Milliana Dissandra

Basic Info:

Milli, in class.

Player: SpookyBee

Demeanor: Awkward, uncomfortable in most situations, distant

Nature: Milli is a bit of a freak, even to herself. She often finds herself stumbling past obstacles instead of trying to solve them, and will also try to employ others to solve them for her. She speaks honestly, even if she's a bit rude at times, but she will never lie without a good reason.

Description: Standing just under five feet or so, Milli as deathly pale skin and long shaggy black hair. Her eyes are brown, with dark, sleep-deprived circles around them. More often then not, she can be found in earthy-colored clothes, such as skirts and loose, thin t-shirts. She has a fixation on odd accessories like sashes and medallions. She has a petite-hourglass build, and is slightly busty, though she has almost no muscle mass.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 5


  • Eldritch Comprehension - (4) Brains Though physically weak, Milli has a very powerful, fast-thinking mind, and can comprehend seemingly alien concepts and protect her from some forms of supernatural attack. Mental Defense
  • Vanish - (4) Agility Not used to social situations, Milli often attempts to escape them as rapidly as humanly possible, and will hide under or behind objects if she can't simply run away. Hiding or Escaping
  • Appealing Aura - (4) Brains Milli has an oddly natural appealing disposition, and will often use it to get what she wants. Bluff or Persuasion
  • Fast Reader - (2) Brains Milli reads and absurd amount of books- along with her news feed- and enjoys doing so very much. Investigation or Reading

Supernatural Abilities:

Tendrimancer - 4 - Born with an odd understanding of eldritch beings and magical workings, Milli is capable of summoning and 'controlling' masses of tendrils and tentacles to do her bidding. Whether or not she's the one in control or the one being controlled doesn't seem to matter, as she's entirely indifferent to her predicament. She often uses her tentacles and the like to overcome her physical weakness, utilizing their strength to move large objects or even fight for her. Milli's summoned Tendrils are part of her Will, and not seperate beings. They do not have separate actions, and instead count as using one of hers.

Thau'Mog - 3 - Capable of summoning more than just tendrils, Milli can also summon small, Imp-like creatures, each different and unique in behavior and form. When summoning, they come from a portal that opens on her waist. Not much more than mindless, chattering creatures, Milli has a small deal of control over them, and can give them directions, much like one would a dog. Milli's summoned Imps are part of her Will, and not seperate beings. They do not have separate actions, and instead count as using one of hers.

Witchcraft - 2 - In the Dreamscape, Milli has learned the art of Witchcraft! She is now capable of summoning a Book Of Shadows from the Dreamscape, containing various spells and sorceries. Each spell has a different effect attached to it.


  • Birth Of The Dark Beast - Upon a particularly bad Imp summon, a GM may decide to induce a Beserk Spawn to be created. The created Spawn is much larger than Imps, and will attack anything closest to it, whether it be friend or foe. The Beserk Spawn will fade and dissolve after three actions. The accidental summon causes intense physical pain in Milli, and leaves her physically exhausted. Milli's summoned Spawn is a part of her Will, and not seperate beings. They do not have separate actions, and instead count as using one of hers. MILD WEAKNESS


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Small, lavender laptop
  • Backpack - books, notepads, etc.
  • Smartphone

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Desktop computer
  • Old books
  • Dresser of clothing
  • Incense
  • Summoner's ingredients
  • Minifridge
  • Makeup
  • An empty fish tank with a soda can in it

Personal History:

Milli was born to a small family in 2003, February 3rd, to her parents Garret and Whitney. Upon her birth, Milli was favored by dark forces beyond her parents' comprehension, imbuing her mind and body with strange powers.

As she grew, Milli experimented with her oddities, willing small bundles of tendrils from the ground or spawning small Imps to cause mischief around her various schools. As far as Milli knew or cared, the Imps and Dark Voices were her only friends, causing her to isolate herself from others and even fear other people.

In 2012, Milli suffered a mental breakdown, alerting her parents to her strange, reclusive behavior. They tried to make her see a therapist, but she would never speak to whoever happened to be assigned to her.

Milli rapidly took to an obsession with occult studies and lore, keeping herself locked away until her parents would force her out of her room for one reason or another.

Eventually, in 2018, Milli went off on her own, seeking a place where she could keep to herself and learn about her strange blessings, and stumbled across Fifth Sanctum! Whether or not it's what she was looking for is beyond her.


  • Milli has a fixation on occult objects and artifacts.
  • The soda can in Milli's fish tank is her 'pet'. She says it's 'easy to take care of, and does not speak'. Its name is Fish.

Cash: $120


  • Mary - Mary is kind… I have her phone number now…
  • Credo - Credo is a kind boy, and loving. I hope he has found happiness…
  • Ellie - Very kind to me… she is… An odd person, but I like her very much…
  • Zita - A loving soul… She makes my heart pump and my blood burn… I believe I am in love… How?
  • Eponnie - She is protective of Zita, but… She accepts me, I believe. I am ever grateful…

XP: 2

-4XP from purchasing Power Boost
+2XP from participating in Something Slithers Silently
-4XP from purchassing Moving To Perfection

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