Nakao Ichiro

Basic Info:

Player: Valkrae

Character Name: Nakao Ichiro

Demeanor: On the outside, all the world could see is a porcelain white mask. Silent eyes stare forward from it. He doesn't speak, unless it's to people he considers close. He walks with a limp, and uses his cane. He appears weak, almost frail. If anyone he doesn't particularly know speaks to him, he will just stare at them until they vacate his presence.

Nature: A complete 180 from his demeanor. He is analytic, calm, and calculated. His mind races at every problem and puzzle, trying to find the solution. He hates everything around him, and what they do with their life. Their sins, and how they live in debauchery and excess. It completely, and utterly disgusts him.

Description: A complete black overcoat covers his body, with matching black underclothes. He always wears the porcelain white mask over his face, supernatural blue lights staring out from underneath the eye holes. A wide-brimmed hat sits upon his head, finishing the aesthetic of a black visage with a striking white contrast interrupting the flow. Nakao stands at a height of 5'11".


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


  • Just what the Doctor ordered.. - Brains ((4)) - Nakao has an advanced knowledge of medical procedure, and diagnosis. He knows what illnesses and wounds could be fixed by what. He also has extensive knowledge on poisons, antidotes, and other medicines. Medicine
  • And God's Wrath shall rain.. - Agility ((4)) - Nakao knows how throw something. He knows the perfect trajectory when throwing his bottles of plague and death. Improvised Weapons
  • Eyes in the back of his head. - Brains ((4)) - Nakao, due to his leprosy, has dulled senses of touch and taste. His senses of smell, sight, and sound are heightened as a result. He is constantly aware of his surroundings, making it hard to get the drop on him. Perception

Supernatural Abilities:

Bombs Away! - 4 - Nakao never seems to run out of his trademark alchemical grenades. Grenades include: Alchemists Fire, Plague Grenade, Blinding Blast, and Courageous Vapors.

Alchemists Fire - On impact, this vial causes a fire to ignite on any surface it hits. If the surface is not flammable, the fire will extinguish after 2 minutes. If it is flammable, it will go until no further fuel is accessible or someone puts it out.

Plague Grenade - On impact, this vial will cause any exposed flesh to slowly go necrotic. It can be treated, but only by removing the infected skin completely from the body.

Blinding Blast - On impact, this vial emits a blinding flash that will blind most viewers instantly for a few seconds. It will cause a slight burn if it explodes on skin, but nothing more than if you burned yourself with a lighter.

Courageous Vapors - Once inhaled, this vapor will cause the user to experience a boost of courage and valor. It will cause them to immediately feel as if they have lessened fear, and more confidence. Depending on the size of the user, times may vary. For Nakao, it lasts 5 minutes.

Once summoned, these potions have a lifespan of about an hour before they lose efficiency. He can only summon two of each every two hours, but that varies depending on his mental state.

Feel No Pain - 3 - Nakao has leprosy. Due to this, his nerve endings are completely and utterly inactive. He feels no pain, or any sort of touch. This also increases his other senses, due to the complete and utter death of his sense of touch. This also means that he cannot be easily knocked over. He will press forward with an almost zealous determination. Only be removing a limb, or death will he stop. However, some wounds will require him to stop and recover himself before he moves on.


Things that cause problems for your character, often side effect of your powers (or of having your powers), not necessary. Not just 'limitations' of your powers.

  • Due to the magical properties around him, Nakao cannot recover from any wound he sustains. A cut will stay open and fester, a broken bone can only be splinted, a burn will remain burned. This gives him the image of a literal walking corpse without his mask and cloak on.
  • Nakao doesn't speak much, so his social skills aren't very adept. His social interactions is mostly just staring at people. In fact, he cannot even speak to most without going off on a tirade about sins of the father, how the current generation must be cleansed through proper medical treatment, and how everyone completely and utterly disgusts him to the core. As one could imagine, this could be problematic for anyone trying to even ask him directions to the bathroom.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • The Masque
  • Medical Tools - (Scalpel, bonesaw, hemostat.. etc.) Nakao keeps this under his cloak, in specially sewn pockets.
  • Cellphone
  • Hat
  • Cloak

And everything that they keep in their dorm at Fifth Sanctum. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above may be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Alchemy Kit - This is where he comes up with new potions, antidotes and what have you. Once they are created, he memorizes the formula and they replicate when he commands them to.
  • Laptop
  • A large supply of microwave hotpockets.
  • Microwave
  • A giant Japanese flag.
  • A WWII-era Katana that was passed down in his family.
  • Replacement cloaks, masks, hats.
  • A colony of leeches in a big fish tank.

Personal History:

Born to a poor family in rural Japan, Nakao was a disfigured disgrace to his family. He contracted leprosy at the age of 6, and was immediately sent to a leper colony on an island in the Pacific. That is where he meant an individual that went by the name of 'Plague'. He took the young Nakao under his wing, schooling him in the ways of alchemy, poisons, and medicine. The young lad grew under his tutelage, looking up to him as a father figure. The Plague experimented on him, but the young Nakao looked up to his teachings with almost zealous love. He taught the young man that weakness was unforgivable, and must be purged from the world. The Plague used various supernatural and scientific methods to experiment on the young boy. Causing him to gain his supernatural abilities. One day, he died in his sleep. The young Nakao stole his clothing and medical tools. He made his way back to his families home. In the night, he burned the home down, not really caring if they were inside or not. Once the home burned, he retrieved his sword, and set about back into the world.. At some point ending up in the school at the age of 17.


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