Nate Nicholson

Basic Info:

Player: BobaFettuccine
Name: Nate Nicholson

XP Unspent/Total: 2/91

Demeanor: He's friendly, calm, and eager to please. Always there with an encouraging (or terrifying if you judge on appearances) smile or a friendly bit of talk.

Nature: Nate has been through some pretty bad stuff and he's come out the other side with a positive attitude intact. Despite what he's been through he still thinks that people on the whole are inherently good and wants to bring good into the world as best he can.

Description: Nate is seven (eight if you count his horns) feet and eight inches tall, extremely muscular and red. Like, firetruck red. His skin is almost stony in it's texture and he has sharp, serrated teeth. His eyes are yellow with the flat, horizontal pupils of a goat, he has foot long horns sprouting from his skull. His legs are goatlike, with dark red fur and hooves and if you saw a pitchfork in his clawed hands it would fit the image. In short, he looks like the stereotypical depiction of Satan. This freaks a lot of people out. Oh, he also wears glasses that look ridiculously tiny on him. As far as clothes go, he usually just wears a black hoody and blue jeans, all of his clothes are obviously homemade.


Brawn: 6

Finesse: 3

Acuity: 2

Resolve: 4

Charisma: 1


Initiative: 5

Health: 13

Psyche: 8

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 17
Reflex Total: 8
Willpower Total: 4
Parry Roll: 13
Dodge: 8
Mundane DR: 16
Ability DR: 16

Equipped and Consumables on Hand


  • Natural Armor from power 7/7
  • DV-E Barrier 1/1



  • Medicine - (2) Acuity Medical type stuff.
  • Horrific - (4) Brawn Due to his appearance, Nate is really good at intimidating people.
  • Wrestling - (7) Brawn Due to his massive muscles, Nate's pretty fearsome in close combat.
  • Vitality - (11 (10+1 from Really Tough)) Brawn Nate is big and tough.
  • Crafting - (2) Acuity Do you have any idea how hard it is to find clothes made to fit someone as big as Nate? He makes all his own.
  • Reflexes - (5) - Finesse
  • Willpower - (1) - Resolve


Really Tough - 7 (Power)
Nate's mutations make him look extremely demonic, but they also make him really tough, at 7 and a half feet tall and with thick, almost stony skin that can occasionally turn aside bullets and the like he can take some punishment.

Really Strong - 5 (power)
His impressive size and musculature aren't just for show, they also make him super buff. It also allows him to perform massive feats of strength at risk of harming himself.

Mutation, Wound Transference - 2 (gift) - Probably his strangest mutation, Nate may transfer the wounds of another to himself in an odd kind of healing, he must be touching his target with both hands and take an action to activate this power, upon activation he rolls this power+resolve, damage taken by his target up to the roll of the power is transferred to Nate, this power can put Nate down to 0HP.


  • Weakness to cold (-7) - //All cold damage increased by three, bypasses his natural armor and reduces all rolls by two after calculating successes while in environments of freezing temperature or below.
  • Everyone's Shield - 5 - Twice per turn, you may intercept without spending an action at no penalty.
  • Selective Reflexes - 2 - Your intercept attempts get +3.
  • I Won't Let That Happen Anymore - 6 - After an ally has reached ≤2 health due to enemy action, or two allies have taken at least 2/3 of their health in damage, you get +1 to all attacks and defenses, and +5 to intercept attempts for the rest of the encounter.
  • Effort Mastery - 2 - Retained Effort beyond 1 day (and therefore assumed Effort at the start of most hard RP) is determined solely by Brawn
  • Focus Mastery - 2 - Retained Focus beyond 1 day (and therefore assumed Focus at the start of most hard RP) is determined solely by Resolve
  • Natural Armor - 5 - 2 points mundane dr
  • Resistant Body - 4 - 2 points ability dr


$$$: 615

+200 from moving in
+40x16 Janitorial position
+500 Anti's spaceship run
+25 Tournament Loss
-750 DV-E Barrier

List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Water bottle
  • Wallet with a picture of his family
  • Pocket Bible

And everything that they keep in their dorm at Fifth Sanctum. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above may be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A portable sewing machine
  • four homemade hoodies, five pairs of jeans, and 6 button up shirts. Since he can't get a t-shirt on because of his horns.
  • A simple wooden cross hung on the wall
  • An old, beat up desktop computer with a slightly cracked monitor.

XP and Advancement


XP History:
+50.5 converted from old system
+1.5 Vitriolic Children
+2 Run: AAACCC
+34 monthly
+3 Winter Formal Prince

Initial Details:

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