Misty Freer

Basic Info:

Player: Nemi

Demeanor: Unflappably cheerful, friendly, a little cruel and opportunistic. Lazily wry, highly social, fearless if a little foolish. Her movements and demeanor is slow, almost sluggish, but she is capable of tremendous speed and energy.

Nature: Almost exactly as demeanor.

Description: Misty's one of those teenagers who grew up on California beaches amidst the sun, sand, and surf. Looking a bit older and more grown than her fifteen-year-old age would indicate, she's got a typical surfer's build tempered by a pretty crazy level of athleticism. This is on top of the typical robustness of a Pacific Islander. Misty's skin is Polynesian-tan and her long, usually loose and slightly wavy hair is dark brown, almost black, but her eyes are weirdly steely grey. Misty is unable to step sideways.


HP: 8/8

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 4

Agility: 3

Brains: 1


Swim Team Champion (4)(Brawn)(Base): When you swim almost every spare moment you get, you end up in fantastic shape. Being a Rokea only serves as the icing on this cake. Strength and Endurance.

Surfing Fanatic (4)(Agility)(Base): To be a skilled surfer requires an excellent sense of balance and great reaction times. Fortunately, Misty's got both in spades. Initiative and Balance, Acrobatics, and General Coordination.

Apex Predator (4)(Brawn/Brains)(Base): Misty's a wereshark. Sharks ain't nothin' to mess with. A primordial urge toward hunting, stalking, and violence flows in her veins. Unarmed Combat using natural weapons such as claws and teeth, and Hunting and Tracking, especially underwater.

My Dad's a Scientist (3)(Brains)(Base): Misty may not be the brightest person in the world, but her adopted father's a research scientist with the GWU. A childhood of being read Newsweek and National Geographic has given Misty a surprising level of erudition for a wereshark. General Knowledge.

Supernatural Abilities:

Rokea (4)(Base): Misty is, quite simply, a wereshark by birth. As such she grew up with her abilities and has a pretty good handle on them. She has five natural forms, each with slightly different qualities, and is able to switch between each form after a brief and smooth transformation. Unlike a werewolf, Misty is not compelled to change with the turning of the tides or the phases of the moon. Regardless of form, due to her nature as a therianthrope, Misty is highly resistant to most mundane sources of injury- not immune, but she heals incredibly quickly. She's matured pretty quickly and likely will stay as she is interminably; weresharks are effectively immortal unless a victim of violence, an all-too-common fate for their kind. In all forms but human Misty receives a bonus to Swimming equal to half-rating: Presently, +2.

Human: Misty appears in her regular human form. This is not, in fact, her default shape, but the one she uses most often. She has no particular special qualities as a human.

Shortfin: (Hybrid, Aquatic) Misty retains her humanoid silhouette but is clearly inhuman, but with shark-like features, including fins protruding from her arms and back, a long and powerful tail, silvery-grey skin with a white underbelly, sharp teeth and gills. In Shortfin form, Misty's perfectly capable of breathing water, and has many of her usual carcharadon's senses. Her sense of smell is greatly enhanced and she can even pick out electrical signals given off by prey's nervous systems in close proximity. Misty gains a +1 bonus to Brawn and possesses enhanced senses.

Longfin: (Hybrid, Aquatic) There's no mistaking this for human: in Longfin form, Misty becomes a ten-foot-tall hulking shark-creature. Only loosely humanoid, Longfin form is terrifying to behold and physically monstrous. It possesses similar shark's senses as Shortfin form.
Longfin is a temporary form that serves almost solely for combat. It is huge and powerful but awkward and clumsy. Longfin provides a +1 Brawn bonus and imposes a -2 Agility penalty. When assumed, the anomaly roll's total determines the points value she can assign to statistics when in Longfin form: 4 Points per bonus Brawn, and 5 Points per bonus Agility. Points remaining determine the form's duration. Includes Enhanced Senses and natural weapons.

Chasmus: (Shark, Aquatic) A gigantic tiger shark. Misty becomes a monstrously large (almost twenty feet long) tiger shark of fearsome mien and ferocious behavior. Chasmus form is an extremely powerful swimmer with a nightmarish bite but lacks hands and is unable to speak or act on the surface or on land. Behaves similar to Longfin: Chasmus is a temporary war form. It is powerful but clumsy: -1 Agility. For every 4 Points of the anomaly roll spent, Chasmus form gains +1 True Damage: This damage is applied on successful attacks even if the attack would otherwise inflict no damage.

Carcharodon: (Shark, Aquatic) A typical, roughly ten-foot-long, tiger shark. Ironically, Misty's 'natural' form, being the one she was born in. She possesses the usual shark senses and capabilities, like swimming very quickly and having fearsome teeth. +1 Brawn and enhanced senses.

Shaman of the Tides (3)(Base): Misty, being an oceanborn therianthrope, has a certain innate connection to natural forces and spirits of nature, especially those related to water. As Rokea she even considers Sea her mother, and Sky is Sea's husband. She can draw on this connection to conjure assorted effects, ranging from calling spirits of water to her aid, to casting fearsome spells.


Silver Allergy: (Severe) Like most therianthropes, Misty is severely allergic to silver. If you want to disable or even kill her, all it takes is jabbing her with a hunk of silver. Misty takes double damage from silver weapons and cannot touch silver without suffering burns.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Cell phone
  • Student ID, moneyclip
  • Sharktooth necklace (her own teeth)

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Laptop PC
  • Small TV
  • Tons of clothes
  • Tons of bathing suits
  • So many sandals
  • Several actual surfboards
  • Paints and brushes (for decorating surfboards with Polynesian-styled designs(not very good))
  • A framed photo of her and her dad at a GWU school swim meet, with her having a medal and both looking pleased as punch

Personal History:

Misty Freer, personal name Whakamate Tamahine Moana, was born to a wereshark and a normal shark somewhere off the coast of Hawai'i. Being born in the ocean, from a young age she adopted her wereshark parent's ferocity and predatory ways, until the dangerous wereshark was captured by GWU personnel investigating the unusual spate of attacks and deaths on swimmers in the area.

Misty was still very young. Even at the accelerated growth rate of weresharks, she was barely a toddler in human form when she was picked up by the GWU. Being both sapient and a small child, the GWU was unsure of what to do with the little wereshark, until one Doctor Terrence Freer stepped forward.

Doctor Freer graduated from Columbia University, earning a psychology degree prior to his joining the GWU as a research scientist. Specializing on the behavior of nonhuman anomalous beings, he saw Misty as a great opportunity to see whether or not such a dangerous creature could actually be successfully socialized. And so, Doctor Terrence Freer adopted the little monster, naming her Misty. Because she's water-type and he's nerd enough to remember Pokémon. Off to a great start, Doctor Freer.

Nonetheless, the good Doctor, though single (interminably, as his work was often too much to really get a great social life going), proved to be a capable and loving parent. Misty had the good fortune to grow up in an environment where her unusual needs were met (saltwater baths once weekly, raw living fish for dinner, so on) without the constant desperation and hunger of a wild wereshark. Although not naturally gifted in intellect, Doctor Freer read to her as she was growing up, giving her both greater literacy and an abiding fascination for the world at large. All in all, Doctor Freer's experiment was a success, and he and his adopted daughter developed an actual strong familial bond to boot. He proved that (at least in this limited case) some dangerous nonhumans COULD be habilitated.

Living on the coast of California and being homeschooled meant that Misty had a lot of free time to indulge in her love of the ocean, communing with Sea when not hanging with friends. She became an avid surfer as well as swimmer from an early age, qualities that have stuck with her since being sent to a GWU middle school, and now being transferred over to Sunnybrook. She misses her dad terribly, but finds the place and those in it to be fascinating and exciting. For a solitary predator, she's come a long way.


There's some weirdness to Misty's state as a wereshark. For one, she needs to be fully immersed in salt water for at least an hour once a week. Two, she can only receive nourishment from meat, and needs vast amounts of it at that.

As a Rokea, Misty is technically a sharkwere: shark is her natural form. It is unknown if she could infect a human with a bite. It's possible that a victim would become a werehuman, though it isn't known if a victim would become a variation on her human form or if they'd become… Themselves.

Thoughts on Peeps:

Dan is pretty .. cool! Haha hahahaha I'm horrible. He showed me how to find Sea here. This means a lot to me even if I could have just looked it up on the directory! And he was totally cool about me being a shark thing. He's an okay lich guy.

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