Seiko Williams

Basic Info:

Player: Charlotte

Demeanor: At first glance, Seiko seems to be quiet girl, keeping mostly to herself. She also seems to be distracted a decent amount all the time, typically staring outside windows or doodling in her notebook.

Nature: Seiko, from events in her life affecting her and eventually leading to her cynical attitude whilst being plagued by fear and suspicion of beings ostracized, being the odd one out. She believes to an extent that people are motivated mostly by self-interest and usually are in it for themselves. She criticizes people internally for things to somewhat put herself in a better light than them and confirm her ideas about the world, although she never really expresses it externally for others to know. Her features, being permanent, are somewhat of an embarrassment for her. She's also cautious, thinking before many of her actions instead of acting on impulse. Not only that, she's somewhat of an introvert, leaning towards the not socializing spectrum more often than not

Seiko is 5'4 at 15 years old. Her skin is of a pale complexion and she has jet black hair that goes down to her waist. She has dark brown eyes and is typically found wearing some sort of hoodie. She also has ears similar to that of a cat and a long tail to go with too.


HP: 6

Psyche: 8

Brawn: 1

Agility: 4

Brains: 3


  • Stealth - (4) Agility Concealing items, hiding from sight, blending in.
  • Survival - (4) Brains Fishing, starting a fire, location using natural sources.
  • Reflexes - (4) Agility Quickness in reacting to something.

Supernatural Abilities:

Spirit Animal - 4 In the most literal sense of the phrase, Seiko is able to become the animal that is most similar in personality and nature of her soul, which would in this case be a domestic cat. (In this form, a boost is given to stealth and agility in general. The number is the number of points in the power divided by four, rounded up.)

Healing - 2 Seiko, in fact, is able of healing herself or others in situations in which it is needed, although has never in fact encountered a time when it was needed. (Takes up an action and heals half of the total of the die roll.)

Perfect Eyes - 3 Seiko can see in all light levels perfectly almost, similar to how domestic cats are known for being able to see clearer than most beings in the darkness, however this is amplified for Seiko. (Any debuffs given because of darkness do not apply to her and this power also applies as a skill replacement for perception.)

Shield Timer - 2 Upon will, Seiko can manifest a small shield on her left arm that had two peculiar abilities. The first one in particular is the space within it which could be likened to a "mallet space." This space can hold up to 20 kilograms of items within it. The other ability is the sand timer that appears to be built inside the shield. Within holds Seiko's own personal time and with a turn of the circular timer, she can reset her own time up to 40 seconds before, however the timer returns to its original state and locks, preventing her from doing this more than once every day. (Every point in the power increases the time by 20 seconds.)


Severe: Seiko's odd features, her tail and ears, also are the tethers that directly connect her to her soul. However, they are delicate things and so is the connection so any damage done to them is amplified because it hurts her and her soul.


  • A bookbag with school materials needed.
  • A 2016 Nikon D4S (camera)
  • IllusionWear

Dorm Room

  • One journal
  • Various clothings
  • A few pictures.
  • $580

Personal History:

In the small town of Pelican, Alaska, in the year 2003, a man was out in the bay, on his boat, fishing near the forest on the opposite side of town when he heard faint crying nearby. Speeding towards it to investigate, he found a small baby that couldn't be older than a week. However, the most jarring thing was the strange cat-like protrusions from the baby, the appearance of a tail and small cat ears. These were very strange, but still, it was a relatively normal baby girl, by herself. He decided to take her in, although before reading the small card that came with her describing.. what she could do and giving her only a first name. He came home to a wife, but no children as the wife was infertile. They eventually decided on not reporting the child and unofficially adopting her, preferring to conceal the odd features in any way possible. She however learned in her own time the strange ability she possessed and the importance of her "extensions." Eventually she arrived at Fifth Sanctum at the age of 15 and entering the facility, she wondered what came in store.


Her hobby is photography.
She is extremely and possibly fatally, ticklish.

XP Tracking: T0/U2/XP13

Name of Source/Purchase XP Change Date
Tier 0 N/A 9/4/16
Weedkiller +1XP Unknown
Something Silently Slithers +2XP Unknown
Under Haven +2XP Unknown
Special Delivery +2XP Unknown
Weekly XP +1XP 6/5/16
Weekly XP +1XP 6/12/16
Weekly XP +1XP 6/19/16
Weekly XP +1XP 6/26/16
Weekly XP +1XP 7/3/16
Weekly XP +1XP 7/10/16
Weekly XP +1XP 7/17/16
Weekly XP +1XP 7/24/16
Weekly XP +1XP 7/31/16
Weekly XP +1XP 8/7/16
Weekly XP +1XP 8/14/16
Weekly XP +1XP 8/21/16
Weekly XP +1XP 8/28/16
Weekly XP +1XP 9/4/16
Clear Mind -4XP Unknown
Power Boost -4XP Unknown
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