Jordan Paul Walker (Mimix)

Basic Info:



Tier/Artifacts/XP T0, S3, 12xp

Jordan is a quiet guy for the most part. He seems detached and not really interested in other people. He looks like he could be violent. His mannerisms make it seem like he couldn't give a flying F!%$! about you. While he's not overly hostile, he's not at all warm and inviting unless he has to be.

If you get past the exterior you'll find a boy who's pretty damaged. Despite this he's determined to carry on. His life has made him grow up quick, and he's entirely above all the HS bullshit of cliques and popularity. Deep down, he's a good kid. He'll talk to you straight, and expect the same.


Jordan is tall, he stands 6'2" and weighs 175lbs. For a young man he's well muscled and has a strong frame. He more often than not has a slight stubble along his strong jawline. His striking green eyes sometimes hide behind wavy black hair. He has a hero's stance to him, almost like a young superman. He'd never compare himself to someone so dominant and powerful, still the way he carries himself lends him to that archetype. He has strong features on his face. His lips are expressive and his eyes fierce. He's not really the model type, but he isn't hurting in the looks department at all.


HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 3

Brains: 2


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

Parkour - (4) Agility All sorts of agility based running and tumbling. Helpful for traveling quickly and getting around obstacles.

Fighting - (4) Brawn Basic combat ability. Learned mostly in the wrestling arts. But he can take and give a punch.

Physics - (2) Brains He has a decent understanding of the physical world of science. Leverage, thermodynamics, and other natural laws. This helps out from time to time when he has to be particularly "McGyverish"

Wilderness Survival - (2) Brains His grandfather took him camping from time to time and taught him to live off the land. He knows how to fish, bushcraft, and fashion all sorts of survival gear out of a para cord bracelet and wood. He will also have a decent understanding of natural science.

Puzzle Solving (2) Brains Obviously good for getting out of sticky situations

Quick (2) Agility Jordan has pretty quick reflexes and can be hard to nail down if he doesn't want to be.

Supernatural Abilities:

Power Duplication - 5 - "Anything you can do…"
Jordan can copy the powers of others within line of sight or via touch. Copied powers are assigned part of his modifier (this power + tier) to be used at, and stay with him until dismissed. He can copy multiple powers by reducing his total modifer available by 1 for each extra, and dismissing powers also gives -1 until he has 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Copying a power doesn't give an understanding of how it works or how to use it, so he may need practice or guidance to avoid mishaps. Some powers can't be copied due to their nature or origin, or might only be able to be partly copied.

When attempting to copy a power, roll this at full modifier, opposed by the target power if resisted - the target knows someone is trying to mimic them. If voluntary, no roll is needed. Copying from someone Jordan is touching is much easier, and rolls at +2 if opposed, though he might accidentally copy a power without meaning to, or possibly even without realizing it.

Regeneration Factor - 2 - "Just a flesh wound."
Jordan naturally heals at a hastened rate. He doesn't get sick often, and seems to bounce back from serious injury in no time. Active use heals 1+(1/2 roll) Health over (roll) rounds.

Shield Generation - 2 - "Get behind me."
Jordan is capable of generating spherical fields capable of absorbing up to (1/2 roll) kinetic and photonic energy. They take a drain on him when they're broken and if he uses them often he'll eventually find himself low on caloric energy. Due to the physics involved the shields force his body to metabolize some of the impacts energy.


Seriously, Cheesecake. Jordan can't really pass up a good cheesecake. No joke, the boy just can't resist.

Jordan has a hero complex. After growing up into manhood he often times got between his father's abuse directed at his mother. He paid for it with bruises and injury, but because of his undiagnosed healing factor, kept coming back for more. He just thought his father wasn't punching so hard. He will try and save those who are close to him. His mother being the closest of all. Violence against women will make his complex stronger, he will face a willpower check or be forced to step in and assist. -2 minor weakness


Not rich so he came to the school with a duffel bag of clothing and his grandfathers pocket knife. Its a spyderco delica 4 with zdp steel.

Drawing pencils and pad. He likes to doodle a lot

Has a smartphone

cheep in ear headphones

Has a longboard for getting around. it has a hole on the sides for quick grabbing when he wants to pull it up for a parkour jump or roll. He's able to incorporate it into the running style with relative ease. The board has superheros drawn on it. Along with more than a few scratches here an there.

A Lenovo y50 gaming laptop. Mom's last gift to him.

Personal History:


Mimix's Father was an abusive son of a bitch. His fathers grandfather was the true example in his life. Now at 16 he's really come into his own thoughts about how a man should act and how he should not. Coming here ended a relationship with a rather beautiful young girl he had back home in Colorado. She made him promise him he'd never treat her like his father treated his mother. He made that promise for her, and any other woman he would know.

His mother was a very supportive but weak woman. She might have been strong once, but years of abuse and degrading treatment by her husband had drained the strength out of her. She was meek, tired, and submissive by the time Mimix could form his earliest memories of her. She made every wrestling tournament tho, and sacrificed whatever she needed to keep him in school and in the gym. She made it so he never had time to get into drugs or gangs.

The First Time:

He was walking home with his girlfriend when he noticed something going on behind the school. Greg Sanderson let out a grunt as they punched him. Mimix hated bullies. Perhaps that was because his father was the biggest bully of them all. Ashley tried to stop him but he wouldn't have it. She knew that once he'd made up his mind to get involved he was set. She held his backpack while he walked over there. He confronted Blaze. Blaze and Mimix had always had a standing agreement to dislike each other.

"Hey Asshole."

Blaze turned to see Mimix. "What the fuck do you want Jordon? Can't you see I'm busy?" He turned to slam another fist in the Greg's stomach as his buddies held him. Blaze was 6'2 and 190 lbs. He was the meanest Linebacker Westfield High School had seen in years. He turned to look at Mimix again. "You're still here? Don't know who a lost cause when you see it?"

"Guess you're just going to have to show me then." Mimix closed the distance between them. Blaze backed up a step, because he knew Mimix could out wrestle him regardless if he was 15 pounds lighter and 1 inch taller.

Mimix lunged and felt something slam into him. He was still 3 feet away from Blaze but he was now flying sideways. He landed and rolled. His ribs ached from the impact. Blaze was laughing. Mimix felt himself be picked up by invisible forces and slammed into the wall. He grunted. Ashley screamed. Greg ran. Blazes' friends chuckled.

Mimix could feel the force pushing into him. It was like Blaze was leaning his shoulder into him. He turned to Ashley, noticing her for the first time. With the beckoning of a finger Ashley dropped her stuff and was lifted off the ground and floating towards him. "Why are you wasting time on such a loser like Jordan? When you could be with someone like me." he said. He slipped his arm around Ashley's waist when she got to him. She recoiled and slapped him, hard. Blaze wasn't smiling any more. A small line of blood formed on his cheek where her ring had caught him. Ashley tried to block his backhanded slap but went sprawling onto the floor as he hit her. He never saw Mimix coming.

He could feel it almost immediately after Ashley was lifted off the ground. The power, the ability to move things with his mind. It wasn't strong. He could tell Blaze's ability was much stronger than his own, but there was something else too. HE was stronger, and the slam against the brick wall should of hurt him, but it didn't. He pushed against Blaze's power but didn't overcome it until Ashley slapped Blaze. Now free, he ran towards Blaze as he slapped his girl. Then all he saw was red.

Police found Blaze severely beaten and bloodied. 13 broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff, a skull fracture, and a broken femur. Ashley had a bruise on her cheek and a black eye. Blazes' friends said Jordan had done all that damage in an enraged psychotic brake. Ashley told a different story.

The next day some men came to Jordan's house. He thought it was to take him to jail. Instead, they had a school in mind.

Mimix couldn't use the power to move things with his mind but he also doesn't know exactly how he copied that power either.


Aside from his powers and predilections he's quite mundane. Some might say he's intentional in this endeavor.


XP Spending:

  • Tier 0
    • Power Up
    • Moving to Perfection
    • Learning New Tricks
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