there is nothing

Basic Info:

Player: gumbal1

Demeanor: It varies. It's usually pleasant.

Nature: It's a remnant. Even after it had the bad beaten out of it, it's kinda just concerned with amassing data. Whatever comes with, comes with.

Description: REMNANT-451 takes the form of a human with red hair, semi-tan skin, and typically wears white and black, with black makeup. The little details vary, including height.

Its true form resembles a mass of black smoke around a meter in radius. It weighs nothing.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


  • boneless: 4. There's no bones about it. Movement's better when you lack a physical body.
  • people person(?): 4. As a Remnant, even a particularly weak one, 451 is particularly charismatic when it needs to be.
  • i know stuff: 4. Remnants are voracious for knowledge, in addition to psyche and emotions.

Supernatural Abilities:

  • drain: 4. As a Remnant, Remnant-451 possesses the ability to consume an opponent's psyche. This can include thoughts, memories, emotional imprints, and even, if applicable…
  • mimic: 4. …an opponents powers. By having permission given or successfully performing a drain on someone, 451 can imitate an anomalous power of theirs. It can store up to three powers at once, in a first-in-last-out structure, with a loss of one power per hour it is not within its target's range of 50 meters. It can only use the power at the top of the stack, and must 'pop' off one of its stored powers to access the earlier ones, however.
  • shift: 1. Remnants, essentially being amalgams of thoughts, emotions, and knowledge, have no real constant physical form, and perception of them is heavily affected by how they want to be perceived. In essence, 451 can change its perceived form at will.


  • data loss (SEVERE): Remnants, essentially just being collections of data, are highly unstable. Should 451 reach half health, it will lose the last upgrade it has taken. If it has no upgrades left to lose, it will lose 4 xp instead. If neither is available to lose, it will die.
  • sensitive (MILD): Remnant-451 takes a -1 on defense against emotional attacks. It comes with being a compilation of them.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • Nothing.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at Fifth Sanctum. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above may be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • A radio and two cassettes, both of which it's mandated to play each night to keep its emotional balance steady.

Personal History:

Remnants aren't born. They're made.

Does it really matter where 451 came from (a warehouse off the I-95 in Florida), what polarity it was (negative), what it called itself (Slender), what spawned it (a whole host of atrocities going back far before Florida was even known as 'Florida')? That's in the past, now.

All that really matters was, at the time, the GWU had recorded enough in-field remnant data (231 remnants worth, to be exact) that it was ready to start messing with the next one that came up. Came up it did, during a raid on a decommissioned Pangloss-Olney warehouse-turned Children of Baldwolf base.

…unfortunately, that one ended up dissipating during testing. As did the next few.

And the next few.

And the next few.

The GWU was kind of bad at experimentation involving remnants, unfortunately.

It took them a few tries, but by the 417th one, the found a method that didn't a) cause unnecessary pain (for whatever value of pain mattered to a creature that fed off it), and, more importantly b) didn't completely annihilate it.

After its first physical, more were examined. Energy, anomalous AI, the work. Of course, at one point, the thought had to come into researchers' heads: what if we balanced out the polarity of the remnant to have it feed on both positive and negative emotion?

It took a while to perfect, but the method was clear: a negatively polarized remnant could be depolarized if exposed to enough positive emotion expressed in a somewhat negative manner. The most efficient method, they found, was playing a certain song on repeat for at least twelve weeks.

So, the GWU found itself with quite an abundance of depolarized remnants, riiiiiiiight around the time it was forcibly cleaved off from the school through the efforts of Katherine Fox.

They did take one, though. Just as an experiment. They were docile enough that it was pretty easy to take care of them, anyway, so it's not like they needed some special handling. What is this, the Foundation?

A few months later, it was released into the general student body after it was found to be sufficiently sapient and harmless enough. Remnants need something to play off.


  • It doesn't speak any languages that the people it's around don't know.
  • Doesn't have a favorite musician. Does have a least favorite musician (They Might Be Giants, specifically for their work on this).
  • As a remnant, it's blind, deaf, and unable to feel, and relies upon the latent emotional energy of its surroundings to navigate.


  • Skix is a reptilian humanoid, sensible and pleasant if not for her abnormal fear of my form. I might have gone for far too close of a resemblance.



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