Morphing:
-(2) Can change self or others leafy. This began when she started to mimic human skin tones and continued on as she realized she could make plants sprout in her hair, and from her fingers and all that scary stuff. She can mimic most nature textures and things
Charismatic Magnetism:
-(2) She's not sure what it is. Phermones, or something. Or maybe she spends so much time creating her environment using her powers to shape and create, that its starting to rub off on humans. She can generally convince just about any human to do any thing for her that she needs. Simple commands such as “Go away” and “Don't hurt me” have saved her life on several occasions when she accidentally encountered humans in the swamp. As she gets stronger and learns more its starting to work on other “creatures” as well


Weaknesses( Mild)
Still pretty “controlled” by her single minded plant peoples. Wants freedom but still loves her “family”
the “control” shows up mostly in her biology. She is part of nature. Made of nature. Never ever ask her why her freckles aren't always in the same place. They're not freckles. And her blood's not all blood either. Sooooooooooooo once in a while… she sort of turns green. Like. Really green. It's not a hulk rage sort of thing, just technicolor. But you should still probably run. It means she's really mad and wants to send a swarm of hornets to nest in your skull.

Also there is a hive mind aspect to being a plant. She has all this control of nature because she's part of it which means its' massive sentience can also sway HER. She is not master, after all. But a child being reared for great great things. The chosen plant! Cough. Ehem. Right. So occcccasionally (for story purposes or whatever) She will be led in certain directions and not know why. Currently most of her wants to kiss all the boys and then there's the plant side who warns her of dark and terrible consequences of kissing a boy. IT MUST NEVER BE DONE!!! Another great part about basically having a complete telepathic link to your ENTIRE FRRRREEEAKING FAMILY.


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Books, mostly either fantasy or whatever mish mash of lame alchemy books can be found in a library, laptop, plants. Lots and lots of them. She is almost never in her room, her ownself.

Personal History:

History: Dryads are plant spirits and they are created all sorts of ways from the quite sentient energies of Nature. Meliai are (usually) a particular kind of dryad born of Ash trees and the blood of a God enduring trials for Gaia and for Humanity. Our Meliai knows the story much more in depth and by heart. It was her twisted bedtime story as a tiny little green girl.

She comes from the Louisiana swamp. She doesn't remember anything from before she was three and she shudders to think about it. She was either a pod person, or some kind of larvae, either way she doesn't care or need to know. Right? Since she won't ever ever EVER reproduce, herself, the mysteries of that will stay a mystery.

Somewhere around age three-ish she became aware of one other person in her life. A large dark skinned woman who called herself and was only known to Mel as “Mammie”. She took care of the girl and called her only girl, so there wasn't ever any mistake that she was a caretaker only and those important connections with people were just never really formed.

The plants did not wait long to reach out to Meliai after leaving her in the care of her Governess. The first thing Mel taught herself as a young toddler was to change her skin to mimic Mammie and her family. She couldn't do much about her hair though. Usually one of Mammies daughters would braid it close to her scalp for her to keep it out of her way.

She began wandering out into the swamp and forest on her own as soon as she could wander and she was called, drawn, driven to a particular mangrove in a particular private hidden place, where she learned who she really was, some of what she could do, and began to understand the separateness there was between her and Mammie and the other children.

To the plants, this was all according to plan and prophecy and whatnot. A super ton lot of energy had to be gathered from angry plants all over in order to create the little being that is Meliai. She is their needs, their hope, future, and pride. And she has no clue, doesn't care and is generally pissy about the whole thing. After all, it's not easy being green.

To Mammie… one day she was trawlin the swamp for her usual medicinals, crawdads, etc. and a fearsome buzzing took over her head. Next thing she knew she was in a different part of the swamp staring down at a happy tempered greenish tinged naked infant.

She had a fairly simple life. Lonely. She had 3 friends in the entire world. She secretly thought of them as her cousins and her plant family disapproved (in her head) mightily. These were Mammies biological children who were years older then her and were all off for school by the time Meliai was 13. Loneliness drove her mostly back into the forest and swamps where there were many friends to be made. She has a great understanding of all that crawls, slithers, and lives in dank and moldery places. She had very little real education, only what Mammie could force into her. It was very hard to make her obey anything when she had other things in mind.

Someone or something intervened. Mammie went into the Parrish one afternoon in her old pick-up truck to retrieve the mail and found a pamphlet for Sunnybrook. She was very grateful to have the funds to ship Meliai off. Still to this day she had no idea why she kept the child all these years and when she sent her off she felt as if the grip of some terrible spell was letting go of her and so it was. Her human health quickly declined and fell into ruins without the plants in there running things.

SO. Here we are. School.

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