Siobhan Lynch

Basic Info:

Player: SavanahHolland Not the name of your character

Demeanor: At times she can seem serene and calm, perhaps to the point of monotone, as if had seen everything before and wished that it would just fast forward so she could move on to more important matters. However, if something weighs heavy on her mind, it tends to be absurdly obvious, pursed lips and light blonde eyebrows knitted together in thought.. which can be often mistaken for her shooting dirty looks to complete strangers..

Nature: Siobhan has never been normal, not even before her death, often finding herself alone in a cruel world where she had no access to others like her, no one to confide in, bitterly alone. That lasted till her final breath, and carried on even when she was gone. No memories of who who Siobhan was, it didn't seem to matter. She was Siobhan now, quiet and unsure how to act, what to say. So there was only silence, there were only stories of the past that made no sense. Perhaps she was insane, perhaps mixing things up, not that it mattered. She wasn't even Siobhan.

Description: Hazel eyes that are dulled with time. Bright white hair that flows like silk, only for the eyes to be cut short, hair ending at chin length. Pale skin, not the lovely pale porcelain skin that was spoken of in fairy tales, rather pinkish, average, unworthy to be noticed.
Feathered wings, a huge span that perhaps would even allow her to fly if she dared, no destruction, not even a hint or sign of any unfavorable blemishes, just bright white feathers.. soft to the touch.
Clothes don't seem to matter.. perhaps a white sundress that goes just above her knees and some sandals, it was cold back home and the occasional warm weather in this new school feels like a blessing in disguise.



HP: 6/6

Psyche: 6/6

Brawn: 1

Agility: 3

Brains: 4


Perception: (4) Brains
Medicine: (3) Brains
Sneak: (3) Agility
Reflexes: (4) Agility

Supernatural Abilities:

Rise Angelum Meum: - 4 - Siobhan can call upon her, what she calls to be her 'inner soul' which she would tell you is where her power comes from. A pure white halo is traced above her head but not quite made out, blurry even. During this state she must open her eyes, which would not show her hazel eyes, but instead white light will pour out of them. She can travel to the darkest parts of a human, or anomalies mind and memories, which she see's as the 'inner soul' and attack to show them horrifying and grotesquely distorted imagery from their past memories, perhaps evoking flashbacks and mental breakdowns, which will cause psyche damage. This is usually temporary, and can last from four hours to three days. People known for having weak minds or mixing reality with illusions may think the distorted memories shown are what they actually experienced in the first place. A memory of a simple stroll in the park with beloved family members could easily he twisted into one filled with gore and your most vile fears, and you could possibly believe that's what happened. Luckily for the poor souls that deserve this power called upon them, she can also offer salvation, she can use her power to temporarily make them forget a memory that is filled with pain or sadness, or with her power, that they remember as being painful, saddening or more often than not, horrifying.

Lacrimis fit de Sancto - 3 - Much like her other angelic power, she can call upon her 'inner soul' to channel healing. Her eyes need to stay closed, if opened it would instead channel Rise Angelum Meum which would do much more harm to someone she is trying to heal. Pure white tears will stream down her closed eyes, though this does not mean she is in any form of sadness or pain, which could lead to misunderstandings. She can move her hand across a physical wound, though in more of a hovering motion, she does not need to make contact with them. Mental healing is a little different, and for her can seem much harder to do. She would wipe some white tears off with the palm of her hand, and then move to gingerly let it trickle on a person's forehead from her hand. Though the tears move like water, they don't feel that way, instead more of a ray of sunshine landing on you. Once doing this she can channel her healing, the tears acting as something to connect her and the person's minds. Once there she can easily find the mentally broken part of them and try to mend it, usually by intertwining pleasant memories into a mental wound, which could heal it.


Confusion: - 0 - Jude's soul has been around for multiple centuries, at times within a short period of barely a year she could be overflown with human contact and scenarios that baffle even her, only for an abrupt end, spending hundreds of years alone, staring up at a white sky where only the constant sound of falling droplets of water keeping her from going mad. She is often unsure of who she knows and who she doesn't, leading her to mix the people she has known up, believing a friend caused her harm when it was actually someone else, or mixing up names. This confusion takes shape in her mind and within her angelic powers, confusing them as well which can lead to only worsen matters, her mind causing physical damage as it tries to lash out to defend itself. After a successful attack on the mind, it will also affect her physical body. If she were to take 1 damage to her Psyche, she'd also take 1 to her HP accompanied by bruises and deep lacerations on her skin. Mild


  • A small locked box, the lock real gold, and the box itself made of wood
  • White hair ties crumpled with wadded up napkins
  • Light tan leather satchel with multiple key chains hanging on the side of it
  • Dorm room key
  • Spear mint lip gloss
  • Simple black frame prescription glasses
  • White leather bound journal with the name 'Шивон' stitched on the front
  • Unused PRIV™ by Blackberry®

And everything that they keep in their dorm at SunnyBrook. Anything that's not listed here or in the section above will be difficult for the character to retrieve.

  • Small wooden cross to be hung somewhere on the wall in her bedroom
  • Toiletries {Lavender shampoo, Honey conditioner, Honey soap, towels, etc.}
  • White sundresses and white night gowns tailored for wings
  • Untouched white laptop that seems to be collecting dust

Personal History:

Siobhan was born to the world on April 18th, 2005. A healthy baby boy who never seemed to follow rules, running through life making her own rules along the way.
Siobhan was dead to the world on May 15th, 2018. Taking both her and her mother's ability to walk. Laying on that cold metal bed, her eyes opened, bright hazel staring up at the ceiling, sitting up and looking around the room somberly.
Jude once more was on this earth.
Her family knew she was different, she only understood English, she was quiet, not the same bright spirit that once inhabited her body, but what could they do? Siobhan was still their young child, fourteen years of age. They spoke in whispered Russian around her, they looked at her from the corners of their eyes. She felt confused, why they would treat her in such a way when she was now their child, so kind before only for it to be put out, like water being dumped on a once bright flame.
One night, she packed her things and left, a angelic child without wings left alone to the world, to find the people who left an impression on her mind that would stay burnt in there for centuries.
It led her winged self to this school, Fifth Sanctum.


Current Funds: $60
Human Experience: 0
Ranking in Life: 0

  • Favorite food is figs
  • Her absolute favorite colors are yellow and white
  • Has always enjoyed daises, those being her favorite flowers
  • Smells of honey and lavender
  • Siobhan gives the impression as if she should be much taller, however she is extremely small for her age at 4'3

Important Logs:



And The Truth:
Amor et Servitutem


Toughen Up: Increase HP by 2
Clear Mind: Increase Psyche by 2
Moving to Perfection: Increase any Attribute by 1
Power Boost: Increase Supernatural Powers by 2 {Must split between two powers, you can add new ones. New powers being brought up from 0 are an exception to splitting, and may have both points invested in them.}
Learning New Tricks: increase Skill Points by 2 {You can add new skills}
Anomalous Generation: {Special} create an artifact with the permission of the GM. This can be taken without counting toward the next tier {And probably should be if you want to maximize your potential}.

Tier 0:
U1: N/A
U2: N/A
U3: N/A
U4: N/A

Tier 1:
U1: N/A
U2: N/A
U3: N/A
U4: N/A

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