Basic Info:

Player: Soulless

Demeanor: Nemexia is often airheaded seeming. He to dote on others and have others dote on him. He often comes off as percieving the world just a little off compared to others, things often connecting in abnormal ways, although harmlessly so. He could be described as energetic, airheaded, curious and caring.

Nature: Nemexia likes when things are convenient for him, although not in a way that is laziness- he likes it when things are set up in a way in which no one tells him "no". His morality is essentially shot- he understands other people have morals, and that morals are generally a thing you work around a person to achieve your goals for. It's not as if he doesn't genuinely care about others or that he is actively malicious, though. He just wants things to go conveniently, is all. He wants things to be fun.

Nemexia is also deeply traumatized from his Change. There are still some things that will cause him to react unpredictably and dangerously. He's cautious when people are affectionate to him. He's scared of being stuck indoors. He flinches if someone lifts their arm too fast around him, stills when someone rests a hand on or around his neck. He often feels terribly homesick and needy for more direction than is healthy. In his own way, he's got wounds he can't handle- and refuses to even see.

Description: Nemexia looks like a 15-16 year old kid that is alarmingly sickly, about 5 feet 3 inches in height. His skin is pallid and almost translucent. His lips, hands and feet are a slight shade of blue. He has a light lavender in his eyes, matching the light-almost-white lavender of his hair. In contrast, he has a penchant for striking colors of clothing- dark blacks, bright scarlets, vivid golds and oranges, and summery greens are all a common chunk of his closet.


HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1(start) + 0(char creation) = 1 Total

Agility: 1(start) + 2 (char creation) = 3 total

Brains: 1(start) + 3 (char creation) +1 (Upgrade)= 5 total


Things your character is good at, things normal people can do

  • As Fast As I Look Sickly: (4) (Agility) Nemexia loves to run, jump, twirl. He's a hopscotch champion, a god on the dancefloor, and the first in line when the ice cream truck jingles its tune.
  • Pretty, Pretty Please: (4 + 1(Upgrade) = 5) (Brains) Nemexia could be described as a clever little shit sometimes. He'll confess to you the most solemn lies you'll ever know and fake any injury on WebMD to get out of tests and classes.
  • Quick Fingers, Quiet Feet: (2 + 1(Upgrade) = 3) (Agility) When he can't lie his way for material gain, Nemexia may just steal and pretend he has no idea where things went. Careful nothing in your pockets catches his eye- he doesn't understand what asking permission is.
  • What's that?: (2) (Brains) Nemexia likes to pretend to be dumb, but he rather enjoys puzzles and observing every detail in his environment. Sometimes those puzzles are people. Sometimes they're just shiny trinkets. Careful you catch his attention.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things you're character accomplishes via their power or monster

  • Change, Like Me: (3 + 1 + 1(Upgrade) = 5 -severe weakness bonus-) Nemexia has learned a few tricks from dad and has access to a variety of magic. His own understanding of how he's been physically changed means he can sometimes change the form of a physical object around him or aspects of an object. He can't do any drastic changes and anything more complicated than a clock, a plant, or an insect requires significant energy. (e.g. he can make a sweet taste sour, a banana into an apple, but he can't make a cat into a dog, or a person into a different person… not yet.)
  • I Can See Unreality: (2 + 1(Upgrade) = 3) This is the original ability that started this whole mess. Nemexia is able to see the flow, manipulation, and presence of anomalous activity and its many manifestations. He can see a border between the mundane and the magical realms, but not necessarily what the magical realm would be. He can see that there is magic in an illusion, but that doesn't mean he can break the illusion. Similarly, he can see when someone has a prophetic dream or vision, but can't see the prophecy itself.
  • Glamour: (2 + 1 + 1(Tutor) = 4 -severe weakness bonus-) Nemexia can use a bit of glamour, much like that the Fae use. While he can't yet make major or permanent appearance changes, he often uses Glamour to do for him temporarily what would be too exhausting or inconvenient to Change. He can make a cat look and feel like a dog. He can make a pile of dirt look, taste, and feel like sweet fruit. He can't do anything like making buildings or trees disappear, and his ability to affect a person is vague appearance changes (eye color, nose shape, etc). Often, he can pretend he sprained his ankle or something. His Glamor can only last a while if he really tries, and can be as short as 5 minutes.


The side effect of your powers, not necessary.

  • Sickly, All The Better To Be Doted Upon: (Mild) When Nemexia was taken by his fairy father, he was made to be a Perfect Child to be doted upon and cared for. Part of this means that he will always be sickly and sensitive. He can't eat too much or he'll throw up, he gets cold easily, he can't put on weight or muscle, he easily bruises, bright lights blind him temporarily, and he suffers from occasional headaches that keep him in bed. GM can have him roll a moderate penalty to cold temperatures, poisons, bright lights, and healing effectiveness.
  • Disturbed, All The Better To Be Guided: (Severe) Years being groomed and abused has left Nemexia with an intentionally designed inability to resist most mental compulsions. He'll tend to break down quickly when pressured in any respect, especially if it's a mix of caring and threatening. GM can have him roll mental defensive rolls with a harsh penalty or automatically fail any mental defense roll.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • A pendant of carved wood on string. Inside has a peculiar fragrant oil that never runs out. It smells floral and woody and spicy, intoxicating and somewhat addictive, and yet of no identifiable smell. It's a gift from his Fae dad and is believed to be an aromatic substance from the Fae realm. He wears it always, which gives him a distinct scent.
  • A metal bracelet of beads and charms to represent his mundane family. The beads spell DONT FORGET 12/21/17. The charms are: A flower for his older sister, a dog for the family dog, a bird for his younger brother, a sun for his mother, a moon for his father. There is also a metal bell, which makes soft, soothing chiming noises as he moves.
  • A bag filled with books, pencils, the like
  • A small journal, filled with pressed flowers and sketches of nature
  • A small flashlight, for when he wanders around at night, with some rope and a small knife
  • A bag of sweets!
  • A cellphone
  • A rabbit ear headband. When worn, they look and move like real rabbit ears, and he even gets a tail.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Various carved woods, often of things Nemexia has seen from his Fae time
  • Various pantings and drawings, often of magic Nemexia has seen
  • Various trinkets from his mundane family, including several photo albums
  • Collections of dried flowers, leaves, prepared butterflies and other insects

Personal History:

Nemexia was once a Walter. He was a wonderful, normal Scottish boy who occasionally said he could see strange things. Sometimes the shadows would glitter. Sometimes the forests whisper. Always imagination or tricks of the light. Walter lived close to a small chunk of woods with his loving family, a father that was often off on business trips and a doting mother taking care of three children and a dog.

On the winter solstice of 2017, a 13 year old Walter disappeared. Days before, he complained of headaches and strange visions- he kept saying he saw someone following the family. The shadows glittered more, reaching for him at night. He'd wake up with snarls in his hair and missing socks. He was told it was all a coincidence. But then he disappeared.

Three months later, Walter appeared again, wandering lost in the woods. He had Changed. His sandy brown hair and hazel eyes turned pale lavender. His skin was no longer tan in the sun. He was smaller, sicker, quicker. Changed. And he didn't respond to Walter anymore. He said his name was Nemexia. He could change the ways things were, or change how they seemed. He spoke to trees and animals as if they could talk with him.

Nemexia claimed he had lived under a Fae for years. The Fae re-named him, clothed him, cared for him- specifically, stole him to care for him. Made him into a perfect child, to be doted on, cared for. Unable to fight back. He lived like that, groomed, twisted into whatever pleased the Fae most.

When the mundane family was contacted by G.W.U., it was revealed Nemexia had been stolen by a male Fae, notorious for his cruelty and possessive behavior. The Fae had more or less been untraceable for years, and would likely be unable to be found for years more.

It's unknown how Nemexia came to be in the forest. He refuses to talk about it, and when he tries, he stumbles over his words and then weeps in deep, shuddering sobs that cannot be soothed by anyone.

Nemexia couldn't handle his mundane family anymore than his family could handle him. They gladly gave him over to the SunnyBrook Academy. Perhaps some more time apart could help them all heal. Perhaps not. What is certain is that Nemexia could not stay there anymore, and so was brought here.


Nemexia likes head pats. A lot.

He also likes sweets. He works well with his hands, painting, sculpting.

He's recent gotten into pastries and sugar work.

He still talks to animals and plants.

Nemexia's favorite color doesn't actually exist: it's the color of his father's hair, which he describes as "blue and orange, but neither".

Nemexia claims his birthday is the winter solstice of every year. His actual birthday is Halloween, which is theorized to perhaps contribute to his ability to see magic despite coming from an entirely mundane background.

XP and Such

Dollars: 700

Total XP: 2

4 XP - Power Boost (+1 See Unreality, +1 Change) (Remainder: 10)
4 XP - Moving to Perfection (+1 Brains) (Remainder: 6)
4 XP - Leaning New Tricks (+1 Quick Fingers, +1 Pretty Please) (Remainder: 2)

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