Sebastian Church

Basic Info:

Player: Desoph

Demeanor: Confident and no shame. He owns the room and the party doesn’t start until he walks in attitude. Always smiling, trying to change his stars.

Nature: Immortal sadist with a developing soft side. There is much to the man he will become.

Description: Church is a drop dead gorgeous beast of a man. 5’11” 186 lbs. Almost always wears some form of suit. Black hair, pale blue eyes and a body designed to be used as a female jungle gym. He has a beautiful accent.



HP: 7

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 2

Agility: 3

Brains: 3


  • Computer - 4 - He can navigate security systems effectively and manipulate computers.
  • Persuasion - 4 - Brains - He can lie like a rug and get away with it. He rules at Poker.
  • Anatomy - 4 - Brains - He knows what buttons to push in order to relieve stress or cause it.

Supernatural Abilities:

Sensory Manipulation - 4 - Church can set the nerves on fire, figuratively and realistically. He can either cause complete loss of feeling, or inflict hellish agony by overloading the nervous system of his target. If target has ability to feel pain or pleasure, they can be affected to varying degrees. Requires physical contact.

Take Me to Church - 2 - Church can drop inhibitions and find deepest darkest desires even in public. He is a manipulation specialist so using this power he can then make that desire an overwhelming obsession to consume the target.-requires eye contact atleast, physical contact is best.

Regeneration - 2 - So long as Church isn’t completely destroyed…he can regenerate. Higher the level, the quicker it happens. Regrowing detached body parts is a wonderful thing.

Soul Steal - 1 - He can taint the hearts and souls of an enemy to drive them to greater and greater acts of violence or despair. Requires eye contact or physical contact.


  • Infernal Rage - If attacked and severely damaged he won’t stop attacking until pulled off or they stop moving (Severe)



Silk sheets…..

Personal History:

Church is an Incubus. He was made this way after his girlfriend sold His soul for her to be the next big star. He never really got over that…he is sixteen and is destined to stop aging at 30. A Lot he doesn’t know himself beyond his training to be what he is.


There is a rumor he was summoned by some college girls wanting a hot date. He claims to be 16…he may be younger.

Personal Relationships:

Kiria Tyannikova-beautiful woman, sweetheart. My first real friend outside of…just Elspeth actually. She is innocent to the world and that is attractive. If I were a shifty person I would seduce her for the fun of it but…I have resolved to be nice. But I am hoping Kiriya would have me as a close friend…I never had one before.

Claudia Aeris-that girl is a kick in the teeth. In a very positive way. How could anyone mope around that much bubbly happiness? She is such a sweet person…OH! She is my friend too. Yeah…wait until she gets to know me though…doubt she will stick around…
Big update…I asked her to be my Valentine…no one frikken told me what that means! So I basically asked her out..but…she said yes…and explained to me what it was. I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I couldn't just…I mean…she has done nothing but been supportive and caring so…we will take it slow.
We shared our first kiss. It was nothing short of amazing. It is scary to think that in a relationship…you will either burn out or soend forever with them…I hope she doesn't care what I am…

Everyone else:Every once in a while…you meet a group of people that give you hope for the future and pride to be part of it. These are not those people…in fact, I die a little inside each time I watch these rejects attempt a task. To think…there are trees slaving away just to make oxygen so these skidmarks can breath….those trees deserve an apology.

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