Rainbow Roseheart

Player Nickname: WhisperLily
Name: Rainbow Roseheart
Codename:. 'Rainbow Dash'
Age: 18
Date of Birth: 2/14/1998
Height: 5'6" / 5'8"
Weight:. 100lbs
Hair Color: blond with varying highlights based on the day.
Eye Color: blue
Place of Origin: Pittsburgh
Nationality/Race: American
Classification/Origin of Powers: (Mutant, human, metahuman, cyborg, etc.) Human experiment
Status: (Trainee, resident, staff, villain, refugee, other). Refugee

Occupation: student
Personality Profile: (Your character's personality, mindset, worldviews, etc.) There are dark things in the world, and it's time to shed some light on them. People are too quiet and let things stand, she is the sort to make some noise.
Physical Description: Blond hair, blue eyes, black ruffled pleated skirt, white shirt black tie. Long socks either black or rainbow. Black converse shoes with rainbow laces.

Power Information: Audiokinesis, Photokinesis
Sounds like treble!:. Rainbow has full control over soundwaves, she is capable of utilizing these soundwaves to project resonations. These resonations are typically projected from her hands, but she also has two specialized guns that allow her to fire sound bullets at her enemy. These bullets will tear through flesh just like a normal bullet due to the concentrated force and speed of the wave. She can also adapt the frequency of her waves to resonate molecules until the target in question shatters, however, this tends to require more focus and more energy to do.

Rainbow Dash: Rainbow possesses several properties of light. She wears specialized shoes that she can turn into rollerblades by giving them solidified beams of light as wheels. These rollerblades while equipped allow Rainbow to travel at light speeds leaving behind a rainbow schemed trail. These shoes can also turn into ice skates, a snowboard, or anything else she can imagine that provides transportation. Rainbow can use her light energy to leave behind a projection of herself as well so as to deceive enemies. She can use the shoe energy to shoot light at people, to either stun them or hurt them.

Flash Bang Rainbow can combine her abilities into an audiovisual attack. She gives her Rainbows a physical form and can project them to create a concussive explosion. She can combine this ability with her projection to make her projection a ticking timebomb!
Drawbacks & Weaknesses: Rainbow constantly needs to listen to music for her sound abilities to work in full power, otherwise they become diminished. If there is no sunshine either, Rainbow's light powers will not be as strong. However Rainbow is extremely strong right after a rainstorm and the sun comes out.

Skills: Rainbow excels in the artistic fields, such as music and drawing.

Background: Rainbow was found as an orphan in a terrible thunderstorm. The man who found her so her glow from his window after the lightning struck near his house. She was but a baby, and he knew right away that she was not normal.He took her into his home and raised her as his own. As her powers continued to develop so did the neighbors curiosity. She was taken from him and placed into a scientific experimentation lab. There they conducted all sorts of experiments on her in order to see how exactly her powers worked and if they could improve upon them. It was roughly 10 years before she would manage to escape and seek refuge from her captors. Three years would pass before she stumbled upon Haven

Criminal Record: None

Quirks, Extras, Random Character Facts: afraid of the dark, prefer to be outside, don't like to stop moving. Always the optimist no matter how bad things get.

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