Simon Bolger

Basic Info:

Player: Qtpie

Name: Simon Bolger

Simon gives off an aloof impression to most he meets, given he demure and uninterested demeanor he carries on most of his days. This strange, uncaring vibe could possibly come off as the generic teenage angst that plagues the recent decade’s youth, or he’s just simply a bored, young man whom isn’t quite sure what to make of his newfound powers. This cold personality makes people either dismiss or, surprisingly, attract others to him, as said silence can give an enigmatic aura to others. This aloof appearance does not equate to introversy however, he simply is a lad difficult to impress.

Nature: Simon may initially come off as uncaring and cold at times, he’s just simply lost track of his life. The school changes, learning the actual hardships of life, his powers and the difference in social conduct from growing up kinda took a toll on his perspective of life, his demure attitude stemming from never being in his comfort zone. At first, he’s reserved and perceptive, being careful with his responses and sometimes throwing a minor jab with some snark at someone if given the opportunity to. Witty and with a sarcastic sense of humor, Simon could be a jerk to some, or an astute and funny companion to another. Getting to know Simon really isn’t all that difficult, coming out of his snarky and reserved shell, he’s a bright and fun young boy that’s tough to put down. Stoic would be the best word to describe him.

Description: Simon is a lad of average stature, albeit on the shorter side, about 5’7 with a medium frame. He’s actually fit, coming from his old hobby of running, although those days are long gone for him. His posture tends to be slack and rather poor, but that’s mostly out of being laidback and carefree. He has shining bright amber eyes that are marred by the tiresome look he has. Surprisingly, he seems to take care of his hair, sometimes being found neatly combed.. Probably a bad case of bedhair? It is pretty puffy! His usual manner of dressing is pretty casual.. He seems to be fond of long sleeved shirts. If shown, Simon would have burn marks across his body, although not exactly severe.


HP: 6

Psyche: 6

Brawn: 1
Agility: 4
Brains: 3


You get 12 points to spend on skills at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 6.

Shining Clarity (3) Brains - Simon is a very stoic and aloof person, making it quite difficult to bring him down. Applies to Mental Defense and Willpower rolls.

All About Electrons (3) Brains - Simon actually has a secret passion for science! Physics to be very specific, as he applies it to using his photokinetic abilities. Applies to Academics rolls.

Fast as a Flash (4) Agility - Simon was well-known for his achievements as a track runner in his hometown.. However he really isn’t as active as before. Applies to assorted Athletics rolls.

Lightspeed Reflexes (4) Agility - When you're able to move at the speed of light, you tend to learn a thing or two about thinking fast. Applies to Reflex rolls.

Supernatural Abilities:

These are things your character accomplishes via their power.
Abilities/Powers should be fairly broad, but look at other characters for good examples. They can grow over time, so don't worry if you start on the small side! You get 7 points to spend on powers at creation, with a starting cap of 4 and total cap of 7. Powers add your Tier to their rolls, usually.

Phasing Photons (3)- Simon uses photons to accelerate his own movement, moving short distances( Able to control distance, max range of 12~ feet) in a blink and blur of light. He can carry with him one other person on these incredibly short hyperspeed journeys, but risks greater fatigue in doing so. Ability cannot be stopped.
When using Phasing Photons, a short lived yet powerful light appears which can effectively disorientate and quite possibly, blind temporarily, anyone that is close to Simon when he casts this ability (Around a 4~ feet range)

Sparking Strikes (2) - Simon casts a ray of light, burning and perhaps, disintegrate a target. This ability can bounce off reflective materials such as mirrors and steel. Moreover, he can wield this ability from any source of light, allowing him to use them as fonts for his beams.
Sparking Strikes can reflect from any crystalline object such as marbles, mirrors and the like, making for some handy trickshots.
As an alternative, Simon can tag someone with the light source, able to cast Sparking Strikes from his binded target.
The intensity of this ability scales on how strong the source is, be it Simon or any other source of light.

Lights Out! (2) - Simon drains some light from any source, from candles to lampposts, allowing him to create a scaling shield capable of repelling simple kinetic attacks for himself or to empower his other two abilities, affording a+1 to the next ability roll.

The potency of the power up is equal to the strenght of it's source.


Extra crispy - Obviously enough, Simon wouldn’t be immune to the heat from his light abilities, and would burn say, his fingers if he were casting an ability that came from his hand, he’d would suffer from medium to severe burns in certain parts of his body depending on the ability used as well and could potentially set himself ablaze or suffer severe burns.

Power outage! - Once Simon runs out of charge, he will require a source of light to return optimal strenghts! Otherwise, his abilities may be weakened or unable to be casted. Simon can charge from any source of light.

Electrical Malfunction: Absorbing light from an electrical source can be quite dangerous, given the low probability of an electrical shock.


List everything your character carries on their person here. Be reasonable.
LED cat keychain - A small keychain of a white, a button on it’s back makes it light up! Gift from his younger cousin.
Bag of Marbles- Those little glass pebbles that you’d play and gamble with as a child? Well, Simon carries a bag to do some neat tricks with his abilities. KEEP OUT OF YOUNG CHILDREN’S REACH.
iPhone - Just a regular iPhone.. Latest release, probably a gift from his Aunt.
Portable charger - Can’t afford running out of charge now can we?
Pocket Flashlight - A trust ol’ flashlight.. Never know when you’re gonna need one.

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

Science books, most notably physics
Gaming handheld w/charger

Personal History:

Born on a Summer night in the year 2002, Simon was absolutely adored by his parents, He’d travel a bit in his earlier life, but would really have no memory given his age. Of course, his parents wouldn’t drag him along business trips across the globe forever, as his education was very important, with that, He was sent back to the states, to a well-sized city in Maine.
There, he lived a sheltered and very simple life with his religious fanatic aunt and younger cousin. He’d usually have fun with the simple work his aunt would give him as homework, but his aunt’s knowledge only reached a certain point. And so, he would be enrolled into the closest school to them, it was the definition of average but one thing troubled young Simon…
See, Simon din’t know what to make of all this, how to act, how to express himself towards others. He seemed to feel uncomfortable in all of this. He’d have trouble trying to find out just what kind of person he was amongst his peers. Simon would sometimes try to interact with others, but these would produce short-term relationships and just.. “School friendships”. He wouldn’t really hang-out with these people, and would keep to himself.

He’d realize this, thinking that joining the track team would remedy this, allowing him to get to know more people and just how things worked, He’d make one real friend, charming him with his sarcastic personality or perhaps, he felt bad for the lonely new kid that just moved into town… Despite making his first actual friend he’d still feel unsatisfied. This friend was quite close to him and seemed to be a fragile and sensitive person. He was part of the track team as well and actually took the time to get close to Simon, sharing with him time at lunch, going over given assignments, and heck, even go out sometimes. Simon treasured this person dearly, and said person would see him as a sort of an older brother figure.

Into his first year of Middle School, he’d begin to notice that he was born with a certain special gift. This came to -light- during the stressful weeks of final exams.. Apparently, Simon could toy around with light, much to his delight given his interest in Science.. He was truly fascinated with this, yet he felt weird about it.. Conflicted and self-concious that he wasn’t normal perhaps? He’d start paying more focus on to his newly discovered abilities, sometimes skipping track meets in favor of fooling around and causing trouble with his new found abilities.

He’d get slowly start gaining more control of it, but at the cost of being more careless with his work, being overly confident and even winging exams. Not even a scolding from his aunt could stop him.. Simon’s new and carefree attitude worried the faculty and most importantly, Simon’s closest friend. The day came for Simon to show off his powers.. And the first person he wanted to share his abilities with was with his only friend. He would come to be impressed with Simon’s natural talent, but things would take a dark turn, as Simon showing off one of his barely developed abilities.. Simon asked his friend to point him to the closest source of light, it being a lamppost.. Unfortunately for Simon, he was unable to successfully causing not only for him to suffer some bad burns on his body, but to also be electrocuted by the lamppost..

He passes out on the cold sidewalk, only to awaken in a hospital. His aunt was made aware of his powers, being extremely ignorant even as to say he’s possessed or whatever.

Even the doctors were made aware of his powers, and actually recommended that he’d be enrolled in a place where he can fit in with others like him. His aunt agreed, as she wanted to get rid of him after receiving the news that her nephew was “a magic casting devil”.
Simon would be enrolled into Fifth Sanctum in hopes of figuring out just what to do with himself and figuring out more about life.

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