Sara Phoenix Gavelis

Basic Info:

Player: Endorb

Demeanor: A bored, thoughtful and lazy girl or a hyperactive thrillseeker, depending on when you meet her. Either way, she usually looks aloof to the things going on around her that aren't important to her.

Nature: Sara adopted where parents' core philosophy: self-betterment. No matter what Sara's doing, there's a drive to get better at it. It aggravates her to no end if she gets stuck at some skill level. But that's not all there is to her: she's fun-loving, she's intelligent, she's more than willing to prove herself if the chance arises. But even if she looks it, she's not trying to make herself out to be the best, and is more than willing to make herself look bad if it means helping others.

Description: Sara is 6'21/2". She's albino, with very straight, silvery hair that flows down to her shoulder blades. Her eyes are naturally red, but sometimes she wears color contacts to help blend in. Her body is supposed to be a medium build, but due to her power she can't maintain a healthy level of fat, and is pretty thin as a result. She carries herself casually as much as she can get away with, her hands usually in a pocket, but she always keeps good posture, and she's always looking at something specifically.

Sara's wardrobe consists mostly of very faded colours, especially blues. Her favourite winter outfit is a somewhat baggy sweater that is so washed out its hard to tell it was supposed to be blue, and some skin-tight acid-washed jeans. Her favourite summer outfit is a very light blue tank top and a faded black knee-length skirt. Of course, just because she likes faded colours doesn't mean that's all she wears.


HP: 9/9

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • athletics - 1 (Agility) Sara does a lot of sports, so she's very capable of most physical actions and activities. Climbing, running, throwing, catching, and all sorts of other things.
  • Mental prowess - 5 (Brains) Sara is smart. She's good with puzzles, strategy, and most other things that need a keen intellect
  • Reflexes - 2 (Agility) Sara doesn't need to hesitate. She thinks and moves quickly enough, whether it be into action or out of danger.
  • Rangery - 5 (Agility) Sara studied ranged weapons at one point. Construction, care, use, height of popularity, all that.
  • Mental defense - 4 (Brains) Sara's felt a few mental influences rubbing up against her barrier, so she devised a few tricks to keep her mind safe
  • Perception - 1 (Brains) Sara's learned to pay close attention to her senses, thanks to Aiko

Power replacements

  • Knowledge - 1 (Brains) Sara's dimensional clone has been hard at work studying literally her whole life
  • Computers - 1 (Brains) Sara's dimensional clone also has to work a fair bit with computers to be efficient

Supernatural Abilities:

Dash - 5: Sara's body never gets tired. She could literally run for days without her legs feeling sore, or incurring really any negative effects on her body other than energy loss. Her lungs are also very strong, meaning she's unlikely to be held back by her need to breath either. She still needs just as much sleep and food as anyone else doing the same as her. This power can also offer short bursts of excess speed. Sara can spend a turn to get +1 to all agility rolls for the next 3 rounds. (However, this power cannot boost her total modifier above +12) She can instead spend her next action to get +1 until the missed turn.

Supernatural Barrier - 3: Sara has a barrier against supernatural effects. It normally sits just around her and her clothes, preventing powers from passing through. Sara can expand the shield as she wishes, but it weakens as it expands, taking a -2 to cover an average-size, adjacent person. Whenever a power attempts to penetrate the shield, Sara will be aware, and she may let it through if she wishes. If it passes through the shield, it is still subject to any defenses of targets inside the shield(roll only once if the spell targets multiple who are within the shield). If the shield blocks a power, Sara will get a simple understanding of the power, similar to a two-sentence description.
Note: things created by powers, such as a fireball or a magical entity, do not incur resistance.

Library of Knowledge - 1: Something Sara and her parents failed to detect in her is that Sara is tied to a special dimension. In this dimension is all true written knowledge. In there is another version of Sara. The knowledge within the minds of the two synchronize whenever they both are asleep at the same time, however as of yet memories have not been passed, nor is the Sara in this dimension aware of the connection. Although Sara herself is unable to enter this dimension, it is theoretically possible that another may be able to. This power can be used as a replacement for Knowledge and Computers checks.


Photosensitivity Sara is albino, so obviously she gets sunburns much easier than the average person, and the sun is quick to start bugging her if she stands in it. But, her eyes are also photosensitive. Even something as simple as turning on the lights after she wakes up can take minutes to fully adjust to. Whenever a flash of light occurs, if Sara has to roll defenses against being blinded by it, she takes -2, and the duration of effect is multiplied by 1.5 (rounded down, minimum of +1). (Severe)


On person:

  • The most advanced smartphone currently in the market
  • her wallet
  • A 9-mm pistol that makes no noise and gives +1 to shots taken with it (infinite ammo, clip cannot be removed)

in her dorm:

  • A top-of-the-line laptop, with Linux
  • Light workout equipment, such as small weights and a hula hoop
  • A long stick
  • A flute, with kit
  • A saxophone, with kit and spare reeds
  • An electric keyboard

Personal History:

Sara was born into a loving, upper-class family in Maine, USA. And from an early age, she was hammered with their philosophy: you're either better if yourself, or wasting yourself. She took up this philosophy, and she submitted herself to the endless lessons they gave her. At age 4 she started piano, at age 6 she started vocal training, at age 10 she had a personal trainer. They were careful not to push her too hard, but they pushed her as hard as they could. Sara took their philosophy to heart, and enjoyed her many studies and activities.

Something changed drastically in her life following the Halloween reveal, though. Once the world became aware of the supernatural, Sara's parent revealed their secret. They were part of a supernatural coalition that bestowed their children with powers in order to make their lives better. They spent time, trying to discover Sara's power, and once they had found it out, they sent Sara to a school where she could learn about the supernatural, and hone her powers. Fifth Sanctum. The private tutors and private school were gone. Now it was time for the real education to begin.


16 years old
birthday is December 23rd

Tier: 1 Upgrade: 1 XP: 1
Money: 1000$
scene guide

Sara can speak in several accents
Sara can play flute, piano, and a little bit of saxophone
Sara can speak fluent Chinese, and decent Japanese

+1 to Dash, +1 to Library of knowledge
+1 to Agility (July 10, 2016)
+1 mental Prowess, +1 to Rangery (July 31, 2016)
+1 to perception (tutor)
+2 to HP (August 21, 2016)
- tier split -
Enchanted gun (-4 XP)
+1 to agility (October 16, 2016)

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