Sandra "Skix" Brown

Basic Info:

Player: PuddleJumper

Demeanor: Big and awkward, very shy especially in large groups. Definitely not charismatic. Can come off as a bit of an oaf. However very friendly once she is familiar with you. Imposing when angry.

Nature: Very softhearted, and empathetic especially to anyone she considers in need of help or unable to protect themselves. Loves animals especially. However when threatened she can be violent. Her self esteem problems are getting better after dealing with some rather daunting hurdles and coming out the other side stronger.

Description: She is a lizard person, 6'2" 245lbs (and still growing) light blue scales with black tips where they stick up on her ridges. The duel ridges start at her eyebrows go along the top of her head and along her spine all the way to the tip of her rather long thick alligator like tail. She has rather large green reptilian eyes, her mouth is rather more a short snout with sharp teeth and a rather long thick tongue. Her nose is two simple slits. She has 3 fingered 1 thumbed hands and feet that end in long rather raptor like claws. She has no body hair and a rather thick build, wide hips support a short but strong torso. She is quite busty. She has numerous scars, the most prominent being a circular scar around her neck and a back full of nasty whip marks. She has no ears just small holes on the side of her head.

She is usually wearing cargo pants with a hole cut out for her tail with a snap to hold them up. A t-shirt circa 1988-1995, and cloth wraps for her clawed feet.


HP: 12/12

Psyche: 1/6

Brawn: 4 (+1 from jacket for defense)

Agility: 3 (+1 from jacket for defense)

Brains: 3


Animistic fury (6) /brawn/ Skix when pushed to fight attacks with all out aggression striking with claw and tooth relentlessly. Overwhelming opponents with a savage flurry of slashing ticked off lizard (+6 to attack and defense)

Into a corner (4) /agility/ due to her traumatic upbringing she is used to being forced to defend her life against unfair odds, when her adrenaline kicks in she can be shockingly good at avoiding blows that would otherwise put her down. (+4 to reflex defenses/initiative)

Raptor senses (6) /brains/ Skix's heightened senses of smell and sight can allow her to pick up on the faintest traces of danger, dialed up to 11 at all times she can often spot something wrong before anything happens (+6 to perception rolls)

Mcgyvering (3) /brains/ growing up with nearly nothing to her name she has had to become somewhat of an unconventional problem solver with limited resources and can often times figure something out on the fly

Willpower/Clarity (1) Brains Defense, or Mental Defense, which rolls against most everything that would affect the mind, from subconcious influence, to domination, to assault for psyche damage.

Endurance/Toughness (1) Brawn Defense, which can be rolled against most physical attacks (though less effective against just-needs-to-touch-you effects), as well as against things that specifically target it like poison.

Supernatural Abilities:

One of the pack (6) +2 Skix has never had any friends to speak of, having someone to fight for now makes her a staunch protector for her allies. (Every attack that hits, tail stun that hits, or intercept that Skix performs using an action, she builds momentum; by spending 3 momentum or 1 Psyche, Skix can perform an intercept without using an action. Skix gets 1/2 of this power's rating as a bonus to defense (up to +3) when using an action to intercept a physical attack, and 1/4 (with rating 7 giving +2) when not using an action.)

Reptilian Physiology (5) +2 She has a very thick and muscular tail that when she gets good momentum with she can stun someone without causing the massive damage biting and clawing will inevitably do. She can also use it as a limb, albeit in a limited fashion, as well as a few other tricks, a minor resistance to poison, enhanced climbing ability, and the ability to change the color of her scales…though sometimes when upset or excited she cant control her camouflage reflex.


Cold Blooded - Despite generating a bit of her own heat she inst entirely endothermic and as a consequence all her stats suffer when exposed to extreme cold. -1 to all rolls in cold environments (below freezing) and if a cold based attack hits her she loses her next action in combat. (Severe)

Outcast - Growing up alone with very little human contact has made her very impressionable. Her desperate need to fit in and to please makes her quite susceptible to mental attacks or suggestion. -1 to all mental defense rolls. (minor)

She has had her memory wiped of the last two years of her life. She remembers very little, not even her name at the moment. Due to psychic damage taken on a mission.
Resolved!! (9/8/16) Chloe Gass


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.

Camo cargo pants, black hoodie, black sunglasses, black leather trench coat(2ond hand)
WW2 zippo lighter, 332ond fighter group Red Tails
Deck of card
$1075 cash

Consumable and stat giving items
Red Pixie Crystal. This red crystal exudes a warmth into the room. It's big enough to make the regular dorm room nice and cozy, enough to not need blankets. It's an approximate rectangular prism, the short end of the long side being about palm-sized

Reinforced School Jacket +1 Defense
Enchanted Jeans (Akemi Item makes her look like a normal human when worn)

3 use packet of pixie dust (+luck)
1 rock candy stick (negate fear/panic group use)
4oz fine healing crystals (+2hp)

Nokia 1994 flip
(Theodore Grundlewood)
(Ambrose Syl-Falaren)
(Elspeth Sullivan)
(Veronica Marcoeli)
(Suzanne Williams)
(Kira Robinson)

Dorm room

Beat up clothes, Black hoodie, paint stained cargo pants.
Various salvation army clothes, leather belts some hoodies and long sleeved plain shirts some off brand blue jeans.

14in screen Dell laptop (not the best but not the worst either, last years model, new)
Tooth brush + Tooth paste +baking soda
Various salvation army stuffed animals
Beat up stuffed raccoon toy (Little Coyote)
Stuffed Rabbit gift from Elspeth
cast iron cooking skillet

Personal History:

Sandra "Skix" Brown age 16. (celebrated not known for sure) born october 30th 2002 Detroit Michigan.

Skix's early childhood is a mystery to her she has vague memories of being taught how to read, write, and do various tests. She remembers what could be either her parents or her creators caring for her in a large home turned lab in the largely abandon Detroit suburbs.

What she remembers clearly afterwards was the shooting deaths of everyone in the home and the fire that burned it to the ground. Shortly afterwards she was found trying to scavenge out of the trash outside a meth lab by the drug dealers within. They treated her as a guard dog to protect the drug den from other gangs, shackling her to the wall by a dog chain around her neck by the front door. As she grew larger her captors decided they could make a bit of money off her, i mean pit bull fights are good and all but folk would pay to watch their dog lose to a raptor!

After years of torment a rival gang kicked in the front door and executed everyone, fortunately she was in the basement recovering from one of their fights…unfortunately she was chained to a water heater by a choke chain around her neck. After a week she ran out of dog food, a week after that she ran out of rats…and eventually even roaches. Growing weaker and desperate she strained against the chain little by little bending the pipe to the water heater away from the wall, finally breaking it she stumbled starving and naked from the basement trailing her chain.

A few blocks away she saw a light in a house, and crawled toward it across the abandon overgrown fields in the ruins of a once upper class neighborhood. She passed out on the back door stoop and awoke in the morning in a bed with her wounds dressed. The old black man sitting over her eyed her with apprehension but also compassion. His name was Willard Brown. A WW2 fighter pilot of the famous Red Tails squadron. Though in his declining years he still had a fire and a deep sense of honor and right, Skix would be given her name from him…Skix being the sound he said her claws made on the wood tile when he called her for dinner.

Willard became her teacher (though the knowledge was a bit spotty she could tell you everything you ever wanted to know about WW2 or classic jazz), her mentor, and most importantly her father. He said one thing that stuck with her to this day. "Not nobody equal, and ain't nobody gonna hand you nothin, World ain't a fair place…but that don't mean that makes it ok to be no thug an take it fer yerself! No matter what, ya gotta try ta be good. Aint nothin gonna never git better if ya don't try.

His health failing Skix, now with a real name Sandra tried her best to nurse him, get his groceries, and take care of both him and his decaying home. The last holdout on a block of abandon and decaying tri levels from the 1920's. Eventually he succumbed to old age, because of his kindness he had one person at least to mourn him…Skix dressed him in his uniform, pinned his metals on his chest and buried him in the back yard. With her claws she carved a cross for him. Capt Willard Brown, born 1926 died 2016 88 years old. Beloved Father. With that she was alone again.

She was picked up two years later, living in the abandon grand central station she stole a purse and phone from an open car. When the owners were startled by her she was shot in the shoulder and later tracked by the police. Without anywhere to go, and nowhere to fit in she is being transferred to Canada for evaluation, apparently there is a facility that deals with this sort of situation.


Works as a cook in the Ascella Cafeteria.

++++ XP Tracking: T2/U0/XP14
Tier 0:
(All time total 46)
(Weekly EXP total=29)
(+2XP Underneath Haven)
(-4XP Learning New Tricks +2 Animistic fury) 6/27/16
(Special Delivery +2XP) 6/27/16
(+2XP Book Hunting) 6/29/16
(+1XP Theo+Skix B-ball training) 6/30/16
(-4XP Toughen Up +2hp) 6/30/16
(+1XPGetting dumped, development ) 7/5/16
(-4XP Power Boost) 7/14/16
(-4XP Moving to Perfection - Increase any Attribute by 1) (8/12/16)
Tier 1
(+2XP Run Vivi) (8/13/16)
(+2XP The Hidden; Base) 8/26/16
+1 willpower/clarity Tutor Scene tier0 9/7/16
(-4XP Moving to Perfection) 9/8/16
(-4XP Learning new Tricks) 9/12/16
(+1xp development scene with Nate) 9/29/16
(-4XP Toughen Up) 10/2/16
(-4XP Power Boost) 10/12/16
+1 toughness tutor scene Caspian tier 1 10/20/16
(+2xp Dubai Boy) 10/28/2016
(+2xp theo's funeral) 11/16/2016 (ish)
Tier 2

Ugly don't mean nothin. Lookit me, im ugly as sin and im pretty great right? -Willard Brown

Dog food isn't really that bad…especially if you got some milk to soak it in…its kinda like health food…sorta. -Skix


Theodore Grundlewood DECEASED Convinced her to stay at the school. Walked her through getting her into classes, how to interact with the students and staff and generally helps her through the basics of day to day living. Skix considers him a close if not best friend. They work together in the cafeteria. He was the target of her misguided attentions.

Quiln Tanith The first other being Skix ever met who looked remotely like her, Being called little dragon by her new friend she considers herself an honorary dragon, at least to her pal. Skix is trying her best to get her dragon friend to see people not as pray but as people…so far she thinks she got them upgraded to peasants. They are now currently dating.

Suzanne Williams Friend who talks girly girl stuff with the clueless Skix, they like to watch cat videos on the YouTube together. Lately they have been talking relationships and other topics.

Siobhan Lynch Met swimming in the pool, Siobhan has been helping Skix with her memory problems along with Chloe. Helped her out when she was losing it a bit, and is a trusted friend.

Ambrose Syl-Falaren Went on a mission together and were a good team together. They went to the infirmary afterwards and had a talk.

Suzanne Williams Friend who talks girly girl stuff with the clueless Skix, they like to watch cat videos on the YouTube together. Lately they have been talking relationships and other topics.

Veronica Marcoeli Met briefly over lunch and talked about their path to the school.

Elspeth Sullivan Have met several times, Skix is protective over her friend who cant even walk. She is worried she might have caused her some stress last time they spoke and Elspeth had a seizure.

Pia Kellogg Went on the riddle mission, watched dragon heart and talked about their powers, cuddle slept on the couch in front of the tv.

Akemi Kimura cooked sushi with Skix offered to sell her a magic item to disguise her looks for going into town and such.

Leah Nasser The other cook who works in the cafeteria, Skix is learning to cook from her and is on friendly terms.

Kir Had a rather mixed swimming lesson, Skix still isnt sure what to think of this guy.

Seiko Williams Met on a run, Skix ran after her when she fled deeper into the caves.

Excalibur Had a cooking session and talked about the school.

Kira Robinson Skix told her about her path to the school and offered to introduce her around.

Chloe Gass Met in the cafeteria, Chloe has been helping Skix regain her memory from the damage she suffered on the mission to the desert. And it seems has been successful!

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