Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: Might as well be an actual kitten! She's as carefree, cute, and curious as a real one, after all. And she's so outgoing, playful and rambunctious!

Nature: Momo isn't one for deep thoughts; she lives in the moment, but she always tries to be nice. But beneath all that is the pain and sorrow she feels, her need for companionship, her fear of being harmed. She also has selfish tendencies, and honestly, a secret desire to control others buried deep within her.

Description: Momo is 4'11", and even though she's small-framed, she's 130Lbs, making her an odd mixture of thin plumpness. Her face has a distinctive cat-like shaping. Her eyes are Amber-coloured, and the pupils are distinctly ovals; not nearly slits like a normal cat, but taller and thinner than human eyes, definitely. Her tail is a fairly light black, quite thin, and a bit over a meter long. Nearish the tip is the word "Owner" in a contrasting orange. Her ears are the same color as the tail, with white at the very tips. She has cute little fangs, too! Her skin tone suggests she's mostly Caucasian, with some relatively recent Asian lineage. Her hair, which is just long enough to frame her face and cover her human ears, is a somewhat bright auburn, which contrasts nicely with the other colors she of her face and clothing.

She has a faint scar of a jagged cut on her right wrist; there's something comparable to a dent in the back of her neck; there are several scars on her back. There's a tiny scar below her left eye that you'd likely miss if you didn't look for it. There's a very distinct scar just above the knee on the back of her left thigh. There's a faint whiteness around her left wrist, like it's always being squeezed a little.

Momo carries herself very cheerily, usually skipping around, swinging her arms; unless, of course, she's on all 4, which isn't uncommon. Momo's movements are usually either very fluid or very abrupt. Momo's always smiling, and usually either very excited or sleepy. Momo's voice is also very high-pitched; some people would find it grating over too much exposure, but most people are able to listen without being annoyed thanks to her supernatural cuteness.

Momo has only one type of dress, but 5 copies. It's an Asian-inspired design, in a deep blue colour. It has detachable sleeves, which hang quite low and have white flower designs on the bottom half. The dress looks to be folded over itself, and only held closed by a silk wrapping that covers from shortly under her breast to the bottom of her belly, but that piece is entirely cosmetic, and she will sometimes not wear it. This wrapping is yellow in color, with a pink-purple color on the top eighth or so. It's tied around her by a small ribbon on the front, tied in a nicely-done bow. The dresses all have a small hole in them for her tail, with extra fabric in that area to allow her freedom of movement without letting others see in. The dress also has a detachable bottom, with similar flowers as the sleeves, but sparser. Without this bottom, the dress stops just above Momo's knees; with it, it brushes the ground and hides Momo's feet. It's not uncommon for Momo to wear two of these dresses when she's cold.
"Momo took these dresses because Momo likes belts!" - Momo


HP: 7/7
"Momo drinks milk to grow bones!" - Momo, 2013

Psyche: 8/8
"Momo's head feels funny…" - Momo

Brawn: 2
"My sister thinks she's strong. It's cute to watch her struggle with something heavy" - Mimi, 2018

Agility: 5
"God damn it, you're too fucking fast! Get off the shelf!" - Momo's attempted murderer, 2018

Brains: 2
"Iz Momo Smart yet? Momo wanna be smart!" - Momo, 2010


  • Artifact Creation - (6 + Brains) Momo doesn't realize how good she is at creating artifacts. She's had a lot of practice with Mimi, and something about the process just makes sense to her.

"Oh, Momo sees! Momo just has to think about putting Momo's cuteness in here!" - Momo, 2018

  • Catlike Reflexes - (3 + Agility) Momo thinks suuuuuper fast! Well, she more just doesn't think, but don't tell her that! Either way, she moves fast, and acts instantly!

"Momo, if you hadn't moved when you did… I'm lucky to have such a great sister." - Mimi, 2018

  • Acro-cat-ic feats - (3 + Agility) Momo is a cat! She can jump high, absorb high falls, and generally just… move like a cat.

"Mimi, Bet I can jump up this shelf!" - Momo, 2010

  • Oh, look! - (4 + Brains) Momo has some predatory instincts within her, and one of the ways that it manifests is that she's always looking and listening around. Or is she just curious what's going on? Either way!

"Look! Look! Mimi, look, can't you see it? Loooook!" - Momo, 2013

Supernatural Abilities:

Sew Cuuute! - 2 -

Momo is really cute! Surely she can't do harm? And she's so fun to watch! Besides being a social skill replacement, when Momo is doing something cute, she can target others that are watching her (-2 to her roll for each additional target) Anyone who fails their mental defense roll will become severely distracted (similar to the D&D mechanic fascination) as long as she maintains action. When in combat, those who fail to defend from this power will instead not be able to attack Momo, and may even make them choose not to attack her allies, circumstantially.
"Momo loves playing with dis yarn <3 :3" - Momo, 2009

that's better! - 2 - Whenever Momo sees something incomplete; whether it be a broken object, or a set of items with one or two missing, she can temporarily create what's needed to fill it in. The objects she creates, however, cannot be anomalous, cannot be larger than herself, and they cannot be more mechanically complex than a door lock. These objects can sustain themselves for anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 hours.
"Oh no, I'm missing a cup! There, a new cup!" - Momo, 2008

Personality - 2 - Momo has a secret power, one only Mimi knows of so far. She can influence others' subconscious mind. Currently, the only way she has ever used this power to anyone's knowledge is in the animal headbands.
"If people found out what my sister could do, they might take her away…" - Mimi, 2018

Kitty body - 3 -

Momo has the benefit of a tail, and cat ears and eyes. As one might expect, these come with some benefits. She can use her eyes to see movement much more precisely than humans, and to see better in lower light conditions. Her ears allow a larger hearing range, and also more acute hearing. Her legs are better able to move silently, spring her up and absorb impacts. And finally, her tail. It gives her much better balancing, and it's also very sensitive to touch. If any of these apply to what she is rolling, then she gains 1/3 this power's ranking (rounded down) as a bonus to that roll.

as well, she really is part cat and part human. Anything that would affect the mind of only one of the two animals will affect her, but at a -2 modifier. When it comes to the body, though, it's a little more complex. Her vital organs are mildly (non-mechanically) affected by cat-only effects, and normally by human-only. Her tail and ears are not affected by human-only effects. Her facial muscles and vocal system are affected nearly full-strength regardless if only one species is effected.

She can also purr and meow just like a real kitty!
"Mrrrrow" - Momo, 2005


Momo has trouble focusing whenever there's no danger in not doing so, and is subject to penalties accordingly (Minor)
"Miss teacher, Momo's bored! Can she leave to go play with yarn?" - Momo, 2018

Momo is sensitive to loud noises. Anything higher than 70 decibels is severely irritating to her. Anything above 85 is physically painful. Anything above 100 is disabling. (Minor)
"Turn those headphones down! The music makes Momo's ears hurt!" -Momo, 2018


Momo doesn't usually carry anything on her person; in fact, usually she can't! Well, she keeps her phone on her, but that's it.

In her Dorm

  • A pile of unsold animal headbands (19)
  • An actual box of kitty toys
  • A couple cute dresses
  • a box big enough for Momo to curl up in
  • A saucer, usually with either cream or water in it
  • Healing Salts

"Mimi, is it wrong to not own stuff?" - Momo, 2011

Personal History:

Momo's history is unfittingly dark for such a cheery kitty (which makes her fit in perfectly with the other students). She was born fraternal twins with her sister Mimi. The two were clearly freaks, and that didn't fit their parents' harsh standards. The rich couple hid them away from the world as soon as possible; the manor staff sworn to secrecy, the children harshly restricted. Momo probably wouldn't be able to recognize her mother today. The children were cared for well, but with an impersonality that one would expect from a rotating staff of caregivers. They had to name themselves! The pair grew very close, and began developing together; learning skills and growing co-dependent. Momo was happy being cute, getting cared for by these people. She only ever needed Mimi, right?

About age 8, they began to be put to use; working as maids for the house. Of course, they didn't like it, but their complaints changed nothing. The pair did their jobs quickly, and then spent their time together. It was about this age when they discovered their powers. This was new and interesting! They spent a lot of time getting into it, messing around with it. This was also when they began to be aware of how their personalities differed; how Mimi was the one that liked to be in charge, and she always looked out for Momo. That was something Momo liked. And Momo saw that she liked being crazy and energetic more than Mimi, and even started doing things to accentuate that, such as speaking in third person.

Unfortunately, things turned for the worse. It was their 14th birthday, and late night, their father came to visit. It wasn't a happy visit in the least, though; he was drunk, and he began to beat them, blaming them for his problems. "Why couldn't you have been two normal, lovely girls? Why did you have to be freaks!?" The two girls couldn't fight back, partially from sheer disbelief in the situation. When he was gone, they cared for eachother, and made sure they were both alright. It took a few months, but it happened again. Even worse than last time. He was drinking more and more; Mimi became distant in her worrying over the next occurrences. This was the worst time in Momo's life, and has left scars; both literal and figurative.

One day, when they saw one of the tell-tale signs of their father coming to beat them again, Mimi had a plan: Act cute! Momo didn't understand, but she trusted Mimi's directions: ignore the father, and play with the toys. It worked… For a while. When she stopped, however, the beatings didn't follow too much longer. That was the last straw for Mimi, and she grew even more distant as she devised a plan. They had whole days where Mimi didn't say a word. It took 2 months, but the time came; The two used their powers and skills to their advantage and escaped, carrying nothing but a small suitcase each. But Mimi noticed something strange as they were escaping. Things shouldn't have gone so well. They should have been caught, but they weren't. Eventually she'd learn of Momo's other power, but that was where she first grew suspicious of it.

Now they were homeless children; they spent a couple weeks living in the alleyways of the town, doing their best to stay out of view. But one day, a man came upon them, offering to let them stay the night in his home. While Mimi was weary, neither of them could refuse a chance at a shower, or a meal that wasn't from the garbage. He brought them to the apartment, and he was nice to the two of them. But Momo felt something wrong, so they stayed on guard. She was lucky she woke up in the middle of the night. The man was creeping towards her in the dark of the room, a knife in hand. She shrieked a little, and woke up Mimi. The man was stronger than the tiny, half-starved kids though, and both of them were hurt badly in the fight. Neither of them are quite sure how they managed to do what they did, but they did it. He was disarmed. Mimi told Momo to find a first-aid kit, that she'd follow in a moment. Momo never questioned what happened to the man, and never suspected Mimi killed him.

So they were out on the streets again. The next time they were found, only a few days later, they had much better luck. They were taken to an orphanage, and it wasn't long before they made it to Sunnybrook. From there, the two kept relatively isolated, worn out from the past year. Mimi got Momo a necklace that made her invisible, to let her stay safe while out and about (which has now lost its power and become mundane). This piqued their curiosity in artifacts, and eventually led to their manufacturing of Animal Headbands. But those versions were imperfect; they made you act like the animal, and they were addictive. Mimi realized this, and kept Momo from distributing them. Until they made the new, safer versions. However, there was a miscommunication between the two, and Momo started giving out all the old ones for free. When she was discovered by a few students of the San Francisco dorm, they let out how much these headbands had messed with them, and this sent Momo into one of her longest sad periods; she had hurt people! It took weeks before she was back to normal, which was a long time for her!

Since then, Mimi has slowly been pushing Momo to be more socialable, almost pushing the girl away. They no longer share a room, and they rarely spend long periods together outside of making artifacts together. Some of Momo's friends have yet to see Mimi, even!


15 years old, birthday is August 1st
"Momo, we're growing up. I just hope you won't find it hard to get used to being older." - Mimi, 2016

T:1 U:1 XP:0
"Every day, we should get better at something! That way, when we grow up, we'll be the bestest at everything!" - Momo and Mimi, 2007

"They may be freaks, but they're still my daughters. The least I can do is make sure they get what people of our wealth deserve." - Momo's Mother, 2005

scene guide
"Momo, you said you'd remember!" - Mimi

+1 to Kitty Body, +1 to That's better (June 12, 2016)
+1 to Agility (July 3, 2016)
+2 to aritfact creation (July 31, 2016)
+2 to Psyche (September, 2016)


+1 to that's better!, +1 to Sew cuuute! (Oct 23, 2016)

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