Player: Lena
Demeanor: Sweet and innocent. Strangely very humane. Despite her power, power she knows she has, she's very gentle and humble.

Nature: Pandora is very old. Somewhat bored with the world, though she's more saddened by what the world has become. This leaves her jaded and expecting the worst from everyone. Even though she is jaded, she's managed to retain her sweet innocence in being reborn. No longer the person people at Sunnybrook once knew, she's almost a completely different individual all together.

Description: Pandora stands at a height of 5'2", with a slender build. She has very long red hair down to below her mid-back. Eyes are a beautiful golden color that sparkle under bright lights or the sun, gold flecks look like glitter. Appearing no older than 17 or possibly 18, despite how much time passes, she doesn't seem to age at all.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3

  • Perception - (3) Brains
  • Stealth - (3) Agility
  • Enigmas - (3) Brains Pandora is exceptionally good at figuring out puzzles, riddles and other complex things. This ranges from simple crosswords in the sunday paper to combination locks, passwords etc.
  • Stubbornness - (3) Brains Having lived so many lives, Pandora has become her set in her ways, rendering her mind more resilient to outside forces.

There is a life and there is a death, and there are beauty and melancholy between." -Albert Camus



  • Touch of Life - Pandora has an ability to give life to anything. This can be inanimate objects (furniture, toys, rocks, sticks, etc), dead people or dead animals. She does this by touching the person/object/animal with one of her hands and focusing her own lifes energy on doing this. The larger the object the more of her energy it takes. If it is a dead person/animal, the longer the person/animal has been dead the more energy this takes. After the object/person/animal is brought to life, it stays alive until it completely deteriorates. A person or animal deteriorates as any dead person/animal would (smell and all). Any object given the Touch of Life could remain as is for quite some time though like all things it will quickly weaken and fall apart. There are personal drawbacks to this, which are explained in the weaknesses.
  • Breath of Life - If someone is sick, severely injured or dying, Pandora can take the sickness, injury or impending death into herself. To do this, she puts her own mouth over the inflicted individual's mouth and inhales the breath from them, a deep inhale of their breath, taking whatever ailment into her own being. She then breathes her own breath into the individual's mouth, healing them completely. There are personal drawbacks to this, which are explained in the weaknesses.
  • Rebirth - Each time Pandora dies, she is reborn. Though there is a stipulation to her rebirth. She is reborn from the fresh grave of a stillborn baby. She's always "reborn" as a teenager of 15 years with only a slight memory of her previous life.


  • Decay - Pandora's hands are for more than just healing and giving life. With a touch of her hand, she's able to cause an object or person to decay. With a person, they begin to age rapidly, though this can be stopped and reversed. With objects, the decaying process cannot be stopped or reversed.
  • Smoking Mirror - Using a mirror and a drop of her blood, Pandora can see all the ghosts and wraiths and poltergeist in any given area. By holding up the mirror, she will see the ghost/wraith/poltergeist realm as if she were looking through a window. By doing this, she can not only see ghosts/wraiths/poltergeists, but she can also hear the and speak with them. The downside to this is explained in the weaknesses.
  • Soul Transfer - While this may seem hard, it's not actually so hard. Pandora has developed the ability to transfer the soul from one body into another body. Two souls cannot inhabit a single body for longer than 24 hours before the invading soul is forever lost. In doing this, she's able to trade souls between people but only if the two individuals are willing participants. To have two souls in one individuals body, no consent is required. To remove the soul from an individuals body and leave it in limbo also requires no consent. For an individual to lose their soul, this leaves them losing their humanity, emotions and other mental and spiritual things that make them human. Without it, they turn into the monsters people fear in folklore. There is a personal drawback to this for Pandora, which is explained in the weaknesses.
  • Baleful Doll - A baleful doll is a powerful figure that is linked directly to the spirit of the target. This doll must be handcrafted, and is only finished when it has been painted with the blood of Pandora and dressed in some article of clothing from the victim (which should be unwashed for a better connection). Once the doll has been cursed, Pandora can use it to cause physical damage to the target. If the doll is injured (often with pins or other items), the victim feels the injuries. If the doll is destroyed, the target falls ill, though does not die. Pandora must craft the doll using only natural items found in the area of the targets day to day life — a doll that does not resemble its victim is useless for the intended purpose , though Pandora is known to sell failures as "authentic voodoo dolls" to tourists.

Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic." -Oscar Wilde

  • Touch of Life Weakness: Each time Pandora gives life to something/someone, she becomes weakened as it takes some of her own life's essence to do this. If she does this for too many people/objects too quickly, she will be left weakened and vunerable and quite possibly die.
  • Breath of Life Weakness: As Pandora takes an individual's ailments, be it sickness, illness, or injury, she takes it onto herself. It will not be exactly the same as what she took from the individual. The price of this manifests into different things, it's impossible to know how it will effect her. Though it will most definately effect her. If a person is close to death and she takes it from them and breathes fresh life into their lungs, there is a chance that she herself could die.
  • Smoking Mirror Weakness: Using the mirror to see ghosts/wraiths/poltergeist is not without it's downside. Each time she does this, even if she doesn't verbally communicate with them, she opens herself up to personally being haunted. A ghost or poltergeist could (and probably will more often than not) latch onto her and begin to reap havoc in her day to day living. She can get rid of them, though not permanently. The most she can do is detach them from herself, leaving them freely floating around in the world looking for another tether.
  • Soul Transfer Weakness: Anytime Pandora touches someone's soul to transfer it, remove it, or trade it, the soul leaves a permanent imprint of that individual on her own soul and she takes on a personality trait from the individuals involved. There is no way to get rid of these traits, though she can suppress them but never be rid of them completely. The traits she inherits are generally negative, rarely are they positive.
  • Several pieces of jewelry, all with crystal charms.
  • A small baggie of charms, crystals and talismans.
  • Simple cellphone for calling and texting only.
  • Small leatherbound book to write in (like a journal).
  • Inkwell pot (small) filled with blood, and a quill.
  • A necklace of beads similiar to prayer beads though not quite.
  • Photo of the two individuals who tortured her before killing her in her previous life.
  • 4 large trunks full of things collected over the many years.
  • Tons of books on the occult. Many rare and one of a kind.
  • Clothing: Skirts, shoes, stockings, corsets. Head jewelry. Many elaborate Mexican folk dresses.
  • Facepaint.
  • 2 large trunks full of silk flowers.

Pandora was originally born in a time that's been long forgotten. There are no records of those times, only speculation and whatever scientists can guess. Over millions of years, she's died and been reincarnated several times over. Each time, coming back with a silent memory of what she is and what purpose she served in the grand scheme of the universe and life, and memories of every life prior to the current one. That is….until now.

Pandora was reborn like any other time before, rising from the fresh grave of an stillborn infant. When she's reborn, each and every time, she's always reborn as a teen girl, appearing about 15 years of age. She's perfected the routine of fending for herself and taking care of herself. No matter where she is in the world at the time of her own death, she will always be reborn in the wooded brush of Mexico. It's where she was first created. This is where her legend lives on. Mexico, where the people both fear her and revere her. Some say she is a saint, others promise she is the daughter of Satan himself. Whatever legend one wants to believe, none of them are true.

Pandora has no spiritual bindings. The laws that govern her are not those of Heaven and Hell. Not God and Satan. The only laws that govern her are those of Life…and Death. It's hard to say how she came to be, or why she exists in the first place, but she does.

For many years, the bureau had been trying to track Pandora down. Each "life" they fail, and each rebirth they miss. This time around, something was vastly different. Her death was violent, very violent. Her former body had been tortured, mutilated and she was dismembered. She was kept alive through everything.

Her captors having skinned her with a very thin sharp blade. Sliver by sliver her skin was removed with surgical precision and laid carefully in tubs. Her fingernails were ripped out, one by one, slowly and painfully. Each tooth was pulled from her mouth, her tongue sliced out. She was tortured in ways no one could possibly imagine. The torturous agony lasted a month and a half until there was finally no life left in her.

Now her rebirth took place just as it had each and every time, only this time GWU was ready for her. She evaded them for a little over a year before she was caught. They brought her to Sunnybrook…and here she is.

"Previously on Pandora's So-Called Life:"

After having arrived to Sunnybrook originally, Pandora managed to make not a lot of friends. With her crass and abrasive attitude and the general "Go fuck yourself" way about her, not many people were too eager to be her "friend". A fact she didn't care at all about.

Though despite all that, there were a couple who found her company charming even if she was intimidating. Andrey and Pandora spent a lot of time together, becoming fast friends. Mostly because she didn't give him a choice. Nearly every single night was spent with drugs, booze and lewd conduct between the two.

Along with Andrey, there was another that Pandora made fast friends with. Reynard the fox. Rumored to be one of the most deplorable individuals at Sunnybrook, Pandora found a kindred spirit in the animal. More like she found someone with dreams of grandeur dumb enough to think she was trust worthy. He was entertaining to her, with his talk of emotions and other human things that she just couldn't, wouldn't and didn't want to feel. Silly fox, she was playing him from the get-go.

//##987c55|Pandora had wiled away her boredom with rituals. Trying to hone her abilities and powers to


Languages - Pandora speaks several languages very fluently. They include Latin, French, English and of course her native language of Spanish.

Tier: 0

Earned From: Amount Earned: Total:
Spent On: Amount Spent: Final Total Total:
Starting XP 0 Spent 15
Power Boost 4XP 11
  • Ellie: This one has purpose. If nothing else, she's the next best thing to street tacos. I haven't decided if I'm going to recruit her yet or not…. I don't remember this person.
  • Brett: Strange young man. Not very bright, though would make good fodder if needed. I have reason to believe he is a real life Peter Pan. I don't remember his person either.
  • Andrey: You were the first person I met when I was brought to the school…And you were kind and gentle with me. I'm sorry for the way the brownie made us feel, I promise to be more careful next time. I'd like to know more about the friendship we shared before.
  • Reynard: I'm not sure what to think of you just yet. Everything you're telling me about what we were to one another and who I was is strange to me, though not unbelievable. I find it odd that you would continue to want someone who isn't who you used to know. STAY AWAY FROM ME!
  • BF9C6B|Val:## You're too good to be true. I'm terrified of forgetting you. Please don't let me forget. And if I do, please remind me.
  • BF9C6B|Champi:## I'm head over heels for you. It's like you were familiar to me from the moment I re-met you. You didn't treat me any differently and you've been so patient. I hope that if I die again, I don't lose you.
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