Rin Endo/Alex Yodell

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: Cold and calculating, Rin is pretty closed off to others. At least, closed off to anyone that isn't going to be of use to her with that information.
An energetic fellow, Alex is usually

Nature: Rin's very emotionally distant from others, and will often prefer to hurt them then allow them to get close, mostly because she knows what happens to her when she does. She's also a very nose-to-the-grindstone no-nonsense hardworker, whose biggest peeve is when others slack off or take the easy route. She's also kinda stubborn when she thinks she's doing things the right way.

Description: She's a small-framed woman, barely visible breasts, and a young-looking face. She's 4'11, 90 lbs & 15 years old. She has short hair, free-floating
Rin's body language is very harsh and closed off. Her eyes are blue, and her hair is white. She is always looking around with scrutinizing, sharp eyes.
Alex's body practically radiates with energy, and his eyes practically glow. And considering his eyes are Red, it's quite a sight. He also has very black hair


HP: 6/6 / 8/8

Psyche: 6/6 / 6/6

Brawn: 1 / 4

Agility: 3 / 2

Brains: 4 / 2


Marksmanship 3(+agility): Rin has had to use a variety of ranged weaponry, and learned a few tricks to making the object go where you wish (+ to ranged attacks)
Close combat 4(+brawns): Alex was a bit of a sports brawler, and it shows in his right hook (+to melee attack/defense)
Perception 4(+brains): When on the streets, one learns to grow eyes on the back of their heads. Being a self-proclaimed detective helps get in the practice, too (+ to noticing things)
Endurance 4(+brawns): Alex does a lot of physical activity, and has learned to pace himself and deal with small injuries
Persuasion 2(+brains): Rin has had to convince may a person to provide assistance. She has a way of knowing how to cut a good deal for both sides
reflexes 4(+agility): Alex can think fast when he doesn't have to think much
Technology use 3(+brains): Rin grew up in the future. Modern technology is so simple in comparison…

Supernatural Abilities:

Two People 2: Rin and Alex are forever merged together. They will switch control of their body, and with it will come changes to their body, skillset, and even supernatural powers. To switch control, the "inactive" one must have (Rank?) more of their activity conditions (listed below). They can willingly relinquish control to the other if the dormant character has an advantage of 1 or more. If something happens while one is dormant, they will be able to glean information gained, but not any specific memories.
The two cannot be more than 2 HP apart, and the inactive person will follow along as the active is damaged/healed.
Note: for the sake of ease, Rin only information will be displayed in blue and Alex only information will be displayed in red

Personal Overlap 2: Either of them can attempt to tap into the other, and temporarily (~5 minutes) treat it as though they had points in one of the skills the other holds, up to either how many points the other has, or the result of the roll, whichever is fewer. They may also take 2 willing targets and transfer skill/stat points from one to the other temporarily as long as they are within 10 meters of each other (up to rank skill points or 1/2 rank stat points). Lasts 20 seconds*roll

Know your domain 2: the stone has given them each a power based on what they're good at.
Rin's power is of a defensive and mindful nature. She can give herself or others +2 on defense rolls for her ability roll-2 rounds. She can also trade her turn for +1 to any brains-related rolls until the end of her next turn
Alex's power is one of an offensive and physical nature. He can trade -1 to all defense rolls until his next turn to get +1 to his attack roll (up to power rank?). He can also trade his turn for +1 to non-combat strength and agility rolls until the end of his next turn


Can the split be counted as a weakness? If so, can it give skill points to both? (I assume minor)


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

  • 2 lockets: one of Rin and her brother, and one of Alex and his father

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook.

  • Mine!
  • Also mine…

Personal History:

Two people, so far apart both in terms of location, time, and personality, bound by a seemingly innocuous action. They have been thrown out of their element, forced to rely on eachother to exist successfully.

Rin was born in the year 2023, and grew up in a crime-ridden area of Japan. There, she quickly learned to fend for herself, her mom not even able to fend for even herself. She quickly learned how to game the criminals around her, taking advantages where she can. She quickly learned how to use non-lethal firearms to defend herself.

She was doing pretty fine for her circumstances, but unfortunately, things went down. She began getting a little too big for herself, trying to take down entire gangs. She generated too much heat, and she quickly realized she was likely going to die. However, out of nowhere, she was saved. This guy not only saved her, but he wooed her, and she fell right for it.

He was perfect. He supported and helped her in everything she did, especially taking down the gangs. The two made a name for themselves in the underworld, something to be feared by gangs. In fact, they crippled several. But tragedy struck, as it was revealed that he was part of one of the gangs, helping her eliminate the competition. When the time came, he tried to kill her. But she was quick, and she got the gun out of his hand and, without thinking, shot him instead.

She didn't have long to grieve for his death, though, as his gang knew about Rin's life, and exacted revenge on her mom. 2 deaths in a month, Rin's emotions were devastated. She was vulnerable, and she knew she couldn't go on, but she couldn't kill herself. As she walked through town, she figured out her best option. There was a store with a glass window right there where she could see the alarm system… She picked up a rock, hoping she could break the window without risking herself. Of all the rocks, it had to be /that/ rock…

Alex was just a young


Any other information you think would be interesting.

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