Basic Info:

Player: PioneerSlav

Demeanor: He looks pretty cute and seems a pretty lively and nice person, though when annoyed he is really a problem. A little, assholish one.

Nature: He doesn't keep himself as something unusual. He things he is just a bit different, like everyone is. Even though he is cursed and a half-blood demon.

Description: Mieszko is a little demon. Yes. Hellspawn. He is fourteen and has red-blue heterochromia, black short hair and is pretty short. Around 145cm.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 3

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


  • Mixed Martial Arts - (3) Brawn
  • Firearms - (3) Agility
  • Stealth - (2) Agility
  • Fancy Pancy Magic Thingies - (2) Brains Concentrated on recognizing things harmful to him. Like Arcane Knowledge
  • Wild Moves (2) Agility Something between athletics and parkour

Supernatural Abilities:

Polimorph - 2 - His human skill is polimorphy. Mieszko concentrates on shifting into other people to disguise around. (Can't change psychics to disguise better.)

Refusal of Death - 2 - Demonic part got this with their choice. He can't be killed, but can be destroyed temporarily. There are ways to make him harmless. Cut off arms, cut off legs and leave him this way and he will be harmless. For some time, until regeneration… (Can't die + regeneration)

Something trapped inside - 3 - …Or until he will loose his mind. Constant getting damage damages cosciousness and willpower. When Mieszko looses his mind his monster counterpart comes to take over his body, sometimes announcing itself with a dark silhouette around him. Or his temporary carcass. He becomes The Beast then. Wild and uncontrollable until Mieszko's real ego comes back in control by fighting off in the depths of the mind that thing. For this time he is also invurnelable to psychic damage, making him unbreakable temporarily. And very… VERY agressive. (Beast takes over for (Rank) rounds when he hits 0 psyche. Beast can't take further psyche damage. Beast attacks as much as able, and doesn't discriminate between 'friend' and 'foe'. Can try to suppress Beast, in case it happens in a bad spot / is attacking the wrong people. No psyche heal, passes out when it ends.)
Additionally, Mieszko can tap into The Beast just a little to affect his shapeshifting, to either grow claws and bigger teeth (+1 melee attack), tougher skin (+1 defense against physical attacks), or stronger limbs (+1 Wild Moves). The bonus takes an action to gain, and lasts for 1/2 roll rounds, but only one can be active at once. Hitting 0 psyche automatically gives him the attack bonus for as long as The Beast is out.


  • Psychic damage. Triggers The Beast. (Thing to watch out for, flavour)
  • Women. He's fascinated with them. (Flavour)


  • Cellphone
  • Very slav clothes
  • 6H4 bayonet as his everyday tool
  • Ushanka

Dorm Thingos:

  • Spraypaint
  • A pc
  • A gasmask
  • Other fabulous clothing
  • A guitar
  • An accordion

Personal History:

Somewhere sometime happened that a demoness fell in love with a human male. So why not to give it a try? Fruit of this is this… Thing. Mieszko got almost dead though during his childhood, which left his mother no decision than agreeing on the pact with some witch. Witch trapped a monster inside of the boy, making him also perfectly healthy. What was this disease? It was sickness of nerval system.


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