Richard Creeley

Basic Info:

Player: Blackheart

Demeanor: Alternates between being outgoing and friendly with impatient and angry. He has little restraint and a lot of sass. Good liar or not he can come across as being fake from overacting. Tends to give off a 'creep' vibe part from his offputting looks or when his act fails. What isn't intended to be malicious can come across that way. Sounds sarcastic whether he means to or not. The lies, acting, and his short fuse makes accurate reading him difficult. He's nearly always smiling.

Nature: Manipulative, arrogant, and ambitious. Friendliness can be genuine but generally only if he thinks that the effort is being spent on someone worthwhile. Assumes the rest of the world is beneath him and playing the same insincere game he is. Years of listening to how people really feel about him versus the front they put on has given him trust issues. It's easier to assume everyone's an enemy than be betrayed. Wants to help the supernaturally influenced and sees them more worthy of his time than those who aren't.

Desc tion: Short, skinny waif with pale skin that seems completely free of scars. Somewhat unappealing and feminine features with black eyes that glitter when he focuses on using his power. Metallic blue eyeliner accents his eyelids some days. His nose is a slightly crooked classic Roman shape that tapers down to a beak-like end. Straight hair that's black with bright blue highlights at the tips is kept fairly short and neatly brushed forward. Uneven teeth with upper and lower canines slightly longer and more sharp than a normal man's.

Clothing options are mostly black with blue highlights and include a plain button-up shirt, vest, black blazer, jeans or slacks kept in good repair, new-looking black sneakers, polished steel toe boots or recently shined dress shoes and leather gloves. Some days he wears suspenders but improperly: they hang at his sides instead of going up over his shoulders. Ties are a rare occasion. During the winter add a heavy black overcoat that gives him the bulk of an average man's build. Depending on his mood he has a few nice scarves or silver fox stoles to keep him warm and add some zing to his outfit on cold winter days.

White gold jewelry that's tasteful in size and quantity decorates one of his ears, a wrist, or finger. The pieces change regularly or may be replaced by soft black leather. They go well with the thin white gold frames of his glasses which are purely decorative. The lenses darken in bright light but seem to be too sensitive. This leaves them at some level of grey most of the time.

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HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


  • Liar- (2) Brains A life full of stringing together half-truths and outright lies makes telling fibs second nature.
  • Observation- (3) Brains Good at listening in on conversations even if multiple ones are going on at once. Focuses on details, takes notes of interesting things.
  • Sneaky bastard- (2) Agility Quiet steps, good at sneaking around.
  • Quick hands- (3) Agility Good reflexes go well with thievery. Includes sleight of hand and palming items along with some tinkering with locks provided he has the tools for it.
  • Fast reflexes- (2) Agility
  • Knife to meet you- (2) Agility Armed combat using a bladed weapon.

Supernatural Abilities:

Pushy psychic- 2 - Overhear thoughts bouncing around in a person's skull. It's tuned out to a background murmur most of the time but he listens in when it could contain useful information. (Primarily uses information in IC posts). Things can be sent using the link as well and speak to others around him in a nonverbal manner. Both speech and images can be transmitted/received. The link can be abused by providing a nudge to do something or skew their perception. Planting a desire to do something that the individual may or may not act upon is also possible. Requires eye contact to do and can be ignored like any other impulse. (Success or failure of thought manipulation/mental pushes are entirely up to the other player)

Telekinesis- 3 - What it says on the tin. Movement of reasonably sized items using his mind and aided by gestures to help with focus. Can manage a great blast of force but that much power can't be sustained for long.

Forgery- 2 - Item mimicry. For an hour or two he can alter an item's external appearance. A slip of paper can appear to be cash money, a library card an ID, and so on. Even when passed on to someone else the item retains its altered looks. Temporary and doesn't last long. Doesn't alter physical properties beyond visuals.


  • Telepathy is passive and goes on whether he wants it to or not. Over the years he's learned to tune it out but excessively 'loud' or intense thoughts, emotions, or visuals are more difficult to block out. Not much of a trouble when he's around a few people but crowds can be a nightmare. The cacophony of mental noise wears his nerves thin very quickly. (Mild)
  • The thoughts and emotions of others can influence his thoughts and feelings. He isn't necessarily aware that this happens or notice when it occurs. Being exposed to the same person for too long can alter his personality and influence other mental aspects. (Mild)


On hand

  • Chained wallet with prepaid visa card. There's more money loaded on it than a person can feasibly spend in a reasonable amount of time.
  • The newest version of iPhone in a leather case.
  • Lockpick set.
  • Lighter.
  • Hand wipes.

In dorm

  • A variety of clothes. Quite a few outfits but they're surprisingly similar. Includes jewelry that most certainly is made of real precious metals, gemstones, and not at all lifted from his mother's collection.
  • High-end laptop with all the bells and whistles.
  • Pair of noise reducing headphones.
  • 7" tablet with a large collection of books loaded onto it.
  • Black nitrile gloves and cleaning supplies.

Personal History:

Richard was born into New York high society. On his mother's side is old money from textile trades passed down from generation to generation and his father is a renowned plastic surgeon. Not much attention was given to him as a small child but that's what the hired nanny was for. Thanks to the unpleasant child's fits, constant lies, and mischief the nannies changed regularly. No meaningful bonds were forged in his early life. No friends were made. The hints of demophobia led to him being homeschooled by a private tutor. The high marks awarded on his reports were earned and not assigned. Terrible as his behavior and temper might be he's a clever boy.

All along he assumed everyone else could do the things he can. That changed around his 11th birthday when he realized he was special. Things quickly spiraled out of control when he did like any naughty boy his age would with such very useful abilities. Strangers in a crowd, his parents, their friends, all became targets and tools to hone his powers. With quite a bit of trial and failure he found out the extent of what he can and can't do. Thought suggestion, overhearing secrets not spoken aloud, even moving objects with sheer willpower alone. While he did those things since birth he had never put thought or effort into it before. It was a new day for him.

Boredom led him to getting into more trouble but thanks to rich parents he faced few consequences. Misadventures in lockpicking, theft, forgery, getting too close to the bad side of the law led him down a bad path. Perhaps it was years of being a bad child or an aspect of his changes but lies stood out from the truth. Something seemed off even from the best spin on the truth.

One unfortunate day he used his talents on the wrong person. The GWU agent was less than amused by the pushed notion of giving a simpering brat the keys to their car. Richard was taken into custody with minor injuries and a healthy dose of rethinking his life choices.


  • Wears gloves because he's uncomfortable with germs or the thought of becoming dirty. Prefers things tidy and clean. Doesn't like the idea of touching something that someone else has. A warm seat is his nightmare. Hates being touched enough that his skin crawls after contact.
  • Believes that all individuals with supernatural powers are above normal humans. Abilities are divine blessings. Even the least useful or undesirable power has its uses if the right application is found.
  • Can't cook. Try as he might the results are never more than 'I guess it's edible'. Hates bagels.
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