Rin Fubuki

Basic Info:

Rin has returned to Japan with Aiko. There's nothing for her at Sanctum any longer.

Player: Mokou-tan
Name: Fubuki Rin
Aliases: Mu, Rin

XP Unspent/Total: 0/24

Brief Description: Short, average weight Japanese girl with black hair and a mechanical right arm.

Appearance: Standing at a rather small 4'10", Rin is a short girl with raven hair down to her thighs. Her face is in a state of constant calm, adorned with gentle blue eyes that seem to always be taking in everything around her. A kind person would say her chest was small, like the rest of her. Any clothing she wears has the right sleeve removed, showing her right arm to be a mechanical prosthetic custom built with Aiko's assistance. It's appearance depends on modifications she has applied currently, but the base form is just a sleek metal mimicry of the arm she lost, but she will often make changes depending on her needs for the day, such as adding heavy metal plating to armor it.

Personality: Rin is outwardly almost perpetually calm, unnervingly so. She doesn't seem to ever smile, or groan or get angry. She can't even manage more than a few words at a time in most cases, so it is really hard to get a bead on her. In reality, she does have the emotions she doesn't show and is often easily enticed to try something new as she enjoys fresh experiences.

Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes: Rin has a love of mechanics and engineering, modifying and optimizing her arm daily as best she can. She finds enjoyment in eating sweets, playing video games, watching anime and trying out just about anything that catches her interest. She does have a bit of a dislike for males, not being comfortable if they get within a few feet of her. She also responds poorly to being pushed to speak more than she can manage.


Brawn: 1 (Mass, Muscle, Endurance and Resilience)

Finesse: 3 (Coordination, Agility, Quickness and Grace)

Acuity: 5 (Comprehension, Clarity, Perceptiveness and Reasoning)

Resolve: 3 (Willpower, Concentration, Determination and Focus)

Charisma: 1 (Charm, Presence, Confidence and Poise)


Initiative: 8

Health: 7

Psyche: 9

Quick Defenses:

Vitality Total: 3
Reflex Total: 8
Willpower Total: 7
Parry Roll: 7

Dodge: 10
Mundane DR: 5
Ability DR: 3
Equipped: Light plating (Sports pads)


  • Perception - (5) Acuity
  • Medicine - (2) Acuity
  • Mechanics - (3) Acuity
  • Marksman - (3) Finesse
  • Willpower - (4) Resolve
  • Academics - (3) Acuity
  • Close Combat - (4) Finesse
  • Analysis - (2) Acuity
  • Magic - (3) Acuity (Runic)
  • Reflexes - (5) Finesse


Magic Weapon


Unclouded Vision - 4 (Power)
Eyes that can pierce illusions.

Fate Drive - 3 (Power)
Through supercomputer-like data-processing, Rin can theoretically see the future.


  • Mind over Matter (5) - Use Resolve instead of Brawn for the Vitality skill.
  • Transhuman Senses (3) - Rin's vision isn't impaired by poor lighting, she can listen for and pick sounds out of the background noise and voices from a crowd, she has superior and more distinguishing senses of smell and taste than most humans, and your touch is more sensitive, possibly picking up vibrations more easily and distinguishing textures. +3 to resist sensory impairment, and ignore most ambient or environmental penalties to perception.
  • Eidetic Memory (5) - If not pressed for time, never need to roll to recall something that you witnessed or retrieve information from memory. If pressed for time, +3 to remember, and memory is always accurate if recalled.
  • Martial Expertise (4) - Rin's attacks with light weapons do +1 damage, and her unarmed attacks and thrown weapons do +1 damage. Does not stack with Bestial Fighting. May not raise a weapon's base (pre-attribute) damage higher than 3.


Total Currency: $296 CAD

On Hand
Hidden knife

High grade computer
Kuroyuki modifications

XP and Advancement

List what you've improved with XP since character creation.
12XP: +1 Acuity
4XP: Martial Expertise
7XP: +5 Reflexes
1XP: +1 Magic

XP History:
List sources of XP and their amounts given.
10XP: Monthly XP
2XP: Development Scene
12XP: Starter Bonus

Initial Details:

Additional Information

Extra Info:

Interpersonal Relationships: Minami Aiko - Best friend.

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