Shibain Airedei "Sam" MacLeod

Basic Info:

Player: SarahH

Demeanor: She comes off shy at first. However that is just a front. She is a genuinely warm and loving friend with a wicked senses of humour and nerd/geek cred for days.

Nature: A survivor at heart…Sad…Almost lost…Her humour and exterior hide a deep pain that springs from her inability to likely ever go home again…Ever see the people she loves ever again. She is tragically bound to her oath to bring peace to a home to which it is currently unsafe to return to.

Description: 6' Tall. Long black hair that shines red in the light with two ruby forelocks which are usually hidden by hair dye. Ivory skin with a peaches and cream complexion. Her eyes are different colors based upon her emotions but they default to a pure sapphire.She has scars a tattoos…most of which are covered at all times. She has a pair of what appear to be butterfly wings which fold completely down and disappear unless in use, and a bindi style birthmark.


Psyche: 6
Brawn: 2
Agility: 3
Brains: 3


Academics- (3) Brains (book learning)
Athletics – (3) Agility (athletic movement, dancing)
Dodge - (3) Agility (dodging, avoiding hit, combat)
Ranged- (3) Agility (use of ranged weapons)

Supernatural Abilities:

Call to Arms- 3 -She concentrates for a moment and is surrounded by a glowing golden flamed aura. The aura pulses out and hits people within 5' of her giving them the urge to fight on or join her side against the enemy.She can give another person a gem similar to her own, hidden on them or in the open as they see fit. It will remain there for 1 hour and allow telepathic linking between them. This however means they share pain as well.

Flamestrike- 3 - She summons a mote of flame that strikes one target. It fills that area and remains for 2 minute.

Many Faces- 3 - She focuses deeply and her form is lit from within with a warm glow. When she is done she bears a new face, voice, and aspect. This lasts for up to one hour. Focusing herself she suddenly looks nothing like herself. She becomes a translucent, ghost-like woman dressed entirely in white. In this form she can pass into and through object or possess a person for a short time. But if time runs out she falls out of the form and is incapacitated for 1 hour.

Pheonix Tear- 2 - At moment where she is so damaged as to leade to her death. She can, so long as her head is still attached to her body, shed a single tear that looks like a diaomnd. This tear allows her to heal back to healthy but leaves her unable to do anything for an hour until the healing completes.

Silversword- 2 - She focuses all her energy and her sword appears in her hand glowing with a silver hue and ignites with flames. When she strikes with it for the next 1 minute it leaves the target on fire and it cannot be taken away from her. Her wings spread then fold around her for a moment. A blinding flash of light occurs and when she emerges they look like those of the legendary bird and can be used to attack dealing flaming strikes.


Her bindi birthmark is in fact a gemstone embedded in her head. It's like an Achilles tendon that makes her more susceptible to psychic attack (Severe -2 Mental defense)


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Personal History:

Known: Foreign exchange student from Scotland.


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