Morgan Faust

Basic Info:

You are the Hero of your own Story.
- Joseph Campbell

Player: SavanahHolland

Demeanor: A nervous and sweaty ball of awkwardness, human interaction is hardly something she can do well, and it shows quite obviously. She'll try to force form a smile and talk to you, but almost always has no idea how to keep a conversation going, not that she usually even wants to. She'll answer your questions, and some will pin it on her just being shy, in truth she really just wants to get back to her manga. Why are you trying to talk to a girl that was reading in the first place anyways, what's wrong with you people.

Nature: In truth, she's rather outgoing, well, she is only with the people she feels comfortable around, like she can talk normally to her younger brother Thomas, but everyone else makes her nervous or uncomfortable. She likes to be alone usually, left to her own devices, and by devices I mean either her laptop or a comic, she gets bored rather easily after all. She's kind, well, as kind as a average person can actually be, she usually don't go out of her way to do nice things. She happens to be a hardened criminal, when she was in second grade, she stole a paperclip from the teacher's desk. What a monster. Our dear heroine in short is average, and doesn't plan on that changing, well unless our Heroine can somehow manage to snag a boyfriend or girlfriend, ah, one can dream.

Description: At the height of 5'6 and around 180 lbs she is a rather bulky girl, she's thought about losing weight in the past but was never really strong enough to say no to another slice of lemon cheesecake. She has long dark brown thick wavy hair and light chartreuse green eyes. She's usually seen wearing whatever suits her fancy in the moment, but her seventh grade black chorus hoodie, jeans, and dark brown boots usually fit the bill, sometimes if she's feeling spiffy she'll wear some black fingerless gloves. She's never been into fashion, and actually finds herself dreading being taken along somewhere to shop in the first place. She wears her hair down, occasionally pulling it up when she's really doing anything that requires physical activity, just to keep herself from getting sweaty more often than not.


HP and Psyche start at 6, can't raise during creation, but add 1/2 of Brawn to HP.
Brawn, Agility and Brains start at 1 each, starting cap 4, total cap 6, and you get 5 points to distribute among them.

HP: 7/7

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 2

Brains: 4


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do
Skills rolls add their associated stat as well (Brawn, Agility or Brains). You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

These boots were made for walking, but that's not all they do - 2 -
Morgan has never been, and probably never will be a fighter, but when it comes to defending herself from the creepy crawlies she can summon just enough to gallantly flail, bite and scream. Our heroine certainly is a brave one. Brawling, Brawn
Don't hug me, I'm scared - 3 -
Morgan usually knows exactly when it's time to bolt, she may hate running with a passion, but our heroine certainly knows that when a mob of rabid beavers with chain-saw tails are chasing you, it's time to run for dear life. Parkour, Agility
Coordination of a Gamer - 3 -
Morgan isn't always a floppy fish when it comes to physical activity, at times her gamer instincts kick in, mostly from that Just Dance 3 binge she had in sixth grade. Reflexes, Agility
Lol, slap a bandaid on it, he'll live - 2 -
Morgan by no means has any idea what she's doing, she's played surgeon simulator a few times, so she'll tell you you're in good hands. First-Aid, Brains
I'm not crying, you're crying - 4 -
Despite the fact that our heroine is a sweaty ball of nervousness, she's actually a skilled actor, and she uses that to her advantage, she'll lie through whatever means necessary if it'll result in her own gain, all those times spending hours on Town of Salem seemed to have paid off. Acting, Brains

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually.

Our Heroine: Morgan the Ripper - 4 -
She can feel it, she could feel it ever since she had turned sixteen years of age, she could feel it so brutally after that day where she just couldn't stand it. She knows the ripping has calmed down, it's still so loud, but she can keep going. She doesn't have to curl up into a ball and scream for the rest of her life, yes, our heroine can keep strong. Morgan can control the chaos of forces around her, can see how each little movement can be used to manipulate something so much bigger than herself. Just by stepping a certain way she can make a glass fall off a table on the other side of the room, it hurts to break into the forces, but she can do it, though at the moment she has little control or understanding of her powers.

Ah, but the show must go on! - 3 -
Our dear heroine doesn't exactly love the idea of dying, and why would she? When she dies it's not like she'll be coming back. So, if she ever feels threatened, or scared, almost part of her instinct, she doesn't even know that she can do this. She can bind the forces of the area around her to push back against everything near her, it would easily bust lightbulbs in rooms, tear through flooring, rip lamp posts right out of the ground and throw people right away from her.


Things that cause problems for your character, often side effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.

Control is haaaaard
Morgan has little control of her powers, her second one is mostly instinctive, only something she can do when she feels scared for her life. Due to how recent she's even discovered she has powers, she doesn't know in the slightest what she's doing. She'll end up feeling it along the way, probably. Permanently has a -1 modifier to her first power. Thems the breaks. Mild

Oh wow she threw up.. {Points not counted}
Due to the nature of her powers, if she were to get in a car, plan, airplane or really any form of fast transportation, she's quickly hit with extreme motion sickness. She gets queasy, and soon has a pounding headache, she'll survive, she'll really just hate every minute of it.

Garbage {Points not counted}
Morgan's self esteem had taken a nose dive since she's been young. She knows she's a idiot, a stupid fat idiot because she's been told it so many times by her peers. That she's nothing, and never will be anything. This has taken a toll on her mental health, the young girl suffering from severe depression, mild paranoia and panic attacks. Mild


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Black 2014 Chorus hoodie.
  • Undertale tee-shirt.
  • Leather-back black journal diary.
  • Worn out dark brown leather satchel.
  • Fake black leather wallet filled with two dollars, gum wrappers, and a drivers license.
  • Altoids container filled with stale candy corn, why does she have this? No idea.
  • Mini packet of tissues, just in case.
  • Black fingerless gloves.
  • Water bottle filled with red kool-aid.
  • Four black hair bands, two of them broken.. thick hair is the worst.
  • Pack of cigarettes.
  • Adventure time Beemo lighter.
  • Black glasses case with a pair of simple black frame glasses.
  • Contact case.
  • Mini contact solution bottle.
  • Packet of mechanical pencils, highlighters and assorted school supplies.
  • Touch-screen phone with a Dr. Who case and cute charms she made with clay.
  • Picture on her phone of Katlyn LeBlanc she took when the girl wasn't looking.
  • Multiple pictures of Katlyn LeBlanc in stereotypical French attire.
  • Pictures Morgan creepily took of Leah Nasser when she wasn't looking.
  • Even more pictures, mostly of around the campus, even some of odd looking Students.
  • Empty Yeti tumbler.
  • Epinephrine autoinjector, better known as EpiPen.
  • Totoro umbrella.
  • Stick of rock candy and a note saying "Break to relax".
  • Mini first aid kit.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A ungodly amount of contact solution bottles.
  • An assortment of tank-tops, hoodies, tee-shirts, beanies and dark jeans.
  • Sketch-pad filled with horribly bad drawings of manga characters.
  • White sheets, white blanket and a fluffy blue blanket.
  • Cheap earbuds.
  • Surprisingly expensive looking Window's laptop that looks like Lisa Frank threw up stickers on the back.
  • Packets of Lisa Frank stickers.
  • Undertale Poster taped up above her bed.
  • Adorable sushi and emoji pillows/plushies.
  • Large first aid kit, never can be too safe!
  • Stamp that says in small lettering {Mission Accomplished!}.
  • Hot Chocolate kit, for any hot chocolate emergency!
  • Leftover IHOP chocolate chip pancakes Chocolate Chip Bagels.
  • Attack on Titan Levi body pillow that she hides under her bed during the day and cuddles with at night.
  • Tiny ragged stuffed duck she had lovingly dubbed as a small child, 'Roasty'.
  • Gym bag filled with towels, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, all either scentless or lemon scented.
  • White 3DS with an assortment of games.
  • Mangas, among the list of Mangas she owns is Fruits Basket, Fairy Tale and Inuyasha.
  • Inuyasha Shippo plushy.
  • Copy of Pastel Webs signed by the Author.
  • Entire Game of Thrones book series.
  • Christmas coffee mug. {Says on the front "I'm a cotton headed ninny muggins", charming}
  • A stash of assorted chips and chicken cup ramen. {5 Ramen left, 7 Bags of Chips left}
  • Framed picture of her family. {Mother, father, younger brother, her and two cats.}
  • Framed picture of her and her brother. {Young Morgan and Thomas, both holding a kitten}

Personal History:

Before Morgan and her younger brother Thomas were born, her parents first had a young son that died at three years of age, her parents never really spoke of him, never said anything about him. Really the only information the siblings had on their older brother was that his name was Elijah, the picture that hung in their parents bedroom and the sad looks on their family member's faces the few times it was brought up.

Their parents always seemed distant, Morgan never seemed to feel much connection with them and always felt terribly guilty for it. Before her younger brother was old enough to ever stand up for her, in grade school she was often bullied and beaten on my the other kids, and she took it because she was scared if she told them to stop she'd be alone to play by herself. It got better as she got older, her middle school had a zero tolerance policy and her younger brother started stepping in despite the two year age difference.

Most eight graders aren't exactly up in arms to beat up a sixth grader, and all that was left was the awkward Morgan. She was often sad, didn't even really like talking, in classes rather than doing work or out of classes rather than socializing she'd rather have a good graphic novel. When she sat in the lunchroom with no one to talk to she'd day dream about a different life where she could have cool powers, she could be a grim reaper, or her school life could somehow turn into a romantic comedy where she would meet a cute boy that would protect her no matter what.

But alas, she ended up having to wait a few more years before anything of that sort was possible. Around sixteen years old Morgan started to become even more creative, she wrote stories about how she would gain powers and be the Heroine, well those stories among the walls and walls of yandere Levi fanfiction garbage. She always imagined it so vividly, so vividly she wouldn't even notice as she closed her eyes how the empty glass of water at her bed side would tip over, just blaming on the damn cats, even if it wasn't in the room, it was just a way to keep herself from getting the creepy crawlies.

She started feeling things, strange things, she started feeling what she could only describe as the force of everything around her, pushing, pulling and grabbing, everything. Every movement had a reaction in these forces, though she felt it, she just thought it was just all in her head, that she was imagining it. But as time progressed it only got harder to ignore, it almost hurt to move because of how much the movement ripped through the forces she felt. Feeling sick to her stomach as the bell rung and classes were getting ready to change.

She couldn't stand it, a hand over her mouth, head pounding as she let out a scream, desks being pushed back, thrown around the room, she couldn't stand the sound of ripping, the forces ripping and changing direction. She fainted, students were filed out of the building as if this were just some kind of simple fire drill.

Men in black suits came, told her and her brother to pack their things, in truth she didn't know why they were there, wondering if they were with the government and were planning to experiment on them or something. She had no idea why they were taking Thomas too, but wherever they were going, there was that hope that maybe everything could start getting better. Of course that's up to our dear Heroine, isn't it?


Millionaire Tycoon! - $07.00 -
Collect all the Experience! - 0014 -
Level! I- I mean Tier! - 0 -
Minions! Friends! - ??? - I may have lost count

  • Morgan hates raw tomatoes and spaghetti with a passion.
  • Her favorite desert is lemon cheese cake.
  • Is a proud member of the LGBT+ Society.
  • Our Heroine's favorite foods are either chicken fingers or BBQ chicken pizza.
  • Favorite color is navy blue, second favorite color is yellow.
  • Morgan loves apple blossoms, and are probably her favorite flowers.
  • Can't stand math, but is surprisingly not terrible at it.
  • Favorite subject is World History.
  • Morgan's birthday is October 2, 2002.
  • Our Heroine has lived all her life in Peachtree City, GA.
  • Middle name is Lucille.
  • Favorite animals are red pandas and cats, especially kittens.
  • Dislikes artificial grape and orange flavor.
  • Chugs coffee like no tomorrow.
  • Morgan's favorite book is Pastel Webs, oh the romance!
  • Very seriously despises Teleportation and Bagels.
  • Morgan's powers are a mixture of Psychokinesis and the Chaos theory's Butterfly Effect
  • Wore glasses when she was younger, but got so self conscious she started on contacts.
  • Is allergic to hazel nuts, poor girl can't have Nutella, ever.
  • Oddly always smells like a mixture of cigarette smoke and fresh lemons.
  • Favorite and first anime/manga she ever had the pleasure to enjoy was Inuyasha.
  • Despite her age she's actually found herself to really enjoy red wine, maybe plum wine, maybe.
  • Isn't a fan of eating pork, or really any meat from pigs, even bacon, she doesn't understand the appeal.
  • On the internets, Morgan's user/screen name is 'MadamRed28' usually paired with a picture of Carmen Sandiego. Saucy.
  • Knows that there probably isn't a god, but still clings to it because she's terrified of the idea when you die you stop existing.
  • Is attracted to over-protective and possessive people, which isn't always a good thing in a relationship, she has no experience so mistakes are bound to happen, let's just hope our Heroine doesn't get killed so early in the show just because of 'true love'.
  • Morgan grew up with two cats that they had rescued from a shelter, the first named Milk-dud was a cream colored cat with brown paws, face and tail. The second was named John Snow, a white cat with brown eyes and a bobtail.

Important Logs:

"It's log, log, It's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
It's log, log, it's better than bad, it's good."

Training -

Tutoring -

The Heroine's Story -
Katlyn and Morgan, The Heroine and The French Mute
Leah and Morgan, The Heroine and The Stoner
Leah and Morgan, The Heroine and Her Failures

Journal Diary:

I swear to god if anyone tries to read this I will [DATA EXPUNGED DUE TO GRAPHIC NATURE] you.
That is not a threat, it is a promise.

Our Heroine's story thus far -

4/7/2018, First Day: Pretty French girls and Magick…
Okay wow, yeah, okay. So, I'm in my new dorm room at this moment, just got fresh off the —boat- bus, and I'd be lying if I said I weren't confused and a little freaked out. This is the kind of thing straight from Manga, I don't actually think I'm in one, am I? {nervous laughing} Man, I'm not gonna survive long here am I?
Status: Confused

Okay did I just get to interact with a pretty mute French girl? YES, YES I DID. This is all so.. odd? Yeah, odd, this is really odd. We 'talked' for awhile and I introduced her to the brilliant world of manga and talked to her about my kitties. You know, besides her, I kinda miss my cats, well not kind of, I really miss them, especially my John Snow.. I'm so used to having him sleep at the end of the bed and keep my cold feet toasty. :c Oh yeah! And apparently, we're getting brunch tomorrow morning, might have to skip a class but I don't really care that much, as long as I get to munch on crepes in the company of a pretty gal.
Status: Feelin' up French

Ugh, okay, just gonna say right now, teleportation, is annoying. I swear, okay, so I met this dude named Ravi, pretty sure he was british or something because his voice was actually really nice. Silky smooth~ But he just kinda came out of nowhere when I was on the roof, also, this school has a roof that you can get to, awesome. I keep getting distracted, blarg. He asked if I wanted to ride his magical shadow dog, which… yeah, you can guess my reaction. That sounds dirty >-> Anyways, I was like "lol no". And then he cleared it up… only to then purposefully make it even more dirty, he's a real piece of work.
Status: Faintly Annoyed

5/7/2018, Second Day: Brunch and Dirty Stinkin' Teleportation
Okay, okay, so I finally got to go get Brunch with Katlyn, well, after barely getting any sleep because I was so excited. Well, maybe I didn't get any sleep because I was on youtube.. don't judge me, you're just a piece of paper. Anyways, the crepes were freaking awesome, I almost died. And Katlyn? Katlyn looked rockin', she had a beret, and a black and white striped shirt. She looked like a really amazing french girl that I was getting Brunch with, which is what in fact, did indeed happen. Also found a five dollar bill, Score!
Status: Oh god too many Crepes

I decided to spend most of the rest of the day alone, but I guess Sunnybrook had other plans for me… well, not-so-unfortunately at least. I was in the kitchen, eating potato chips like the weaboo scum I am, and a dude, that I swear was like, 7'5 or something, walked in. He was huge. I of course embarrassed the cheese and crackers out of myself by my powers deciding to be stupid, chairs falling back and chips going everywhere. God I'm so embarrassed… I should go like.. die in a hole somewhere..
Status: An embarrassment to humanity and non-humanity alike

Much like the time I had met the British Punk, Ravi, whom happened to like to freak me the heck out with the disgusting art of teleportation, I meet Zeke, Zeke Ward. A spunky girl? Nope, boy. Despite the absolutely darling dresses and hair he sports, he's still very much a boy that just happens to like looking pretty. I kinda wanna pinch his cheeks, such a shame that his power is so very annoying.
Status: Smh

7/7/2018: Bagel o's
This is not okay. What kind of god would allow this madness? This madness that is now the dorm kitchen. Bagels are everywhere, everything is now bagels. Even tiny bagels in the cereal, and someone left a pizza in the fridge? It's now a giant everything bagel. This is.. despicable. Truly horrifying, I thought my ham sandwich had turned into a chocolate chip bagel? Wrong. It was raisin.
Status: Throughly Disgusted

9/7/2018: Missing girls
Apparently as of late in that not so wonderful town of WindVale, little girls, age 8 to 13 apparently have steadily been going missing, well, so far three have and the town's folk are going nuts. I don't blame them really.. The only reason I know is because the town is absolutely plastered with missing posters and police questioning everyone. I think I should just duck my head and not get involved, I'm no detective, I'm just a simple girl that just happens to be stuck in a school for magical children. See? Simple!
Status: Lil' Bummed out

Despite the sadness of seeing all those wanted posters, parents, and the laughably small police force at work, I managed to walk around town for a bit, even decided to have some lunch at IHOP once I realized this small town actually had one. I might have ordered just a bit too much though.. but hey! Lots of pancakes for me!
Status: Pancakes for Days!

10/7/2018: Rotting Stoner Girl
Bagels, they plague my mind.. they won't even go away, someone seriously needs to hurry up and stock the kitchen.. it's horrifying. So I decided to collect a bunch of them in a basket, put them all in there, and well, look them over, try to find clues on why the heck everything turned to bagels. Anyways, so this girl comes in thats pretty cool looking and the bagels go flying because my power is intensely stupid. I start picking them up and she comments on how I must have bagel manipulation or something, I pity the poor girl that actually does have bagel manipulation. So we end up talking, apparently she eats umm, edibles, note to self: don't eat the chocolate bagels, or do.. She also has weird rotting powers, her thumb she said almost rotted off, you can tell, kinda gross but I'm also gross. Anyways, she's the first person I've met here that I've been comfortable with the entire tine, I dunno if it was the 'Bagel High' or something, but I felt confident when talking to her. And with the way I've learned this place works? If I didn't ask her out then, next time I'd see her she would already be confessing her undying love to another, which would be unfortunate for me. But hey! She said sure! I'm taking her to that Dim Sum place, though I might have to do some research on what we should get there, knowing me we might end up accidentally picking out a four course meal of pure tripe just because I didn't do research, not going through that again.
Status: Excited but Fearful of Dying Alone

11/7/2018: Nothing to do but curse Bagels and Teleportation
Darn those bagels! Darn them! And Teleportation! Annoying! Well, I won't lie to you piece of paper, I'm bored and kinda just wanted something to do, seems writing was a bust, or maybe not, maybe I should write some crappy fan fiction, that always gets my mind busy! Buh, but I have no inspiration, plus I now live in a place packed with inspiration.. I must have writers block.. Maybe I should play some Fallout 4 to pass the time.. yeah I know it's three years old! Shut up! It's still fun! Just because something is a little older doesn't mean its bad!
Status: You can't Judge me, you're just a piece of paper

13/7/2018: Plotting Pals and Revenge of The Bagel God
Okay so I was throwing bagels off the roof I admit, but it was just because I wanted to throw bagels at people and make the birds happy. Plus there was one girl that went nuts over the fact that bagels were raining from the sky, I think it made her day, who am I to take away the magic? So eventually this dude notices, his name is Jon. We joked a bunch, came up and threw bagels with me. Now we're plotting pals, and by that I mean it was just an excuse for me to get another number, plotting my arse.
Status: Gee Wiz I'm so Popular

I.. I'm speechless, mostly because of the fact that I had to fish you out from my room being knee-deep in bagels. Turns out, there might actually be a bagel deity of sorts out there, and boy do we have a feud. Anyways, I kinda screamed because yeah, that huge mountain of a kid, Bob, the dude running the Welcome to SunnyBrook club, came running. He had a brilliant idea to grab some bags, collect the bagels, go to town and give the bagels to people that really need that kinda food. Wadda nice guy.
Status: Humans are nice

25/7/2018: I… I don't know anymore
I lost you for awhile, among the bagels I guess you got lost.. it's been.. awhile hasn't it diary? Lots of stuff has happened.. Basically? I screwed any idea of me and Leah together. Katlyn might be a whore? Nah, she's still cool.. I just am not as special as I thought I was.. I also destroyed a Dim Sum place, might have hurt some people and I'll be alone forever and ever. I'm just… what do I do?
Status: Alone

22/9/2018: I'm back, I guess
For awhile after my lest diary entry, I just kind of wandered? I didn't go to class as much, not that I care, it's sure as hell not likely I'll get to go to a normal college. I mostly stayed up at night and slept my days away, not really seeming to have any purpose, and I don't think that's changed.. but meeting someone shot some determination into my veins.
Status: The idea of friendship fills you with determination!

This girl I met, she said her name was Minami, she's Japanese though, so it's likely her last name. She's cute, short red hair, mostly wears black and also has a black blindfold on. She might be blind? Or it has something to do with her power? I won't pry too much I guess. I caught her playing the piano late at night in the common room, which was super edgy, like, it's something you'd see in a television drama or a terrible anime. Of course I ruined it by falling down the damn stairs, I blame it on my powers, they're dumb. So, in the end I kinda sorta convinced her to go out with me?? I mean, I meant it as a date… but she doesn't need to know that yet. I'll take her somewhere nice, the bill on me, problem is.. where am I going to get the money?
Status: Screwed

Relationships with Minions Friends -

Thomas Faust: Well, he's my younger brother, duh. Not much to say about him in reality, he's a good kid, he really is. I have high hopes for him in the future! Maybe he'll become a doctor or somefin…
Relation: Younger brother

Katlyn LeBlanc: [UPDATE] What a girl.. seriously. I went on our Brunch Date with her, and she looked freaking, amazing. She had on a black beret, like she promised, and a black and white, stereotypically French clothes. It was great! Even snapped a few pictures of her and us together, I feel almost underdressed.. I got the crepes and she got this weird sandwich thing I think, but the crepe was intensely amazing, plus it was absolutely packed with fresh fruit… especially strawberries and blackberries.. which I love. I'm an idiot.
Relation: Nothing

Akemi Kimura: She doesn't really know me yet.. sadly. :[ But! I have kinda sorta been really creepy and have stared at her during class. I'm a A+ creeper!
Relation: Pretty girl I stare at instead of doing Math ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ravi Kashivant: He's a british punk! Well, yeah, that's a pretty good description of him. Plus he doesn't know when to stop making innuendos! I mean, i'd like to imagine we're friends, maybe? Not that I wanna be friends with him or anything. Dear god if I become a real tsundere kill me where I stand.
Relation: Riding the Friendship Ship

Zeke Ward: Teleportation is never okay. I have realized this, down with teleportation! Also down with transportation! Anyways, he's a boy apparently, one that wears adorable freaking dresses and goes a hundred miles per second. I thought only boys that wore dresses existed in manga, at least, to this scale, but I guess not! Seriously, he looks straight out of a trap [DATA EXPUNGED DUE TO GRAPHIC NATURE].
Relation: Friends! Hopefully!

Bob Mazzetti: [UPDATE] He's actually a really nice guy. Mind you, I still stand by the fact that he's a big adorable awkward doofus, but he gave me the idea of giving the bagels away to people who need it most. We went out and did it together, really rewarding.
Relation: He's kinda like a puppy.. a really big one..

Leah Nasser: [UPDATE] Okay so she's pretty cool to be honest. I kinda wanna woo her, maybe, if I can. It's just a weird thing actually being comfortable with someone I don't know that well, and I've developed this crush that might seemingly come out of nowhere, I don't even know her that well.. Is it cheating though? I only kinda sorta went on a single date with Kat, and I like her too, a lot! But at the same time I now like Leah a lot too! Ugh this is complicated. When I asked her out she said she was interested in other people too which was a bit discouraging, but I won't let that hold me back, I will woo her heart! Mark my words paper! Mark my words! Guess I was wrong, again.
Relation: Sigh

Jon Aeris: Okay yeah I can see best friend material in this dude. He's kinda a wimp, but aye, I ain't got any room to judge. He threw bagels with me off the roof, and we're plotting pals which is kinda cool I guess. From what he's said apparently he might have been bullied in the past.. man I feel that, hope he's okay. I know the bullying back where I lived changed everything about me…
Relation: Plotting Pal

Aiko Minami: She's just.. really interesting. And it's so oddly pleasant? Even if I can't woo her, I'd really like to be her friend.. She likes anime, she's Japanese? She's every weaboo's dream friend. It doesn't help that she acts like a total tsundere, gaaah she's so cute!
Relation: Frieeeend?

Smart PhoneupF2cl5.gifContacts -

[Thomas :D] < In Favorites
[Info-Chan] < In Favorites
[Plotting Pal (Jon)]
[Cutie Pie (Zita)]
[This is Dog (Moby)]

List of stuff you need to do already -

Morgan, seriously, this stuff on this list needs to be done at some point or another, don't keep forgetting! I'm serious!! You know what? Get up and do this stuff right now, yeah, I thought so.

  • Find some means to make quick money fast..
  • Go on that kinda sorta date with Minami.
  • Maybe get a hair cut.. this thick jungle of hair is getting annoying..
  • Become popular! Wishful thinking..?

List of stuff you've done! Be proud! -

  • Join a Club! Don't care what! Just join it! {Mission Accomplished!}
  • Convince Katlyn to love you to go on a date with you! Yeah! {Mission Accomplished!}
  • Have brunch with Katlyn and get a picture of her in a beret. <3 {Mission Accomplished!}
  • Sort your dang stuff, seriously your room looks terrible, gosh. {Mission Accomplished!}
  • Clean up all these darn bagels… {Mission Accomplished!}

Upgrades -

Toughen Up - Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind - Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection - Increase any Attribute by 1
Power Boost - Increase Supernatural Powers by 2 {must split between two powers, you can add new ones. New powers being brought up from 0 are an exception to splitting, and may have both points invested in them.}
Learning New Tricks - increase Skill Points by 2 {you can add new skills}
Anomalous Generation - {special} create an artifact with the permission of the GM. This can be taken without counting toward the next tier {and probably should be if you want to maximize your potential}.

Tier 0 -
U1: N/A
U2: N/A
U3: N/A
U4: N/A

Tier 1 -
U1: N/A
U2: N/A
U3: N/A
U4: N/A

Morgan's Wall -
Here be dragons, not really. Morgan recently put up a dry erase board on her door where anyone can put what they want. A little orange sticky note to the side of it saying 'Write anything :D' so have a field day students! Yeah, You can post stuffs here guys, its okay, though no curse words.. because I'm on a school computer.


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